I don't own Law and Order SVU or it's characters.

This is based on Luke Bryan's song "All My Friends Say"

Olivia slowly lifted her head to take in her surroundings. Her head was pounding and light pouring through the windows wasn't helping. Which brought her back to who's windows were they? She looked down at the sot surface that held her and found a large bed. Luckily, she was alone.

I got smoke in my hair
My clothes thrown everywhere
Woke up in my rocking chair
Holding a beer in my hand
Sporting a neon tan

She looked down at the floor and saw her jeans from the night before. "Oh no," she groaned. She lifted up the sheet over her and saw that she was wearing black sweat pants. Which again, weren't hers.

She looked around. There were candles and matching furniture. At least she was in a woman's apartment.

My stereo cranked up

I can't find my truck.
How'd I get home from the club
Ain't got a clue what went down
So I started calling around

She waited and listened, but didn't hear anything. She reached down and grabbed her jeans, fishing out her phone. She dialed and laid back in the soft bed.

"Good morning sunshine," Elliot said over the line.

Olivia groaned, "What happened last night?"

Elliot chuckled, "You don't remember?"

"No," Olivia replied.

And all my friends say
I started shooting doubles
When you walked in
All my friends say
I went a little crazy
Seeing you with him
You know I don't remember a thing
But they say I sure was raising some Cain
I was a rock star, party hard,
Getting over you comeback kid
Yeah I must have did
What all my friends say
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

"Well," Elliot explained with a smile, "It all started when Cabot walked in with Trevor Langon. You started throwing back doubles the second he put his hand on her."

"Oh my God," Olivia moaned, "Are you serious? I didn't say anything did I?"

"Not to Alex," Elliot replied, "Well, not until later."

"What did I say?" Olivia asked dreading the answer.

Elliot laughed, "I don't know. You two walked out together."

"No way!" Olivia hissed.

"What?" Elliot asked.

Olivia looked around, "I think I'm at her apartment."

Elliot burst out laughing, "Are you in her bed?"

"Yes," Olivia rolled over and inhaled in the pillow. Yup definitely Alex's pillow.

I found my billfold
I cried oh no no
Good time Charlie got me now I'm broke
But it was worth acting like a fool
Yeah girl I must have really showed you

"Where's Alex?" Elliot asked.

"I don't know," Olivia closed her eyes, "I woke up and I haven't seen or heard her. Did I do or say anything else stupid?"

"Nope," Elliot replied, "But you were totally sloshed when you two left. She was practically carrying you out the door."

"Shit," Olivia rolled her eyes. There was a beeping in her ear. She looked at her phone then put it back to her ear, "Hey I have another call. Bye El."

Cause all my friends say
I started shooting doubles
When you walked in
All my friends say
I went a little crazy
Seeing you with him
You know I don't remember a thing
But they say I sure was raising some Cain
I was a rock star, party hard,
Getting over you comeback kid
Yeah I must have did
What all my friends say
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

"Benson," Olivia answered her other call.

"Hey," Fin's happy voice came over the line, "I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I'm fine," Olivia replied.

Fin laughed a little bit, "Did you wake up in Cabot's bed?"

"How did you know?" Olivia asked.

"I didn't," Fin replied, "But you did kinda tell everyone you were in love with Alex."

"I did?" Olivia sighed, "Elliot said I didn't say anything stupid."

"I'm pretty sure Cabot didn't hear," Fin added, "But when she saw you, she dropped Langon faster than you could slam another one down."

"Really?" Olivia smirked.

"Congratulations," Fin added, "I gotta go, but I'll see you tomorrow, k?"

"Yeah," Olivia sat up, "Thanks Fin."

"Anytime," Fin hung up.

I was Elvis rocking on the bar
Working the crowd pouring out my heart

Olivia set her phone on the end table. She saw the bathroom attached to the bedroom and decided to fix how she looked as best she could.

When she walked out, she took a deep breath. She hoped so much that Alex wasn't home.

As she walked along the hallways, she noticed the hard wood floors and detailed crown molding. Olivia emerged in the living room. It was nicely decorated, complete with Alex sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, and reading over a file.

Alex looked up at Olivia when she caught the movement. She smiled sweetly, "Good morning."

"Good morning," Olivia couldn't help, but smile back.

"Do you feel okay?" Alex asked, setting her coffee cup down.

Olivia shrugged, "My head hurts a little."

Alex stood and started walking into the kitchen, "I'll get you some pain killers."

Olivia followed her into the kitchen. "Alex," she paused gathering her courage, "I'm so sorry about last night."

Alex smiled as she got out the pain killers and some water, "It was no problem at all. After I got you up stairs you passed out on my bed."

Olivia slid onto a stood across the counter from Alex, "I didn't say anything stupid did I?"

Alex handed Olivia the water and medicine. She shrugged, "I couldn't really tell. You were slurring there at the end."

Olivia blushed. She took the meds and downed the entire glass of water. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Olivia," Alex replied with a kind smile, "It was no problem at all."

"So where did you sleep?" Olivia asked.

Alex smirked, "In my bed. You asked me to stay with you. And I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I didn't puke did I?" Olivia asked.

"Only twice," Alex took some bread out and put two slices in the toaster.

Olivia laid her head on the cold counter. She groaned, "I owe you so big."

"You don't owe me anything." Alex shook her head as she filled Olivia's glass again.

Olivia took the glass and continued drinking.

Alex took out the toast and put it on a plate, sliding it in front of Olivia. She watched Olivia take the first bite before turning around and took a glass out for herself.

She turned to see Olivia finishing off her toast. "Since you're keeping that down, do you want me to make you something to eat? I have eggs and bacon or pancakes."

"You can cook?" Olivia asked skeptically.

Alex raised an eyebrow, "And why wouldn't I be able to?"

Olivia shrugged, "You just don't seem like the kind of person who can cook."

Alex ducked down and stood back up with a frying pan, "That sounds like a challenge."

Alex cooked gracefully while Olivia carefully watched. Once she was done, Alex put the eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes on a plate and put it in front of Olivia.

"I stand corrected," Olivia picked up a fork. She smiled as she dug into the food. "This is great, Alex."

Alex bowed her head, "Thank you."

"Now I definitely owe you," Olivia replied, "Let me take you to dinner."

Alex thought it over, "Okay."

"Good," Olivia smiled. She checked the clock behind Alex. "I should go. I have some paper work that's calling me."

"Me too," Alex added, picking up Olivia's empty plate.

Olivia went to get her phone and her pants from the bedroom. She paused at the open closet door. She looked inside and a flash of red caught her eye.

She pulled out the red evening gown. She smiled as she pictured Alex in it. She nodded to herself, making a decision

Alex met her at the door.

"Thank you," Olivia said to Alex, "So much."

"It was nothing," Alex replied.

"So," Olivia smiled, "What time am I picking you up tonight?"

"Seven?" Alex asked.

Olivia smiled, "Great." She pulled Alex into her arms. Alex leaned into her and closed her eyes. Olivia could feel her relax a little.

So they stood there for a few minutes, not really moving. Alex felt so comfortable and Olivia didn't want to disturb Alex.

Alex slowly pulled away, realizing how long she'd been leaning into Olivia. "Sorry."

Olivia beamed and nodded, "It's okay." She opened the door, "Oh and I laid my request for your outfit tonight on your bed."

"Really?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

Olivia nodded. "See ya."

"Bye," Alex added as Olivia walked out the door.

Yeah I must have did
What all my friends say
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah