A/N: So, I decided a while back to do a Ichimaru Gin x Matsumoto Rangiku thirty kisses challenge, but somebody already has the pairing. Seeing as I had already written all thirty of them before I requested the pairing, I was too lazy to go back and ask again. So I'm posting them here instead. They follow the themes, enjoy:)

My suggested listening is from one of my new favorite albums:

Celine Dion's "Taking Chances" -- the song is: "I Got Nothing Left"

Theme #1: Hey, Look Over Here

Rangiku felt the sweat dripping down her back as she tugged irritably at her black uniform, the sun bearing down oppressively as she faced the hollow in front of her, zanpakuto drawn, her mouth a determined line.

With one clean slice, Haineko severed its mask, the dissolution of spirit particles filling the air as its roar faded into non-existence. She landed lightly, the leaves of the trees in the forest swaying around her as the breeze ruffled her long golden hair, her hand sliding underneath to tangle in her pink scarf, lifting it to her lips and wetting it with a kiss to wipe a small stream of blood from her forehead, the tiny cut wiped clean, leaving a damp streak on her pale skin.

One day she would stand across from him, sword drawn, and look him in the eyes, and he would see.

There would be no fond remembrances, no drama influenced, music enhanced reunions amongst fields of daisies glowing under the sunlight.

She had only one thing left to give to Ichimaru Gin.

The kiss of death.

Theme #2: News; Letter

It was a shock to see him standing there, his bitter betrayal hammering on her chest, her breath caught in her throat as she stood behind him, Haineko at his neck, her breath on his skin, his form taught against her own as she tried to think.

It was impossible to think.

His coy voice, "Whoops, Captain, I've been caught!" echoing around the hillside, his eyes shut, his shit-eating grin wide on his face, as usual.

Everything happened so fast. The sky rent open, the desertion of the gate keepers, the arrival of the other captains. The light, kissing his skin as he jerked free from her, pushing her out of its glare, away from his touch, away from the kiss.

"I really wouldn't have minded being bound for a little while longer -- See you, Rangiku."

He turned, and something about his face made her heart cry out and ache, his last word almost like a whisper of a touch on her ear. "Sorry."

And like a newsflash it hit her.

He cared.

Theme #3: Jolt!

The 'thunk' of a pile of papers on her desk made her groan as she lifted her tired eyes, her head throbbing with the after affects of an alcohol induced stupor.

"Hitsugaya-taichou…." She grimaced, her hands reaching for the papers, surprised to find a hand much larger than that of her young Captain's dangling over the stack, longer fingers, rough, well worked hands.

"Rangiku" their owner said, his voice barely louder than the most inaudible groan.

"Gin…" she whispered, hiding her face in her hands.

"Did I scare you?" he said, a half laugh in his voice as she glanced upward at him, her attempt to hide the dark circles under her eyes failing as his eyebrows raised at her.

"No" she grumbled, her hands reaching for the papers underneath his hands. "Are these for me?"

With a jolt she looked up to realize he no longer stood in front of her, and those hands were now on either side of her body, his back pressed against her own as his hands slid up her arms to pull her hands away from her face, pinning them against the table, his fingers intertwined with her own.

"I thought…" he began, his lips hovering just over the skin on her neck, "That you might need some help…"

"Help?" she whispered, her voice dry, "Help with what?"

"You know…paperwork, aggravating your captain…saying my name…" he growled, his perfect teeth nipping the edge of her ear.

"I don't…I need…" she whispered, her thoughts flying out the window as his hands trailed lower than her arms, her face turned, her eyes staring into his own, his tongue wetting his lips as they reached for her own…

Once, twice…three times.

Talk about a pick-me-upper.

Theme #4: Our Distance, and That Person

Gin stared out the cold white windows of his rooms, his hands grasping the window sill so tight that his knuckles resembled one of the decrepit trees that vainly reached towards the moon, deprived of water, deprived of light.

One of his hands reached to touch his lips, the feeling barely a ghost of a kiss on his frozen skin. For once in his life, he couldn't smile.

He couldn't even sum up the willpower it took to force that expression on his face.

Her touch on his skin.

For once, she had touched him first.

Even if it was in anger, or duty, or some false sense of bravado…she had grabbed him and pulled him close, and it had sent a thrill through him.

And now…

They were worlds apart.

Aizen had pulled back the heavens and risen, and he had followed. The faithful subordinate, the faithful follower…

Just the thought of her touch, her skin on his skin, his wrist in her hands, for once her restraining him instead of he pinning her down, it was she doing the ravishing.

He had never felt like this.

For once in his life. Ichimaru Gin couldn't have his way, his road was blocked, the path was barred, even Shinsou couldn't pierce the barrier he had created.

A new wall around her heart.

One that this time, he knew he'd never be able to take down.

Theme #5: "Ano Sa" (Hey, you know…)

"Hey, you know, you should eat more." Gin said with a smile, Rangiku sitting across from him on the banks of the stream, their fishing lines dangling uselessly in the rapidly moving water.

"If we could catch more fish, I would!" Rangiku groused, her hands taught on the pole in her hands, her cheeks red under the dappled light of the summer sun filtering through the tree tops.

Gin smirked as he jerked his pole out of the water, a shining trout dangling from his line, Rangiku's lips in a pout as his line caught on a rock. He jumped into the stream and lifted the fish out, his eyes gleaming with triumph.

"Dinner, is served, and you, don't get any." he said, his lips widening into a cheshire-cat grin as she leapt into the water with her hands on her hips.

"Gin, you've got some nerve, I shared my fish with you yesterday!" she snorted, pulled back hair hitting her shoulders.

"Ahh…beautiful deceit." He purred, stepping away as she leapt across the fast running water and yanked on the pants of his hakama, causing it to slip down his waist, his whole body crashing down into the stream face first as she attempted to grab the fish from him.

The slippery creature wiggled off the line, and the two wrestled around on the wet bank to try and grasp its flopping form, their mud splattered bodies slipping against one another.

"Dammit GIN!" she snarled, shoving his face down into the ground as he yanked her up by her arms. She was still inferior to him in strength, but that didn't stop her from struggling even more as his adolescent body pressed her down into the bank side, the cool water running over her legs.

"Oh dear…" he said, watching as the fish flopped into the water. "You made me lose my dinner Ran-chan."

"You deserved it" she growled, wiggling beneath him.

"But I'm still hungry…what am I going to eat?"

"I don't give a shit…" she groused, as his forehead pushed into her own, making her stare straight at him.

"I think you will suffice, Ran…" he said, his voice dropping into a purr as he bit down onto her lip, his teeth nibbling at the soft skin.

She gasped as his lips slid over her own, his tongue sliding into her mouth as she tried to scramble away from him.

"You taste good Ran…but fish would taste better." Gin snorted, jumping away from her as she leapt up the bank in hot pursuit.

"That was my first kiss you asshole!"

A/N: This song is so Rangiku. It screams her, every word is something that she would say to Gin, in my opinion.


Anybody ever tell you that you're not whole
A hollow shell of man without a soul
Never ever felt your warmth cause you're always cold
Only thing that makes sense is letting go

Anybody ever tell you that you've got nerve
Treatin' my love like just another word
Tired of giving love to you that you don't deserve
So this is one way of saying it's over

Cause I got nothing left
I got nothing left
I got nothing left
I gave you my best
And you treated it worthless
So I got nothing left

Anybody ever tell you that you're gonna learn
Trust and respect are two things you must earn
When it came to lovin' me you just weren't concerned
You never gave a damn so I guess now it's my turn