Title:About Last Night

Chapter:The Appropriate Title





Rating:PG- NC17 Chap 1 2 3 4,6 PG-13, Section 5 NC-17

Summary:Vegas: a city of lights and magic; add a little Tequila, and who knows what could happen.

Warnings:Erh… sex?

Disclaimer:I'm of the 'nothing ownage' world. Please don't sue!

Author's note:Beta'd by Lillaluv and ArwenAbigail, all remaining quirks/mistakes are mine, mine, mine!

Word count:7940 (total)


In Tony DiNozzo's bed.

That's where she was. Naked, and well and truly satisfied – in Tony DiNozzo's bed.

Abby took a deep breath and looked to her left…. And there he was: sleeping. His hair tousled, sprigs of it standing out here and there haphazardly. She smiled and thought about how miffed he'd be if he knew someone had seen him with his hair 'undone'.

And then her smile faded. Forget his hair. How miffed was he going to be to find out that he'd spent the night with her? Abby Sciuto had never been Tony DiNozzo's type. She'd never been the type of woman who made him all soft and hard at the same time. It had taken umpteen tequilas and a bottle of wine to get him to notice her.

She'd always noticed Tony. Maybe she'd never imagined waking up naked in his bed (yeah, right, who was she kidding?!), but she'd definitely wondered what it would be like to be 'his kind of girl'. The kind of girl who made Tony DiNozzo pull her into his bed and hold her close.

'What now Abby?' She stared at his sleeping face. He looked happy. A small smile played at his lips, and she wondered somewhere inside of her if she was at least partially the cause of his happiness.

Carefully turning over on to her side so that she was facing him, Abby took in his long eyelashes, his aquiline nose, the lips… damn those lips.

She was just going to stay with him for one more second, maybe two and then she was going to escape back to her room and pray that he'd had too much alcohol to recall the events of the evening. One more second, that was it. But in that second, Abby couldn't stop herself from reaching out and touching her fingers to his lips. Still soft.

She started to pull her hand away but before she got even two inches from his lips, Tony opened his eyes and grabbed her wrist.

She prepared herself for him to recognize her… for him to drop her hand, and flustered, bluster his way to an excuse for last night.

Tony locked his eyes on Abby's. The whole night flashed before him and he spoke: "Leaving?"

"I was thinking I should get back to my room and shower. I'm a little… yeah, well, anyway, I just thought I should leave you with your shower, and I'll go to mine and all will be right with the world…. Because, we're in our showers. Separately showering, of course. Have to keep the germs off, and the…. And did you smell the shower gel they have here? It's yummy. Kind of apple cinnamony…. I can't wait to jump in to the tub or the shower and rub it all – Uhh, although maybe you won't be quite as big a fan of that scent. I mean, it's not really a Tony kind of –."

Tony used his grip on Abby's hand to tug her closer to him. "Don't leave."

"But my shower?" Abby spoke, trying to maintain a degree of control over an out-of-control situation.

Tony nuzzled his nose against Abby's. "Abby, I believe I was really rude last night…." His eyes captured hers, "I fell asleep before you could have your playtime."

"Yeah? I mean, 'yeah!' you did!"

"I think I'll just have to make it up to you this morning, if you don't mind. And after that – after we play – we can talk about last night. About how beautiful you were last night."

Abby smiled her Abby smile and attacked Tony with a kiss. Seconds later when they broke free for air she whispered, "Have I mentioned how impressed I am by the DiNozzo equipment?"

"You did, but, umm, like I said, he likes to be appreciated."

Abby slid her hand under the sheet. "We're going to have to find a new name for him. 'DiNozzo equipment' is quite a mouthful."

With a smile, Tony responded, "Personally, that's why I think it's such an appropriate title."