By Ruthlyn

Dear friends and family,

This year has been an unusual one, filled with a myriad of ups and downs. The guild has held tight through it all, though, and has only emerged stronger than before. We've gained a number of new members, and lost a few as well. There have been celebrations, but also a few sad moments. I'll do my best to touch on some of the highlights.

To start with, over the course of the last year, we have welcomed numerous new members into our family. Some participate in the games, others don't, but they all have found a home. I will not mention any names, for fear of forgetting someone, or running out of space. I'm sure you'll hear more about them in the future.

A few of our previous members have moved on from the guild this year. The biggest upheaval occurred when we lost our castle. There will be a bit more detail on the matter later, but we were unable to participate in War of Emperium for four months. During this time, those who were not quite as dedicated to the guild, or who desired a guild for its WoE potential above its camaraderie, decided to move on. We wish them all well and will miss them. Overall, though, it is probably best that they had the chance to find out that this guild wasn't right for them sooner, rather than later.

On a much more pleasant note, we have some family news to report. A baby was born to a couple in our guild this year, a first for Collegato. Seven months ago, Jameth and Alorinna welcomed a little girl to the world. Alorinna, previously the head of our War of Emperium operations, has stepped down to take care of her new daughter.

There was also a wedding in Collegato this year. Though it was not the first for the guild (that honor was claimed by my lovely wife and me), it was certainly a very important event. Collegato's guild leader was one of the two who were married, and I was personally quite thrilled to be there as a groomsman. The couple has now been married for six months, and spent their first Christmas together as husband and wife with close family.

As most of you heard about last year, Collegato started out this year in possession of a WoE castle in the Greenwood Lake area. We continued to successfully defend our home for seven more months. Many of you also know about the abrupt end to our residency there, because you were approached by a friend or family member in Collegato who needed a place to stay. No, we were not defeated in battle, rather we were conquered by our own generosity and loyalty. I cannot divulge any more details without betraying the trust of those involved, and besides which, I don't even know all of the details myself.

The important thing is that our forced hiatus from the games ends at the end of this month, and rest assured that we will return to the War stronger than ever. In the meantime, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and wish you many blessings in the year to follow. Until next year, be safe, and happy hunting!

and all the rest at Collegato

A/N: This short bit was inspired by the Christmas (or more accurately, end-of-year) letter that my mom sends out every year, telling everyone on her Christmas card list about what's happened in our family throughout the previous year. There's not as much detail in here as there probably should be, since it's about a whole guild, but consider this just highlights that pertain to main characters in my stories. And yes, any vagueness is on purpose, so as not to spoil stories in progress, for anyone who might read (now, or in the future) my work.