Title: Hunting

Rating: PG

A/N: I'm a vegitarain, so im very much against hunting. But it sure makes an ok oneshot!

The only sounds were the soft crackle of fallen leaves and the slight drip drip drip of rain landing softly on the tree tops ahead. It was peaceful, serene, calm…

"Cain, what are you doing?" Glitch loudly asked.

"Glitch…zip it!" Cain harshly whispered.

Cain pulled Glitch down to where he was laying and put his finger to his lip. He had finally caught sight of his prize, and there was no way he as going to lose it so soon. A young buck standing in the clearing, just egging him on to take a hit.

"What are we looking for?" Glitch asked softly.

"Just be quiet." Cain whispered again.

The deer was in sight. It was now only the brush between him and their dinner. He could already taste the sweet venison meat on his tongue, rolling down his throat. Sweet mercy, he wanted this so badly.

"You are going to shoot that baby deer!" Glitch yelped.

There was no time to waste. Putting up his revolver, he aimed to shoot. At that very moment, Glitch stood up and screamed bloody murder. Of course the deer shot into the deep woods. For a moment he laid in the ditch, hoping it was just a mind blank, that Glitch didn't really scare his dinner away. With hatred in his eyes, Cain jumped to his feet.

"That was our supper!" Cain pointed his gun in the air.

"Oh, have a heart." Glitch said, putting his weight on his left leg, "That deer was just a little baby."

Cain wanted to hit Glitch so hard. He wanted to just shake the man and scream at him. Before he could do that, though, DG came up from behind them. She had her jacket swung behind her back. In her jacket were a dozen or so fresh apples.

"You'll never believe it," DG said. "I say one wrong thing to a tree and bam! Oh, well…supper!"

Cain shook his head and dropped his shoulders. Glitch just walked right past him with that smirk on his face.