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Prolog:The book of the future.

"What is this place,James?"asked a bewildered Lily Evans.

"It's called the room of requirerments."James supplied."Cool huh?"

"Very."She answered.

Remus and Sirius watched Lily with an amused look at her reaction to the room of requierments.

Lily walked over to one of the four armchairs that the room had produced and sat down.Looking around she saw a bookshelf with a single book on laying on one of its shelves.

Getting up she went over to the shelf to inspect the the book futher.When she pulled the book out to look at the title,she gasped.

"What is it?"James asked."James,"she said, "do you have a relative named,Harry Potter?"

"Not that I know of,why?"

"Because the name of this book is called Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets."

"Really,"James asked.He walked over to look at the book with Sirius and Remus right behind him.They looked at the book over Lily's shoulder.

"Are you sure he's not your realtion,Prongs?"Sirius asked."He does look like you."

"Can I see it a minute,Lily?"Remus asked her.She handed him the book.He took it staring at the cover a minute before opening the book.His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open."What is it,Moony?"James asked his freind."This is just too weird,"Remus muttered."What's too weird?" Siruis asked getting a little impatient."This book was published in ????!"Remus answered."What!" The others exclaimed.

"Wait a minute,"James said Snatching the book out of Remus's hands,"if this was published in ????,maybe the book tells about the future."Maybe this book is about a future relitive of mine,or maybe even my son!"

"Cool!"Sirius exclaimed."Lets read it and find out."Remus raised his eyebrows at him."What?Sirius asked noticing the strange look."It's just that I never thought I'd live to see the day when Sirius Black would say a book sounds cool."

"Well this is different,"Sirius defended himself,"This is a book about the future.''

"Yeah.Moony,"James said,"Lets she whats going on in the future."

"I don't know,"Remus statred."Oh,come on Moony,what harm could it do?"Alright,Remus said."What do you think,Lily?"James asked his girlfriend."I think it might be fun."Lily said."Then lets get started!"Sirius exlamied and he went over to one of the armchairs and sat down,waiting for the others to join him.The others followed suite and sat down in arm chairs too.Lily sitting in James's lap."Who should read first?"James asked."I will,"offered Remus."Chapter one..."

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