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Ichigo sat lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, brewing through the thoughts that plagued him. Ever since he got back from this rescue mission from the Soul Society, the only thing he could really think about was one person, Yoruichi. He couldn't figure out why she kept popping into his thoughts. He rolled over.

"Errrrgggg!!!" He screamed into his pillow.

Soon after he felt a soft poke to his head that made him look up.

"Eh, what is it Kon?"

But it wasn't Kon that met his eye. Before him stood The Goddess of Flash herself, Yoruichi Shihoin, in a tight black shirt and blue jeans, something that strayed from her normal attire.

He stood up quickly.

"Yo-Yoruichi!!! What are you doing here?!"

She put a duffle bag down next to her and looked around.

"Nice room Ichigo. Do you mind if I stay here for awhile?"

Ichigo watched Yoruichi walk around his room, going through his things.

"Why? Is there something wrong with Hat'nClog's place?" he asked.

She sat herself down at his desk, rifling through his drawers.

"Not really, I just feel I need a change of scenery." She replied, while flipping though one of his school books.

Something is kinda Fishy, He thought. "And you decided to come to my house, of all the places?"

She turned the chair around and rest her elbow on the desk and her head on her first.

"Your place was the first one to come to my head, and I thought you could use some company since Rukia stayed back in the Soul Society." She gave him her trademark smirk. "Some lady company." She purred.

Ichigo's face flushed and he looked away for the woman before him.

"Uhhh….Sorry…I uuhh…No…Sorry."

Yoruichi got up and made is way over to him, sitting down right next to him.

"What's wrong Ichigo? Are you…intimidated by me?" she asked slyly.

"N-no….Its just that I really don't see the problem with you staying with Hat' n' Clogs. Unless your keeping something from me…." He looked over at her.

Yoruichi sighed. "Nothing gets past you does it? Well….Guess I Should be out with it. Me and Kisuke had a fight…and well… I left… There…happy?" she said, looking up at him and staring into his eyes.

Ichigo's heart flipped. What the hell?! Why do I wanna say "Yes I'm happy you guys had a fight."?!

"Uhhh… Well…I guess you can stay here….Just not forever… I'll try into come up with an excuse for my dad or something…." He flopped over on his bed.

Yoruichi lied down next to him, putting an arm over him and rubbing her cheek up against his. Then she purred in his ear, "Thank you, Ichigo. You're a sweetheart."

Ichigo felt the blood rush to his face, and he jumped up. He looked away from the beauty on his bed, rubbing his neck. "Uhhh….Sure. You can have the bed, and I'lltake the floor or something."

Yoruichi moved her finger around in circles on the sheet of the bed. "What, can't keep me company at night Ichigo? I thought we close….?"

Ichigo thought for a moment in front of his closet. "Not, its alright. I think you old enough to sleep in a bed on your own. And it just doesn't seem right to me." He said.

He opened his closet to get a futon and some sheets, and found Kon sitting on the pile with a flashlight and a stack of dirty magazines. He looked over his shoulder.

"Hey! Shut the door will ya! Can a man have some privacy!"

Ichigo picked the stuff mod soul up by the mane. "Since when could a stuff animal ask for some privacy? And since when did a stuff animal need privacy."

Not listening to Kon's protest, he threw the stuff animal into a drawer. "Pervert."

He pickd up the magazines, one still open, showing a women whose legs were spread eagle. He then pictured Yoruichi in the same position on his own bed. He felt his face grow hot and at the same time felt a pair of pairs wrap around his neck and Yoruichi's chin rest on his shoulder.

"Thinking of me are you?" she asked playfully.

Ichigo nearly jumped out of his skin. Closing the magazine quickly, he took her arms from around him, made his way to the trash can and deposited the magazines.

No looking at her, he replied, "N-no.. Not at all. And those aren't mine… I don't know where they came from."

Yoruichi shrugged and made her way back to Ichigo's bed and sat down on it. "I don't see what the problem is, Ichigo. It's healthy for guys your age to have those kinds of things. I'd be kinda worried if you didn't. Be a waste of a good man."

Ichigo went back to the closet, pulling out a futon mattress and some sheets. "I don't really have the time to be interested in stuff like that. I have other things on my mind, like getting stronger so I can protect everybody."

Yoruichi stretched herself out on the bed and looked over at Ichigo setting up the bed. "You are a bore, Ichigo. Guys your age should let loose, not focus on battling demons most can't even see. You should let loose and be a normal kid for once."

Ichigo turned off the light and looked over at Yoruichi. "I wish I had time for that, but unfortunately I have a duty as a Soul Reaper before I can just be a normal kid, which I think is a bit to late for me." He put up a fake smile.

The Goddess of Flash put a finger to her chin and looked up in thought, then a moment later pointed at Ichigo. "I know what you need, a girlfriend. Why don't you try going out with Orihime or Rukia? Or maybe," She put a finger to her chin and tried to look as innocent as possible. ".. wittle old me?"

You have no idea, he thought. "Sorry, Yoruichi, but I think you're a bit too old for me." He didn't have time to dodge a pillow that caught him square in the face, knocking him flat on the floor. Next thing he knew, Yoruichi was straddled on top of him, pinning both of his arms to the floor.

She looked him deep in to his eyes. "Or maybe you just to loosen up by getting laid." She lowered her head and whispered in his ear, "Make me purr, Ichigo."

Ichigo's whole face flushed a deep maroon color. Yoruichi look at Ichigo, licking her lips then bringing her face closer to his. When their lips were about to touch, she jumped back, laughing.

"Wow Ichigo, I didn't think you were so gullible! Sure you're cute, but c'mon, we aren't even seeing each other." She got off of him and lied back down on his bed. "But at least you now that there's some part of you that is normal. And at least you're not gay."

Ichigo got up and dusted himself off and settled himself in the futon. "Goodnight, Yoruichi."

"'Nite, Ichigo."

Why I am wishing she should have gone on, He thought. Then the answer to the question he had asked himself before Yoruichi arrived came to him. I'm… In love with… Yoruichi?