Spring Chapter 2: Laugh

6 April, CE 75

Mana and Asuka couldn't help but laugh out really loud when they found out the truth. They paid Tolle another visit, two weeks after the first time they arrived.

"You should know this one – your Milly had been betraying you for 3 years, and you are so DENSE not to notice this one!" Asuka rattled off.

"Besides, she's not really bothered about what you think!" Mana continued.

"Well, you know, we only have one thing to say – go and tell her it's over between you two – then get yourself a new girl!"

Tolle however was not laughing. He was rather depressed. How could Milly do this to him? He never thought this possible. Never. Things only got worse during the week.

It was Sunday when the PIs told him the reality. He took sick leave for the week. On Monday, Milly admitted to him, a whole 3 months since he turned up in front of her. And in those 3 months, as well as the almost 3 years before, she had been cheating on him. She didn't show the slightest bit of remorse – she was cheerful and told Tolle to 'get on!'

To make matters worse, on Tuesday, Kira told him, in an upbeat manner, to get dating again. Wednesday came, and Athrun told him the same. Thursday came, and Shinn and Meyrin did the same. 'What's wrong with them?' Tolle had asked himself after every call.

It's not everyday that you get bad news so many days in a row. But Tolle did. Even on Friday, more bad news came. Milly was pregnant, Kira informed Tolle. And he hadn't gotten to the end yet. On Saturday, he overheard Dearka informing Athrun and Yzak of his wedding plans. Tolle, who was also the head of the lay ministry in the church in Tatsumiya, did not turn up on Sunday, having been too sick to come. He was well and truly ill. According to Canon, the second-in-charge of the ministry, he had broken down.

Even so, the barrage of bad news never ceased to flow. When he returned to work on Monday in Alvis, he received an invitation to Milly and Dearka's wedding in May. On Tuesday, he received the news that Terminal and Alvis were to merge, and Tolle's department would merge with Dearka and Milly's. By Wednesday, the move was done. He, however, did not attend the conference concerning the matter, having not fully recovered from the shock of last week.

By Thursday, he was back at home, and suddenly, all he remembered seeing was Maya flirting to get his attention, before he blacked out.

Tolle was warded at the top hospital in Tatsumiya – Tatsumiya Regional General Hospital. He was diagnosed with extreme stress – the result of the news of the past week or so. He was extremely fragile, the doctors warned his visitors. But it was only Canon that was there to visit him.

Only then did she find out the root of the problem: They promised to keep themselves for each other – but Milly broke it after Tolle was presumed dead. She was speechless – usually it would be the male who broke it – but it was Milly in this case.

She had realized something else – suddenly, there was a new guy to chase after! Since Kazuki was out of the race, she was free to go after Tolle.

When Tolle returned to work on Wednesday, 23 April, after a whole week in hospital, he requested a transfer from Research, which he was in, to Management, where Canon and Maya were the directors. After all, they were the only ones who actually bothered to visit him. Also, on that day, he received another invitation: Sakura and Kenji were celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary in May.

Canon thought it prudent to shift in with Tolle, since he an empty bedroom, (meant for guests, actually), and he would be lonely without company. It was just another way for Canon to get closer to Tolle. He didn't pay much attention to Canon actually.

Another week passed, and Tolle was given permission to transfer on Monday, and he was to be the overall director of the department. It was when Tolle actually noticed Canon was trying to get his attention. Slowly, over the week, icy as he may be to Canon, Tolle accepted Canon's advances. He thought it harmless, and didn't really seem affected. But, actually, he was happy. Really happy.

The rain fell heavily on Tuesday, and Tolle was driving home in his Volvo C70, when Canon, who usually would go out with Maya after work, asked Tolle to bring her home.

Along the way, she admitted to Tolle that she was actually really wishing to start a relationship with him. She had already missed an opportunity, which was Kazuki, and wouldn't like to miss this one. He took some time before he could understand what was going on – Canon liked him!

Over the days, the short-lived merger between Terminal and Alvis failed, and as such, the two organizations split up, and Milly's equally-short lived 'defection' to Alvis ended with her following Dearka back to Terminal. But Shinn and Meyrin stayed on taking over the now empty posts of Directors in the Research division, liking the environment in Tatsumiya. They were the first to notice that Tolle had recovered, and was back to his usual self, the only difference was that he was with Canon now. They thought it rather fine and dandy, and hopefully, Canon and Tolle would try to get it together.