Title: Heritage

Chapter 1: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

A/N: This is not my theory, just my story. This theory belongs to falleniceangel on lj. You can find more of this theory at the oz on lj. I know it may sound weird, but i just had to post this now or it would drive me mad. More to come, longer chapter, and much more insight. Please tell me what you think.

The road was long and twisted more to the left than they would have liked. It was a long winding road that still had some yellow to its bricks. The company rested themselves along the side, eating apples those grumpy trees had thrown at them. DG had just pulled a little green worm out of hers when she noticed Glitch was no where to be found.

Worry tugged at her heartstrings and she quickly started down the road. Glitch had a tendency to walk off in any which direction without knowing what he was doing.

DG found him only around the corner, staring off into the distance. His visual direction was a large group of mountains behind a little patch of woods. It was beyond the little valley below their feet and she was almost scared that she would fall right off the edge they were on.

"Glitch…you ok?" DG said as she placed her hand on his shoulder

"Oh! Yes, I'm alright." Glitch smiled his blank smile. "Just admiring the scenery."

DG looked with him for a moment and couldn't help but to think it looked familiar. It almost felt like…home. Maybe it was a picture that rested in her living room of beautiful forest scenery was why, but it creeped her out nonetheless.

"Come on; let's get back to the group." DG said.

Glitch continued to stare out into the mountain scene. She repeated what she said and even started to walk away but yet nothing.

"Glitch, come on." DG knew it came out like a whine.

"I think…I think I know this place." Glitch mumbled. "I think…I lived here."

The stars shone bright that late July night and the two siblings couldn't help but notice how fast the fireflies flew. If they were quiet enough and nimble enough, they could catch the buggers in their hands and become their own flashlights. The stories of old told of little fireflies helping travelers out when the nights became too dark and the stars did not shine.

The little boy just so happened to be faster than the little girl resulting in him catching more fireflies. Being a young child, the girl started to cry at her bad luck. The boy, who was blessed with knowledge as plentiful as his thick hair, ran inside their gardener's shed and got two little glass jar. It was there he placed his extra fireflies, making two little much more permanent flashlights.

With this the two children could run around the large fields and forests during the dead of night when their mum and papa were sleeping in their beds. All sorts of treasures were found during the sun's beddy-bye time. Seashells near the beach that glistened like the stars, little buds of flowers curled up in their slumbers. With these numerous treasures, the little girl made her flashlight decorated. The different colored shells gave a different colored light. The little flowers gave the cap a pretty little hat.

The boy saw this little decorated jar and, being a young child, began to cry. The girl remembered her brother's kindness and gave his jar it's very own finishing touches. So the brother and the sister not only had the night to themselves, but the prettiest little jars anyone could ever see.

When the finally tired out, the two would let out their little friends and quietly sneak back into their large room filled with toys and games. They would quietly slip into their nightgowns and get into their large beds.

"I love you, Ambrose." The little girl would whisper to her brother.

"I love you, Lavender." He would whisper back before they fell fast asleep.