Title:About Last Night

Chapter:Bleeping Bleeper





Rating:PG- NC17 Chap 1 2 3 4,6 PG-13, Section 5 NC-17

Summary:Vegas: a city of lights and magic; add a little Tequila, and who knows what could happen.

Warnings:Erh… sex?

Disclaimer:I'm of the 'nothing ownage' world. Please don't sue!

Author's note:Beta'd by Lillaluv and ArwenAbigail, all remaining quirks/mistakes are mine, mine, mine!

Word count:7940 (total)


Abby kept her eyes screwed shut as she reached blindly for the shrill alarm that was destroying her pleasant dreams.

After a few flailing attempts to locate and swat the snooze button, she pried open one eye and realized why she was failing at her task so miserably; her alarm clock wasn't by her bed. Or rather, she wasn't by her bed, and the 'thing' that was bleeping so loudly in her ear was a phone.

Opening her second eye and reaching for the phone, Abby picked up the handset, brought it to her ear, and lowered her head back down into the oblivion offered by her pillow.

"Good Morning!" A voice that out-chippered even Abby piped in from the other end of the line.

"Good morning," Abby croaked out hoarsely.

"This is the 7:30 wake up call you requested for this morning. I hope your evening was restful?" The voice paused ever so slightly before moving forward. "If you'd like room service it's #8. The front desk is #0. Can I be of any immediate assistance?"

As her head began to pound, Abby smothered a yawn and responded, "No, I'm good. Thanks."

"Very good! Well then, enjoy the rest of your stay at the Las Vegas Telurad, Ms. DiNozzo."

Abby's head shot up as the phone line went dead. She stared at the fluffy white pillow and replayed the hotel operator's last words. "Ms. DiNozzo."

"Okay, clearly I didn't hear her correctly. She probably said something like 'miss your nose oh'…." Abby shook her head slightly and her headache kicked in again. "Okay, note to self: you're hung over so don't shake your head again. Although, now that I think of it, being hung-over could explain my not hearing what the operator said clearly. And for Bert's sake, it's 7 fricking 30 A.M. in the morning! Clearly, I'm delusional… I'm –"

"Mmmmphhhf." The bed shifted.

"I'm not alone in this bed." Abby hung her head.

"Awww, crap! Okay, I can handle this. Think Abby. What do you know for certain? I'm apparently in Las Vegas. Why am I in Las Vegas?" The cotton candy fuzz that was her brain started to clear slowly. "Business. Conference. Right, Forensics Agencies Conference. Me, Ducky, and… awww, crap! Tony." Tony had been given leave from NCIS to come to the conference with her and Ducky. They'd all arrived at the hotel early yesterday evening. And then they'd convened in the hotel bar. There had been drinking. And more drinking. And more drinking.

And, if she recalled correctly, more drinking.

She groaned quietly. Maybe she wasn't in DiNozzo's bed. Maybe she was in Ducky's.

Abby tilted her head to the side -- and then she shuddered. "Okay, I so just did not make myself feel better with that thought. Love the Duck man, but …."

Closing her eyes Abby continued to take stock of her memories. What did I do after I drank half of the tequila in the state of Nevada? She vaguely remembered walking out of the bar with Tony on one arm and Ducky on the other….