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Isolation Room-Occupant: Jacob Carter/Selmac

Carter sat with her father on a chair next to his bed, holding his hand in hers.

"A number of the Tok'ra have responded...they want to pay there respects." Sam told her father.

"Let them come." he hoarsely croaked out.

Exasperated Sam spoke,

"I still can't believe that there is nothing they can do."

"I 'm sorry I hate to do this to you kiddo," he gently squeezes her hand, "But I should have been dead four years ago." he pauses as Sam cringes at the memory, "Sense then I've been all over the galaxy. I've done most things men never dream of."

"I've heard that before" Sam says softly giving him a weak smile.

"I just wanna know your gonna be happy."

"I am" she says taken aback smiling slightly, it doesn't reach her eyes or soul.

Not fazed by her stubbornness he goes on.

"Don't let rules stand in your way." he says as forcefully as he can.

Acting oblivious Sam tries to fool him as well as herself.

"What are you talking about?"

Sighing this time Jacob tries another tactic.

"You joined the Air-Force because of me."

Sam with a genuine smile (one that reaches her eyes) she states, "I love my job."

Nodding slightly Jacob licks his parched lips, brings his hand up to the side of Sam's face and lifts his head off of pillow to look her directly in the eyes he whispers, "You can still have everything you want."

Though her mouth says it, here eyes say otherwise. "I do, Dad. Really."

Sighing Jacob relents and slowly brings his hand away to rest on her shoulder briefly before grasping her hands again.

Sam squeezes them in return as she rests her head on there intertwined hands as if subconsciously reassuring him she understands and will be happy.


"That would be the Tok'ra." Sam says to her father with an eerie feeling weighing down on her heart. As though this would be the last time she would be with her father.

"I'd great them but..." she trail off as her father smiles slightly in understanding.

They sat in an almost calming silence, the heart monitor beeping in the back round and a single nurse scurrying around; waiting for the Tok'ra to show up. A few minutes later General O'neill enters escorting five Tok'ra a pair of SF's stopping just outside the door.

"Jacob" O'neill says to the man in the bed, with a nod and a tense smile then departs.

"I'll be up in the observation deck Dad." Sam tells him, as she stands and releases his hands. "I love you." He nods and watches her leave.
His attention now on the Tok'ra that surround his bed.

Almost two hours later...

Sam sits watching him as he softly speaks to the last Tok'ra who had come. Oblivious of her company until he is withing close proximity. Jack...uh, General O'neill she quickly looks back down at her father but not really seeing him. Nervously she does a double, then triple take at the man next to her. Confused at his calm demeanor and quite frankly worried of his reaction. Absent-mined she chewed on her inner cheek nervously awaiting for something-anything to happen.

"You ok?" she looks at him with a calm exterior.

"Actually I'm fine." he glances at her as she speaks, her eyes on her father. "Good even as strange as that sounds."- " I thought I'd lost him four years ago. Sense then we've been closer than we ever were my whole life." she pauses slightly "In a way Selmak gave me the father I'd never thought I'd know."

"Come 'here."

Laying his arm over her shoulder holding her as close as one sitting in two different chairs.

"Thank you." she says.

"For what?"

Turning to look him in the eyes she says,

"For being here for me."

"Always" he whispers.

A moment passes as they gaze at one another, when Sam leans in and lightly presses her lips to the corner of Jack's mouth for a tender moment.

Pulling back Carter looks back down at the isolation room almost drawn to it she sees the Tok'ra with her father look up and bows his head somewhat.

Quickly Sam stands in a swift movement effectively untangling herself from Jack's comforting limb. She glances at him briefly for support and whispers,


Knowing what for he watches as she enters the room below and walk up to her father. A hand grabs her fathers hastily the other reaches up to his semi-bald head. Bending down she kisses his forehead heavily eyes glistening with yet unshed tears. Leaning backwards she admires Jacob, her father.

"I Love You." he rasps in his last breath looking strait at Sam. His eyes close.

Chocking on a sob Sam leans her forehead on her late fathers, as she let the tears fall in a silent cascade down her face dropping onto his still warm cheeks.

What seems like hours pass in reality only minutes, long painful minutes of watching Samantha Carter silently crying over her father. Until Jack O'neill slowly walks down into 'the room'.

He stands behind Sam and rests a hand gently on her back.

Suddenly the next thing he knows he is on the floor in a heap of tangled limbs, holder her as her body is racked with sobs.

White Picket Fence House...2.5 Kids and a Dog

"Are you sure?"

"Pete, I can't I'm-" he cuts her off understanding enough. Needing hear no more.

"I wish I could believe this had something to do with your father dying, you need some time, to sort things out." He looks at her wistfully, "I think I always knew.--I guess I thought you were worth the risk." seeing her go to speak he stops her saying,

"Don't say I could have done better, can't get much better than you." the last part comes out in almost a whisper.

"That's not true." she states firmly

"I guess all I can say is: I hope you get what you want." ready for goodbye he said.

"That's it?" Sam asks thinking 'it's not supposed to be this easy.'

"What do you want? You want me to get down on my knees and beg?!" Pete angrily says. Offended that he's taking this lightly.

"Gosh no! Of course not." Carter says preventing him from continuing. " I thought you would react differently."

Loosing control of his emotions he stands and leaves barely managing saying,

"Goodbye Sam."

"Pete!" she calls but he continues to walk.

He stops however in front of the 'for sale' sign and pulls the 'sold' off.

Sam flinches as he does so.

"Pete please, she begs standing and jogging up to him. As he turns to leave she puts her hand on his forearm effectively stopping him.

Looking up at her Sam sees Pete's face, although she wishes she hadn't, for tears were rolling down his face.

"I really amsorry Pete. I never ever wanted to hurt you. If I could, I'd go back so that I wouldn't put you through that. I care to much to just let you walk away without apologizing. You deserve to be happy Pete. I don't, not after what I've put you through." tears falling freely down her face as well.

"You have two things wrong there Sam." he pauses at her dismayed face a faint smile playing on his lips

"I wouldn't change a thing. I had the greatest girlfriend plus fiancé in the whole galaxy." his voice going down in a conspiratorial whisper. " She saves the planet from aliens for a living." getting a chuckle/sob from Sam he goes on. " Two, if we did change everything you wouldn't end up happy and you Sam deserve that more than anyone."

As she goes to hug him her phone rings, looking at him grieve stricken she squeezes him quickly then answers her phone.

"Carter" sniffling, she wipes her tears and watches Pete walk away.

"No sir, I'll be right there."

Cheyenne Mountain: SGC-Briefing Room

"I still don't quite understand what happened.- One minute Anubis is about to push the button that ends all life in the galaxy and in the next minute, he's just...gone" Carter states apprehensive-like.

"Indeed. It is a great mystery." Teal'c then states sounding almost smugly.

Master Bra'tac shaking his head in either amazement or disbelief he agrees. Adding he own theory into the mix though.

"One can only assume he was vanquished by some means."

At this O'neill looks over at Carter and she does likewise. Master Bra'tac goes on,

"If not, why would he forfeit the weapon and his army?"

"You think?" Carter asks O'neill leaving the question hanging and ignoring Bra'tac.

"I do." O'neill states back confidently.

"It's the only thing that would explain the self-destruct not going off." says Carter provided evident to support there theory. Still looking at O'neill she cocks her head to the side with a barley noticeable shrug.

Master Bray'tac confused, looks to Teal'c with a perplexed look on his face: he seeks answers. Teal'c remains silent. A smile playing at his lips as he watches the exchange between the pair.

"Of what do you speak?" Master Bra'tac asks them which effectively brings them out there there little world.

Humor in his voice Teal'c supplies an answer,

"O'neill believes that Daniel Jackson is somehow responsible."

"Nope, wasn't me." is the slightly echoed reply that comes.

Head shooting up from where he starred at his fiddling hands O'neill asks,

"Anybody else here that?" receiving eyebrow raises from the Jaffa he looks to Carter getting a skeptical/confused nod. Before Jack could speak his thoughts the voice returns.

"I'm in here!"

All turning toward Jacks office from where the voice came. Sam just blinks Master Bra'tac seems the most confused Teal'c is stoic as ever. Jack is the one who turns backwards, then back to the occupants at the table. He taps his hands on said table he then he spoke.

"That's Daniel."

Standing he waltz's to the door of his office to see Daniel Jackson in-

"Don't-" "HO!"- "Don't come in!" -the...the...oh, nude.

"Hey there Jack says looking anywhere but (no pun intended) Daniel.

"Psst. Something--" Daniel whispers; though Jack is already a step ahead of him. Pulling the SGC flag down in one swift motion he hands it to Daniel.

Having wrapped the flag around his lower half, decently modest Daniel puddles out of the office to the occupants in the Briefing-Room.

Examining the now bare flag poll Jack ignores him, while Teal'c furrows his eyebrows while all at once raises them a few notches. Looking down at the flag then his face Sam gives him a tense smile almost as embarrassed as Daniel himself. Master Bra'tac has a wide grin on his face we assume (and hope) it's for the glorious return of SG-1's lead (and only) Archaeologist and Linguist.

"It's a long story" Daniel gives for explanation.

"Yes well, why don't you..." Jack says motioning with his hands toward the door. Giving Daniel a little shove Jack exhales loudly, this receives the attention from every one left in the room.


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