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Pete had just shown Sam the picket fence house he bought for them when they married. He had then gone back to work and Sam had ended up at General O'neill's house, there was a specific reason for why, or so she kept telling herself.

She'd been trying to work up the courage to go and talk to him for about a half and hour about that oh-so legitimate reason.

She could see the smoke coming from the porch so it was obvious he was in fact home if he's truck didn't already establish that. She was just sitting there in her car starring at the ring on her left finger when she decided that it was now or never, so Sam went and walked around the house to find the General.

He was indeed standing over the grill taking the meat off while pouring the last of the beer from the bottle on top of the charred meat making it smoke more.

'Typical Jack O'neill' Carter thought while mentally smiling.

Jack turned sideways noticed Sam and visibly jumped in surprise at seeing her standing there starring up at him.

With a quick glanced at the door and back to Sam while simultaneously saying,

"Carter whatcha doin' here?"

"Sir, I've been thinking" Sam replied hesitantly still staring at him.

"When do you stop!" Jack quipped sarcastically glancing between her and the door again.

"Sir, there is one thing that I've been thinking about in particular..."she stuttered then continued,

"and well if I'm going to marry Pete then I've gotta tell...well you."

He walks forward closer to the patio table once again glancing at the door and says,

"Well Carter,... I don't know why your telling me this, why are you telling me this?"

"Ja...Sir, can you just bear with me on this please?" Sam had a sad twinkle in her eye which Jack saw as she tried to utter his name. Obviously deciding against her judgment and stuck with the formality's.

Sam had tried and wanted to take a step towards Jack but couldn't seem to move. There was an odd period of silence as Jack look quickly at the door once again then down at Sam as he quickly walked over to the picnic type table to put the meat down.

Sam watched him as he walked what seemed very very slow to her so she was in shock when he turned around and walked up to her. Standing a good foot away.

"Well Carter what can I do for you?" Jack asked in a very perky octave.

"Well...Sir..."she said as she acknowledged the small amount of distance between herself and her CO. Receiving a completely bewildered look from Jack. Sam took a very deep breath and as she released it she subconsciously stole a very quick glance at his lips while subconsciously licked hers. When WHAM!, she jumped forward and pressed her lips against his. Sam placed her hands on his face to deepen the kiss when realization struck her and she pull away as fast as she could automatically turning to leave knowing she could never look at him the same again!!

Jack grabbed her by the wrist on impulse swinging her around to face him with utter shock written all over his face. Both of them got lost starring into each other's eye's, both full of love and passion that each had thought they lost for one another long ago.

When out of the blue (not the 'Gate's blue) a woman came walking out onto the deck.

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