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Everything seemed unreal. Like I was in dream, like it had all come out of my imagination. I was on a private jet with the best looking guy this side of… anywhere….drinking Moet and Chandon, and talking with him like we were born in the same room. Nearly pinched myself, and I don't usually doubt reality.

I couldn't help kissing him. I considered it, and came to the conclusion that the saying, 'Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all' had particular relevance. I decided I didn't care about the consequences of placing my feelings and heart in the shaky hands of Edward Cullen, because I would regret it if I didn't. And besides, I was altogether too safe a person. I cross at the lights. I boil tap water. I suppose it's being the Chief's daughter.

So I did it. I leaned closer, and he closed the gap. It was soft and tentative; almost cautious on Edward's part. That surprised me. I was just about to open my mouth when I heard a throat being cleared above us. Oh great, a flight assistant. I must look like such a ditz.

"We're here." My curiosity returned, and I asked, "Where exactly?"

She just smiled, caught Edward's eye flirtatiously and walked back to the cockpit. Well, that certainly cleared a lot up, didn't it Bella?

I realized I was leaning on Edward and turned back to him.


He smiled, making me lose my train of thought.

"What for?"

I rolled off him. "Err… my… ah…"

He grabbed my hand and turned me around. I looked into his eyes and noticed how incredibly beautiful they were – a sparkling Emerald green. He placed a slim finger underneath my chin and looked at me. We stayed like that for about thirty seconds, just examining each other's faces. He was so beautiful. Like a work of art. I thought jokingly that perhaps he was a missing figure from Michelangelo's Pieta. How could someone be perfect in every way, like he was? The saying, 'No one's perfect,' came back. And then I realized he wasn't perfect. On the surface, yes. But underneath all his lovely imperfections lay there, waiting to show themselves.

"Don't be sorry," he said softly and lowered his lips to mine. His tongue once again grazed my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and our tongues danced together. I tangled my fingers in his coppery hair and he twined his fingers in my own. I broke the kiss finally.


He silently took my hand and guided me towards the steps. I wondered where the hell we were. I went down after him and tried hard not to trip over myself, an old habit from high school. It happens when I get nervous; Edward made me more self conscious, yet at ease. It was incredibly complicated. Naturally, I did trip, and stumbled down the steps. More like flew. I saw the ground coming slowly, and thought, 'great way to ruin the fantasy. Stitches.'

But he caught me firmly in his arms, and I thought, 'Maybe he'll always be there to catch me.' I dismissed the cheesy thought immediately and smiled at him as he lifted me firmly onto my two feet.

"Why thank you, kind sir." I curtsied. He bowed, and lifted an imaginary hat. I laughed and stood up to take a look around.

I realized where we were immediately, it was the postcard image. It was twilight; the sky was a purple-pink, the colour you get when you mix vinegar with cabbage juice in Science. Or something like that. (Science was never my strong point.)

The airstrip ruined the illusion, a strip of concrete in the middle of paradise. Edward could tell too, so he guided me along to the edge of the runway. We reached the edge and I gasped. It was so incredibly beautiful; I had never seen such an idyllic image before.

The palm trees framed the still water, and the water reflected the purple haze of sky flawlessly. I think might have smirked at my reaction, pleased that I'd lost my cool. I could tell we were in Hawaii, it was the only place this tropical that would have taken such a short plane trip. The twilight atmosphere made it more and more beautiful.

"Well… It's…" I started, at first wanting to say something understated, and then couldn't help myself. "It's beautiful, Edward."

He smiled, obviously pleased I was impressed. "I thought you'd like it here."

"So, what are we going to do?" I wanted to spend my time wisely in this beautiful place.

He grinned malevolently at me. "Oh, I had a few ideas…" He trailed off and pulled some things out of his pocket. They looked like fabric.

I realized what they were.

Swimming costumes.


I was glad Bella had begun to trust me. When I pulled the swimming costumes out of my pocket, I thought she would frown in disgust and run back to the plane. But when she laughed I was very glad.

"Oh, Edward. Still such the play-boy."

She pinched my cheek Esme style and I blushed. Me! Edward Cullen! Blushing! How scandalous. I held her hand and we walked down the slope from the airstrip, through some tree and down to the water. We walked along and eventually reached my beach house. Again, I could tell that Bella had to stifle a gasp. I had to admit, it was beautiful. I had asked Esme to come down and decorate it for me, and Jasper insisted on coming too. He is such a mummy's boy. They went absolutely nuts, but the final product was very smooth and stylish. It wasn't like this pad I brought all the girls I dated to. Bella was the only one outside of family who'd seen it.

I walked with her up to the door and we went in. It was a creamy yellow on the outside, and light cream on the interior. Esme had gone overboard with furnishing; there were crazy modern pieces; hanging chairs; sweeping couches; crazily accented dining tables; but the overall effect was good. She had done an excellent job. Jasper too, I guess, but I think he just picked colours and chatted with Esme the whole time.

She marveled at the whole thing, I think, but I was secretly scared she would think something was tacky or the whole thing was a silly charade. Or that I was just total dork.

I handed her a pair of swimmers and a sarong and showed her the bathroom.

"Unless you don't feel like swimming…" I trailed off.

She shook her head adamantly. "Always do what the host does! The golden rule."

With that she winked at me and shut the door in my face.

I went to the bedroom and changed, and then I went back to the front door after collecting some towels to wait for Bella. When she emerged from the bathroom, I nearly fainted. Never in my life had I seen anything so stunningly beautiful. The word 'perfect' didn't do Bella justice. She was the most lovely creature I'd ever set eyes on; she had curves in all the right places, that beautiful flowing chocolate hair, her long legs. All framed by the red bikini and sarong.

"Err… hi!" I managed, and she laughed. "Hi."

"Nice boardies!" she said, and I stared down at my shorts and laughed.

"Yup. Total chick magnets. You ready?" I said.


I held out my hand and was very happy when she took it.

"So, where are we going?" she breathed.

"Well… I suppose you've had enough surprises for one day… we're going to the beach."

I checked her expression and wondered if she did or didn't like the beach.

"Oh, well I suppose I should have guessed that. I mean, I am in… a bikini."

She blushed self consciously. I stopped walking – we were at the bottom of the drive way in the fading sunlight. I put my hand on her shoulders and looked at her.

"Bella! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Do you believe me?"

She just nodded, so I reached down and press my lips softly to hers. I could feel the smile on her lips before I pulled away. I took her hand again and we continued walking to the beach. It was only a short trip, through some trees and down a short path before we were on the sand. I turned and smiled at her, dropping the towels.

"Wanna swim?"

"Yeah, you can swim. I'll probably just drown – I was the worst swimmer at school!" she laughed back.

"It's OK – I'll rescue you!" I struck a muscled Life Guard pose and was happy when she giggled.

I pulled my shirt off and she dropped her sarong (I tried not to stare) and we ran towards the surf. Or at least I ran, Bella jogged cautiously, with me smirking to myself. When we reached the water I thought she would hesitate, but she just jumped right in. She wasn't squeamish at all. I followed quickly, diving into the waves. They weren't very big, just low rolling ones. Bella and I dived underneath the waves, swimming next to each other, laughing and joking. At one point I picked her up in my arms and mockingly carried her off; we laughed so much that we didn't notice a big wave coming and were pushed over, which just made us more hysterical. We were chuckling like a couple of sick cats.

When we finally emerged from the surf it was almost nightfall, and the sky was a deep purple. I spread out the towels and we lay on them, just staring at the sky. The stars twinkled above us and when it began to get cold I asked her if she wanted to head back home.

"I'm kind of cold… but I don't think I want to go back just yet."

I got the message and placed an arm around her. She snuggled into my chest and sighed. It wasn't a bored sigh; I think she was contented, and dare I hope she be happy, too? I had to know. Was she interested? I mean, she may have kissed me, but I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I would be a notch on her belt. It could happen. Bella Swan could be…a… gold digger? Man eater? I don't think that was the right term. But whatever, I had to ask.

"Bella… I was wondering…" I felt her head lift up to look at me.

"Yes?" came her sweet voice.

"Well… are you interested… in me… at all?" I felt like such a dag. Who asks that kind of question?

She stifled a giggle and asked, "Why, Edward, I don't know what you mean!" She lifted herself off my chest to look me in the eye.

"Well…" I stuttered and stumbled on blindly, "Do you like me?" I shot it out, waiting on tenterhooks for a while. She looked at me thoughtfully, tilting her head to one side, and smiled. Next thing I knew she had lowered her mouth to mine and was kissing me softly, slowly and teasingly. Then she lifted herself up again and replied, "Maybe a little."

I laughed. "That's enough for me!" I pulled a wistful face and took her hand, gathering up the towels. It was night time now, we were alone on the beach and the waves were the only thing that broke the silence. She picked up the sarong and tied it around her tiny waist. Then she looked up at me and smiled.

"Edward, I have something important to ask you."

"Yes, daahhhhlingk?" I said, stressing the word with a grin. We started to walk back to the trail to the house.

"Now, now, it's very important. A serious matter." She took a business like tone that made me feel like I was back in seventh grade.

"Yes, Ms Swan?" I said in a high pitched voice.

"Much better. Now, are you or are you not in an intimate relationship with…" Uh-oh, what now? "… Jessica Stanley?"

I paused and then burst into waves of raucous laughter.

"Who told you that one?"

She looked at me, very surprised. "She did! And she is much prettier than me, I can understand why…"

"I'm sorry, WHAT did you just say?"

She stopped, and then repeated herself. "She is much prettier than me so… What is so shocking?"

"You seriously think… Jessica Stanley," I spat out the name, "is more attractive than you? That's insane!"

"I don't believe you. Prove it!"

I thought for a second, and then pulled my BlackBerry out of my shorts. I camera called Emmett, and soon enough his face turned up on screen. He was angry and wet, and didn't look happy to see me.

"Yeah bro… what's up?" he asked.

"Yeah, um, who do you think is more attractive, Bella or Jessica?"

He snorted with laughter. "What, as in, Jessica your secretary?"


"Dude, do you have any idea how hot Bella is? Jessica is a total plain Jane next to her. Are you insane? Why are you even asking me this?" He gulped when Bella stepped into the frame next to me.

"Oh, hey Bella. I know I just said you were hot… but I'm kind of… well, I'm not interested in you, or anything, you know?"

Bella just smiled. "I know, it's OK. Bye!"


Next I dialed Jasper.

"Hey Jazz! Wassup?"

"Alice's freakin temper, that's what's up!"

I felt uneasy, and Bella looked it. "OK…Anyway… Jazz, who's better looking out of Jessica and Bella?"

Once again, the guy on my phone snorted with laughter. "Are you kidding? Bella's like a supermodel and Jessica's like… her grandma. Why are you even ASKING ME this? Have you got brain damage or something? A blind man could answer your question!"

"OK, thanks Jazz. Bye!"

I pressed hang up and turned back to Bella. "Satisfied?"

"For now… I guess. I think your brothers might have exaggerated…"

I groaned and put my hand on the small of her back, pushing her towards the house.

"Let's forget about it. No, I'm not going out with Jessica, and yes, I do think you are incredibly beautiful. Now, are you done fishing for compliments?"

She put on a look of serious contemplation and then smoothly replied, "Yes, I think that will do. Oh, but you can kiss my feet first."

She giggled, but stopped giggling when I knelt down and looked up. "No, Edward! I didn't mean it!" she pleaded, but I lifted her sarong and kissed both her feet. Then I looked up again.

"Oh, fair lady Bella, may I rise from the honour of kissing your fair feet?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, Sir Edward, you may rise."

I got up and took her hand again. "Is that enough, my fair damsel?" This time, I knew it wasn't my imagination when I heard her catch her breath. I leaned closer, feeling her lovely breath on my chin. She closed her eyes and leaned up, closing the gap. I felt her gorgeous soft lips on mine, loving how they tasted. It was soft at first, but then we both became more fervent. She knotted her fingers in my hair; I placed my hands on hip and the small of her back. We virtually melted into each other. She made the first move by tentatively lifting my shirt – I took the hint and yanked it off eagerly, perhaps too eagerly.

"Bella, are you sure?" I asked, dreading her answer.

"I… I think so. Please don't… mess me around, Edward… I won't be able to take it…" I put a finger to her lips. And held it there.

"Bella, do you trust me?" I lowered the finger from her lips and let it trace the line of her chin to her neck to her collar bone.

She thought for only a second and answered, "Yes. I think I trust you. Do you trust me?"

I immediately replied, "Yes, my sweet Bella. Of course I do. If you trust me, then believe me when I say that I would never hurt you. Ever. Now are you sure? Are you going to hurt me?"

She responded without saying anything. She kissed me again, with just as much passion as before. That was my answer. I unlocked the front door and we stumbled in, all over each other. I managed to guide her to the bed, and we fell, not breaking the kiss. She ran her fingers through my hair, I undid the top of her bikini at the back. She ran her hand down my chest and reached my shorts, unzipping them. I threw the sarong away, to the corner of the room and almost ripped off the bikini bottoms. I stopped only to see her fully – she was the most beautiful and sublime thing I had ever laid eyes on. She pulled my shorts down and did the same to me, examining me. I laughed, and she blushed. Never before had such a moment held such promise.

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