Random Blips!

What, is Gilgamesh free? Oh, he is and he's eating cherry pie. Right...

"Gilgamesh! I am Gilgamesh!" Gilgamesh shouts.

Enkidu readies Belch.

Basch whacks it with a Sledgehammer.

Vaan and Balthier have found the Cache of Glabados: 50 pounds of... weed!?

"Vaan... this is the STASH of Glabados, you fool!" Balthier scolds.

Vaan quickly runs back to the Strahl.

Enkidu readies Fart.

Basch whacks it with a Sledgehammer.

Gilgamesh readies The XBOX.

"All right! Who wants to take on the G-Man at Halo 2!?" Gilgamesh challenges.

Vaan and Penelo accept and team up against him. They win, due to Gilgamesh never finding the Rocket Launcher in time, and the fact that he sucks!

Gilgamesh readies Drink Till Ya Drop

Basch whacks him with a Sledgehammer.

Enkidu readies Barf.

Fran shoots it with an arrow. Thought it was Basch again!?

Enkidu readies Die.

No one does anything. Enkidu disappears.

"Enkidu!!" Gilgamesh shouts.

Gilgamesh readies Self-Destruct.

Gilgamesh disappears.

Ashe walks in and puts everyone to Sleep.

Ashe readies Lights Out.

Everything goes dark.


When more randomness reveals itself...