One drop.

No more, no less.

Just one.

When it hit the water, it became undistinguishable from the others like it, but yet so different. This drop was filled with pain and anguish, sorrow and hate. This drop was the only drop spilled- never to be another again. For this drop was weakness, and weakness was the opposite of power. This meant there could never be another.

For one drop it carried many things. Screams, cries, and pleads for mercy that fell on deaf ears.

One single drop.

It carried unforgettable things that he was not allowed to feel. Remorse, Guilt, Sorrow.


No amount of magic could change what he had done.

This one drop was special. It would never be seen again, as it was already swept up in the river with the billions of other drops of water. But unlike those drops it was different.


A tear from the eye of Lord Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.

There would never be another.

He felt nothing.

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