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Hitsugaya walked out of the entrance to the university, the pre law student sighed as he struggled to carry his black back pack full of the heavy and expensive school books. The now seventeen year old Hitsugaya was in one of the state universities in Florida. He was so busy now. The icy teen had two tests on Monday and had to write a ten page report on suicide in prisons. The teen sighed, carrying all these books was sure to give him back problems later. It didn't help that he had to walk five more blocks to Gin's apartment.

"Gaya!" The older man yelled. Hitsugaya looked up instantly knowing who it came from. Only one person in the world dared to call him that. Gin came speeding up in his classic red convertible.

"What did I tell you about calling me that in public!" Hitsugaya growled, however he was thankful that his lover or "husband" had cared enough to pick him up. The hot headed teenager didn't want walk all that way. Gin smirked, he was so used to Hitsugaya's temperament that he could identify it in his sleep. Gin knew that Hitsugaya was secretly thankful. The genius teenager stepped in the car and was quickly pulled into a kiss by Gin.

"How was your day?" Gin drawled as he ran his tongue down Hitsugaya's neck.

"Hard." Was what Hitsugaya muttered.

"You too!?" Gin excitedly said as he looked up.

"Wait…what?" The icy teenager asked but them slapped his forehead when he understood what Gin was implying.

"PERVERT!!!!" That scream could be heard from thousands of miles away. The younger hit Gin on the head.

"You know…Gaya…that didn't exactly answer my question…" Gin drawled as he put his hand right onto Hitsugaya's member and began to stroke the younger through his clothes. Hitsugaya felt himself coming to life with the fox man's ministrations. The icy teenager lightly gasped at the all to familiar sensation of pleasure that Gin was providing.

"We…can't….Karin and Yuzu will be home in a an hour…." Hitsugaya panted out as he glanced at the clock.

"Well….I know of an amusement park near by….." Gin teased, The younger let out a growl.

"Don't….even think about it." Hitsugaya warned as he remembered when he found out that Gin actually wasn't kidding when he said that he wanted to have sex on a roller coaster.

"Or we could do this….." Gin said as he pulled off the side of the road and began to furiously kiss Hitsugaya. The young teen opened his mouth and allowed Gin's tongue to skillfully slide against his own. Well….a quickie wouldn't hurt now would it? Gin took a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching and slid down Hitsugaya's pants to his ankles. Hitsugaya began to become flushed with his boyfriend. Gin began to furiously lick his fingers. Hitsugaya propped himself up to give Gin better access.

The older stuck two fingers inside Hitsugaya at once, making sure to immediately hit the prostate. He younger let out a whine of pleasure as he tried to move back into Gin's fingers. The fox man noticed this and decided to really make his uke whine. Gin continued to hit Hitsugaya's prostate with one hand and started to stroke the younger's throbbing erection with the other. Hitsugaya moaned loudly at the double stimulation.

"Ready, Gaya?" Gin asked.

The pre law student panted out a nearly incoherent "yes". The older man smirked as he undid his own pants and entered Hitsugaya in one swift motion. Hitsugaya let out a gasp of pain, but that didn't really last long with Gin stroking him. The fox man turned the pre law student over so that Hitsugaya was laying on his back. The teenager wrapped his legs around Gin trying to get the older to brush up against his prostate. Gin noticed the and slammed back into Hitsugaya. The younger arched in pleasure and squeezed Gin harder with his legs. Gin smirked as he continued to slam into Hitsugaya. The pre law student panted as he felt his need for release.

"Gin…" Hitsugaya harshly whispered as he came over the bottom of the fox man's shirt. The fox man continued to pound into his uke, trying to make his pleasure last longer. However Hitsugaya smirked as he clamped around Gin. The older let out a growl at the unexpected action and came inside Hitsugaya. The two stayed still to come down from their after sex high.

Gin looked at the clock. "Shit, 2:15 c'mon Gaya we only have fifteen minutes so get home!" Gin said as he quickly pulled up his pants. The pre law student sent an annoyed look to his seme but nodded and pulled up his pants none the less. The fox man stepped on the gas and began to drive to his apartment.


Karin pulled her back pack closer to her as she got off the school bus with Yuzu. Some punk had tried to bully Yuzu and Karin had to show him who was the boss. The goth girl wouldn't let ANYBODY abuse her sister. The two girls were seven now and in the first grade.

"Thanks Karin, but I hope that bully's ok…." Yuzu said as she walked closely to her stronger sister.

"Yuzu you're to nice for your own good…" Karin lightly laughed as they went into the apartment.

"So, how was your day?" Gin asked as the two girls came through the door.

"Hey Uncle Gin!" Yuzu said as she gave Gin a light hug, Karin followed her overly nice sister's example as she also gave the older man a hug.

"Oh…the teacher gave us so much homework!" Karin complained as she sat at the kitchen table and began to take out her school books.

"Yeah…you'll help us won't you, Uncle Gin?" Yuzu said as she gave the fox man her best teary puppy dog eyes.

"Sure….and I'll even have Hitsugaya help you with the hard stuff." Gin said with a smirk as he put their snack down on the table. Karin's eyes instantly lit up at Hitsugaya's name.

"Aunt Hitsugaya is here!?" Karin asked.

"Yup." Gin snickered he remembered how the "Aunt Hitsugaya" name had started.


Grimmjaw and Ichigo had just gotten back from the hospital. The two girls had had to have a rape kit done and thankfully it was found that by some miracle Aizen didn't rape them. This as expected was a very big relief to Ichigo. Grimmjaw and his uke were staying with Gin. Thankfully Gin didn't lie when he said he was tired of being a runner and had used some of his money to rent a nice four bedroom apartment in a nice part of town. It sure did surprise Grimmjaw that the fox man could keep anything clean much less an apartment.

Though the two five year olds were up and about now. When Ichigo told them that Isshin and Aizen had been taken away you could literally see the relief in their faces. The two girls stayed very close to Ichigo and followed him wherever he went. The four had come back to the apartment that they were staying in with Gin and Hitsugaya….and they walked in on a normal argument between the two.

"Please Gaya!!!! I don't know how to cook!" Gin said as he chased Hitsugaya around holding out a pink frilly apron for the younger to wear.

"Hell no….You just want me in that for one of your sick fantasies!" Hitsugaya said as he ran from his seme. Needless to say the argument went on for a good five minutes before Yuzu asked a question that the college student would never forget.

"Ichi-Nee are they married?" Yuzu asked as she pointed at the two. Hitsugaya stopped dead in his tracks and before he even got a chance to open his mouth, Gin beat him too it.

"What a perceptive child! Yes, Hitsugaya's my one and only wife! And since Ichigo is engaged to Grimmjaw and since Grimmjaw is like a brother to me that makes me your "Uncle Gin" and Hitsugaya your "Aunt Hitsugaya"! You smart little child!" Gin said as he ran and gave the college student a big hug and kiss. The white haired teenager went red from head to toe and let out a low growl. He was about to hit Gin when Karin came up.

"Aunt Hitsugaya! How can you be a good wife and refuse to cook for your family?" The gothic five year old asked. The teenagers mouth went dry as he stared at the child. Was she for real? Yuzu was standing behind her sister giving the little genius the puppy dog look. The college student looked around for help and everyone just stared back at him. The traitors! Hitsugaya began to blush madly…..he didn't want to upset Ichigo's little sisters or confuse them any further…..especially with Grimmjaw there….The college student stomped up to Gin and grabbed the pink apron while giving his seme a light hug.

"I swear to god I'm going to get you back for this you son of a bitch…" Hitsugaya harshly whispered in Gin's ear. He then quickly put on the apron. Yuzu then ran up to him.

"Wow! Aunt Hitsugaya! You look so pretty in pink!" The innocent five year old said as she clapped her hands. The college student let out a groan as he dejectedly walked to the kitchen to prepare some food. They were lucky he didn't have any poison with him…..Especially Gin.

"Wait! Ichi-Nee….You're getting married!" Karin asked as she turned to her older brother. Ichigo's jaw dropped and he began to try to form words. Really he must have looked like a fish. Grimmjaw smirked as he wrapped his arms around his uke.

"That's right. He belongs to me. And I love him. Do you guys mind me being Ichigo's husband?" Grimmjaw asked as Ichigo still wore the same shocked expression. Karin gave Grimmjaw a hard look for a minute.

"No. Ichi-Nee seems happy with you. But you better be a good husband! Or else I won't go easy on you!" Karin threatened.

"Wouldn't doubt it for the world, Little bit." Grimmjaw said as he went down to eye level with Karin and ruffled her hair. Really, those two were to much like Nel.

"Wait! Don't I get a say in this?" Ichigo asked as he suddenly snapped out of his stupor.

"Nope, Sorry Ichi, The votes been decided. You're mine." Grimmjaw smirked as he kissed his uke. Ichigo's two sisters watched with a smile on their face.

"Congratulations for getting a husband Ichi-Nee!" The two little girls yelled as the hugged their older brother. Ichigo sighed……well…what could he really say anyways?

End Flashback


Needless to say after that The name "Aunt Hitsugaya" and "Uncle Gin" had stayed, much to Hitsugaya's embarrassment. It was later found that Isshin had killed himself and Aizen had died. Of course Ichigo told his little sisters, but they were really more relived that Aizen would never be around to hurt them again and Isshin wouldn't be around to justify Aizen's actions. It might have confused some people but Ichigo understood their sentiments.

Soon after that a lawyer appeared with Uliquiorra stated that Ichigo had been given full custody by his father. Of course the teen didn't know what to do. He had to protect his little sisters, but he didn't want to leave Grimmjaw…..besides where would he go? Ichigo could ask Grimmjaw to take his sisters with them but he didn't want Karin and Yuzu exposed to the murder business. That's when Grimmjaw sensed his uke's predicament and had an idea.

Since Karin and Yuzu had warmed up to Gin and Hitsugaya and since Gin lived in a good neighbor hood, why didn't Karin and Yuzu just stay with the fox man? As it turned out it was a good suggestion. Karin and Yuzu lived with Gin and Hitsugaya while Ichigo and Grimmjaw were gone. Ichigo had told his little sisters that he was a traveling salesman and that's why he would be gone. He conveniently left out that he sold death. The two sisters seemed to understand this and agreed to stay with Gin and Hitsugaya.

Gin, Ichigo learned was actually pretty good with kids and his sisters seemed to love him. So Ichigo and Grimmjaw enrolled them in school. Grimmjaw taught them how to fight and Ichigo taught them how to cook. This arrangement was good for the two, because even though Hitsugaya was always like a grouchy wet kitten and Gin was manipulative through his whining. It offered Yuzu and Karin a stable home. Which is what Ichigo wanted to give them, they deserved that.


In a little island known as Hawaii Grimmjaw and Ichigo layed together in a king size bed. Though it didn't matter what size the bed was really, because Grimmjaw would always sleep while tightly holding onto Ichigo. The two slept in a peaceful slumber until…….

"RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG" The alarm clock shrilly rang out. Ichigo tiredly opened his eyes and threw the alarm clock against the wall, effectively smashing it to bits. The teenager sighed knowing that he would have to get up or Uliquiorra would come down and wake them up. After two years of being with Grimmjaw the teenager had long gotten used to how things worked. Ichigo tiredly sat up.

"C'mon Grimm…..It's time to wake up….." Ichigo quietly said as he gently shook him seme.

"Five more minutes……" Grimmjaw growled.

"C'mon, Grimm we don't have time for this…." Ichigo said as he shook Grimmjaw a little harder.

"We'll I know something that we do have time for…" Grimmjaw said as he flipped Ichigo so that the teenager was underneath him. Grimmjaw was having a killer boner that he knew that his uke could take care of. Hence the sleeping naked….

Grimmjaw swallowed Ichigo's protests with a kiss. The hit man smirked as he could see Ichigo getting hard just from this. Grimmjaw shifted so his knee was holding Ichigo's legs apart. The hit man then began to lick up the side of Ichigo's cheek. The teenager moaned at the contact. Damn, Grimmjaw knew how to use his tongue. The tealed haired man than began to lightly nibble on Ichigo's ear.

"No complaints, right Ichi?" Grimmjaw said with a smirk in his voice.

"You….are a horny bastard….." Ichigo moaned as Grimmjaw began to run his hands down Ichigo's body.

"Hmm…oh yes., but I'm YOUR horny bastard." Grimmjaw said as he started to lick down Ichigo's chest. The teenager let out a moan of pleasure as the hit man lightly bit and licked down Ichigo's chest. The teenager let out a smirk….there was no way he was taking this laying down. Ichigo ran his hands through Grimmjaw's hair and gripped the teal locks tightly in his hands.

The hit man licked his lips at the painful pleasure. Nothing turned him on more than when Ichigo was trying to take control like he was now. Grimmjaw looked at Ichigo's bud and lightly took it in his mouth and began nibbling on it. The hit man then did the other in the exact same way. Ichigo let out a whimper of pleasure.

Grimmjaw then propped himself up and began to look at his uke while he ran his hands down to the teenager's manhood. Ichigo arched his back at the touch. Grimmjaw smirked at he began he began to lightly move his hand up to the side of Ichigo's thigh and then he'd barely touch Ichigo's manhood and then move away. The hit man did the same move with Ichigo's entrance. Teasing both of Ichigo's most sensitive places. The teenager began to rock his body to try and force Grimmjaw to touch him.

"Damn it. Stop being a tease…" Ichigo whimpered as he became painfully hard. Grimmjaw smirked as he layed on top of Ichigo. Letting the teenager feel how their muscles rubbed together. Grimmjaw began to nip at Ichigo's neck. The teenager began to pant at the sensation. The teenager decided that he was going to get Grimmjaw back. The runner pulled the hit man by the hair and started to kiss his lips. For a second Grimmjaw was a little surprised, but he quickly recovered…..so Ichigo wanted to play that game huh?

The hit man began to pump Ichigo's erection slowly. This seemed to drive Ichigo over the edge.

"Grimm…." The teenager whined.

"Yes?" Grimmjaw huskily whispered in Ichigo's ear.

"Stop being a tease!" Ichigo growled.

"Well, what do you want me to do?" The hit man smirked, he knew full well what Ichigo wanted him to do, but the hit man wanted to hear Ichigo say it.

"I….I want you inside of me…" Ichigo whispered, he was so embarrassed . Damn seme.

"What? Sorry I couldn't hear you?" Grimmjaw said as he stopped pumping his uke. Ichigo's face went pure red from him having to repeat himself.

"I SAID I WANT YOU INSIDE OF ME!" The teenager growled. Grimmjaw smirked.

"Well, all you had to do was say so." Grimmjaw teased as he kissed his uke. The hit man started to prepare Ichigo. Ichigo began to moan loudly as Grimmjaw hit his prostate directly as the hit man prepared him. Ichigo leaned back and tried to get some more of those talented fingers inside of him. Grimmjaw let out a growl of lust as he held up Ichigo's hips and entered the teen. Ichigo tensed but only for a minute since Grimmjaw reared back and slammed into his uke again. Ichigo arched his back and leaned in closer to Grimmjaw. Grimmjaw licked his lips at the sight of the flushed Ichigo and changed positions so that Ichigo's legs hung over his shoulders.

The hit man didn't waste any more time as he pounded into his uke with nearly inhuman speed. Ichigo moaned and arched his back at the pleasure that only Grimmjaw could provide. The two continued like this for as long as they could but eventually Ichigo could feel himself coming to his end.

"Grimmjaw." Ichigo whimpered in his pleasure driven state and came on the hit man's stomach. The tealed haired man continued until he felt his release as well.

"Ichi." The hit man growled as he came inside his uke. Ichigo was in lala land from his sex high. Grimmjaw smirked as he pulled his lover closer to him and held Ichigo as they both went to sleep. Waking up on time was overrated anyways.


Uliquiorra sighed as he layed back down on the bed. At first the hacker had planned on waking Ichigo and Grimmjaw up for the day….but then he remembered their sex schedule and decided against it. It truly surprised the hacker that Grimmjaw could be so devoted to one person….So mission accomplished with having Grimmjaw experience an emotional bond.

Sure sometime the hit man and the orange haired teen would argue…..but when that happened Ichigo would step out for a couple of days. Then Grimmjaw would start to worry about his uke, almost to the point of being hysterical. And it always happened the same way. Ichigo wouldn't go to bed because he'd have nightmares and Grimmjaw couldn't sleep by himself since he had gotten so used to sleeping with Ichigo that they would both stay up until they were exhausted. Then Ichigo would come home severely sleep deprived and collapse in Grimmjaw's arms, instantly falling asleep. Then they would wake up, talk about the problem, and have sex….and they always found a compromise.

Thinking about them made Uliquiorra start to think about his relationship with the young ex-prostitute. Hanataro was doing better. The submissive teen was now in internet college studying to become a nurse. The hacker smirked….his Hana was so cute. The prostitute was laying down and munching on a slice of apple for breakfast…..and all of the sudden Uliquiorra was craving apple……

The stoic man walked up to the young man and pulled him up by the shirt. Hanataro was surprised at first but then leaned in to give his seme a kiss. Uliquiorra pulled Hanataro closer as their tongues intertwined. Hanataro wasn't a scared and nervous around Uliquiorra anymore. In fact the prostitute had grown to seriously care for the stoic man. Uliquiorra wordlessly pulled off Hanataro's shirt, then stopped to pull off his own.

The ex prostitute looked up at the stoic hacker as the stoic man grabbed Hana and began to kiss him again. Uliquiorra had a perfect body, despite that he usually didn't kill anyone. Hanataro panted as he looked at Uliquiorra's perfection. The hacker looked down at his uke and he propped Hanataro against the wall. The ex prostitute easily slipped out of his baggy pants, and the hacker did the same. The two always went commando because hey….they couldn't predict when they would become aroused. Though it was most likely when they looked at each other.

Uliquiorra began to prepare Hanataro, making sure to hit the prostate directly each time. The ex prostitute moaned at the sensation, and then without warning Uliquiorra entered him with one swift motion. Hanataro whimpered at the pain…and the hacker stood there against the wall giving his uke plenty of time to adjust. Hanataro gave a small nod and Uliquiorra slammed into the younger making Hana moan loudly. The two continued their ruthless thrusting against the wall. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of bliss Hanataro came. Uliquiorra continued thrusting until he came as well. After that the two slid down the wall. Yes…Uliquiorra was happy with his own relationship.


After everyone had had their daily sex, the four went to an airport and flew back to Florida. Grimmjaw and Ichigo parted with Uliquiorra and Hanataro. That was ok, though because Uliquiorra would come get them when he got a new client. Ichigo had barely stepped through the door when a loud…"Ichi-Nee!!!" could be heard. Ichigo smiled as he was tackled by his little sisters.

"We missed you!" The two giggled as Ichigo did his brotherly duties of playing with them. They were happy and that was good.

"Hey! Uncle Grimmjaw are you going to teach me some new fighting moves?" Karin asked as she went up to the hit man. Grimmjaw let out a smirk at his two "nieces". It could be said that in a couple of years Karin would know how to kill someone blindfolded if Grimmjaw kept teaching her.

"Sure, Little bit." Grimmjaw said as he ruffled her hair.


Hichigo manifested himself against the wall. It seemed that king was doing well. It seemed that King's sisters were doing well. It had been a strange two years but Hichigo was happy that all the pain was worth it in the end. Of course he would still watch over his king…..but his king had finally grown up….and Hichigo couldn't help as a small smile tugged at his lips.

He wouldn't go. King would always need him….but King was happy. And that's all that mattered to the split personality. Hichigo didn't believe in "Happily ever afters" but he thought that this situation came damn close.

The end.


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