Kiss Me Goodnight


Warnings: mentions of abuse and rape(nothing explicit, though)


Chapter 1: First of what's to come

The first time it happaned, he found her on the streets.

He wouldn't even have noticed her, if it hadn't been for the strong scent of salty tears mixing with the sweet fragrance that was her shampoo. He had just gotten back from a long-term mission and was headed home, when her presence struck him. He would never have guessed, that she would be out at this hour. It was already past midnight, after all. Good girls were in their beds by now.

Immediately he knew, something was wrong.

Turning around a corner into a dark alleyway, he found her. She was sitting between two packed garbage cans, her knees bent and her arms thrown around them, her rosette hair hiding her face from the world, silently crying into the night. What was more, she was injured everywhere. Bloody scrapes and bluish bruises covered her body and by the rattling breaths she took, he was sure, she had a few broken rips as well.

The sight made his heart clench.

What could've happened to his only female student? The first thing, that came to his mind was rape, but her clothes seemed intact, if a little dirty. His eyes roamed her battered body again for cues and another thought occurred to him: Maybe she had been involved in a gang fight? It was rare, but not unheard of in Konoha and the numbers of gangs around was increasing, or so he had been told. Maybe she had gotten into somekind of argument with the wrong people and…

But with a shake of his head, he dismissed that thought, too.

Sakura was the Hokage's apprentice and her super-human strength would've sent any and all civilian gang members flying- and this gang problem was a civilian one! For another moment, he tried to figure out, what had happened, but soon figured it would be better to ask her himself- not to mention, that she needed medical care right away! Stepping infront of her lost form, he crouched down to be eye-level with her.

"Sakura?" he inquired.

The girl flinched violently at the sound of his voice.

"No…no, please, don't… stop, please don't hurt me anymore…please…" the young medic cried, eyes tightly shut, as she tried to crawl away from him, only to hit her back against the wall in her frantic search for escape.

"Sakura… Sakura!" He tried again, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her lightly. "It's me, Kakashi."

"Sensei?" her trembling voice answered him, uncertain. She cracked an eye open, as if she couldn't believe his voice, then the other, when she recognized him. He smiled gently at her, giving her the eye-crease, she knew so well, to assure her that everything would be fine, that she was safe now. He wasn't, however, prepared for her reaction. Finally letting go, breaking down into sobs, she threw her arms around his neck and cried into his chest. Taken aback for a moment, he quickly started rubbing her back comfortingly until her sobs had died down. He then picked her up.

"I'll take you home now, okay?"

He could immediately feel her tense in his arms, her fingers digging into his back, and saw the frightened widening of her eyes. Would she have been someone else, he would have probably guessed, that she didn't want her parents to see her like this, but truth be told, the only parent, she actually cared for had died a year ago of a heart attack. The pink-haired chunin was living with her father now, who had been called back from his residence in Moon Country to take care of his still under-age daughter until she became twenty (1).

Needless to say, the two of them didn't get along with each other!

"It was him." It was a statement, not a question, though her biting on her lower lip would have been a good enough answer. "And am I right in assuming, you don't want to go to hospital? Come on, we'll go to my apartment and I'll take care of. That's what a good sensei should do, after all."

He hadn't waited for her to answer and it wasn't necessary. The fact, that her body had relaxed as soon as he scratched the option of her own home or the hospital out, was his cue to make the necessary hand seals.


The second time it happened, he found her on Team Seven's old training grounds.

She was sitting against the trunk, he had once tied Naruto to, looking at the sky, letting the rain pour down on her, so no one would see the tears, that fell from her puffy eyes. Again, it was a complete coincidence, that he had found her. He had been on his way to the Memorial Stone to pay his old team mates and friends a visit, when he had caught sight of her pale pink hair and once he got closer, the scent of blood stung in his nose.

He would sigh.

Walking over, he sat down next to her, waiting for her to tell him, to give him a sign of what to do. He knew, though, that that wouldn't happen. She hadn't said a word the first time and she wouldn't break her silence now. Sighing again, he reached out to ruffle her hair in comfort, before grabbing her wrist and teleporting back into the bathroom of his apartment to treat her injuries.


The third time it happened, he found her on his doorstep.

He had been about to go out to meet some of his buddies at on of the local bars, but all those petty thoughts went out of his mind, when he found her infront of him, one hand raised to knock. Her white medical uniform was soaked in her blood, though other on-lookers would probably think, she just came from a tough surgery. She didn't look at him, couldn't look at him, maybe. She was most likely ashamed, that he saw her in a state most shinobi would define weak. He stepped aside to let her in; she still wouldn't pick up her gaze from his floor. Then suddenly, she turned around.

"I shouldn't have come here." She clarified. "I'm sorry, sensei, I don't know, what has gotten into me. I didn't want to disturb you. Goodnight."

She began to walk away, only to be pulled back and inside his home by a hand that held on to her wrist tightly.

"Don't be ridiculous." He murmured.

And so the routine was set.

Whenever it happened, she would come to him or he would find her someplace, he passed a lot of time in. They would go to his apartment and there Kakashi would motion for her to sit down, so he could take a look at her injuries. She would do as she was asked, without hesitation. He would go to the bathroom and come back with his medical kit, would plop down next to her onto his couch and tend to her bruises. When it came to intimite areas, he would turn around, so she could treat herself and, wait for her okay to look at her again.

Once every wound was tended to, they would sit and watch some T.V. or talk about everything and nothing at the same time. He would ask about the hospital and her training, while actually asking something totally different. She would answer everything was fine and ask questions of her own about his missions and why his latest Genin Team didn't pass the Bell Test, while trying to avoid the real answer like the plague. They would laugh together and chat about old times until late in the night, when she would suddenly remember, that she should go home. He wouldn't have any of that- it was late, after all, so he couldn't have her walk out on the streets- and tell her she could have the bed and he would take the couch.

She would seemingly reluctantly agree and he would pick her up to tug her in. Kakashiu would kiss her forehead, wish her sweet dreams and turn around to go back to his couch. He then would feel, Sakura's hand enclosing his own and hear her ask him to stay with her, just for tonight, because she didn't want to be alone. He would grant her wish and, giving a sigh, crawl into bed himself, placing an arm around her stomach to assure her, he wouldn't go anywhere and instead catch each and every nightmare away, that might come to haunt her in the night. And then they would fall asleep.

That is, until the day he snapped:

"How long?"

"What?" she yawned, halfway in the land of dreams.

"You know exactly what I mean." He replied smoothly.

Immediately, she tensed. She didn't want to talk about it, but Kakashi was sick of seeing her like that. It made him want to wring her father's neck, but he couldn't do anything, not until Sakura opened her mouth. Sure, he could go to the Hokage and have Haruno Masashiro charged for child abuse, but without Sakura as a witness and victim- a talking one- it would be his word against the Haruno's. And Sakura's father was a well-respected civilian merchant, nobody would believe, that the nice man next-door would actually beat his 'little girl'.

"How long will you let him do this to you, Sakura?" he asked, when she wouldn't reply.

"I… I don't know-"

"Don't lie to me, Sakura. You know, I know, so don't insult my intelligence." He warned her and she couldn't help, but notice, that there was something desperate in his voice. She knew, he had gotten quite protective of her, since this whole mess started- he had proved so by waiting infront of the hospital and walking her home. He would also make early morning appointments for training, whenever possible, and make sure, her father heard. That way, if he beat her that evening, her team mates would notice durin their training session, when she wouldn't have had any time to tend to them yet or have someone else treat her. Yet, this dark, sad tone of his voice seemed to hold a new depth, that made shivers run up and down her spine…

A moment later, she asked herself, what was wrong with her!


He was still waiting for an answer.

"…What am I supposed to do, Kakashi-sensei? He's my father and-"

"Is beating you. Go to the Hokage with me-"


"Why?" he inquired. "How can you still care about him, after what he's been doing to you in these past few months?!?"

"He's still my father…" She replied silently.

"…" He didn't reply in words, but his actions told her enough. He moved away from her to sit on the edge of the bed and raked a hand through his silver mob in frustration, going over to rub his temples in annoyance in the next second.

"I'm sorry, sensei." She told him as she sat up s well. "I… shoul've never involved you into this whole mess… I'm really sorry… I…I'l go now."

And before he could react, she was out the door.


He didn't see much of her from that night on. For almost two years, she seemed to avoid him like the plague. She would talk to him, when they met on the streets or in the hospital, but never more than a "Hello. How are you? I'm fine" kind of talk. He waited for her to come to him again, but it never happened. She stayed away as much as possible, even going as far as making up excuses, for not eating Ramen with the rest of the team.

She would smile a lot and everything would look fine, great even, when the long lost Uchiha came back or when she finally made it jounin, but he would know better. He would see the shadow looming behind the apparent sparkle in her jade eyes, he would see the slight limp in her walk, when she passed him with a stack of scrolls in her arms, he would see how her smile faded into a grimace, when she thought no one was looking.

And it would break his heart.

She was so young, so full of life, yet it was being poisoned- and by her own father no less. Whenever he thought about it, he chided himself for acting the way he did that night. He should've approached the subject in another way, then maybe she would still seek his company and comfort and thereby would still have someone she could confide in. Someone that knew and understood, but his own supidity had driven her away. And the worst part was, that she was keeping her distance to protect him, to help him, because she had seen him so distressed at her situation. She didn't, unfortunately, realize, that this way, she was making it even worse on him, because he would blame himself for one part.

And for the other, because having her close to him at night, had 'shooed' away his nightmares as well.

He needed her just as much as she needed him. They needed each other to overcome the darkness in their thoughts. But she didn't come to him anymore. She stayed away, both physically and emotionally.

That is, until her father crossed a line…


A knock on his door brought him out of his dark musings and back into the real world. He considered not answering, since he didn't want to get disturbed; he was thinking about how to stop her torment, when he suddenly felt who's chakra signature it was, that was standing there infront of his home. The silver-haired man immediately jumped onto his feet and rushed for the door, before she could change her mind and run away again.

The moment he opened the door, he felt her tiny hands clutch his shirt (he had foregone his vest, seeing as he was at his own place) and noticed how her smaller frame was trembling against his taller body. He slipped his arms around her- she was so cold- and carried her inside. She was sobbing against his chest without restraint, her hair was dishevelled and her lips swollen and bruised. Blood was trickling out of the corner of her mouth. Her clothes were crumpled and by the way, he could feel her chest against him with every breath, he guessed she wasn't wearing a bra.

A terrible thought came to him.

"Sakura?" He spoke up at once. "What did he do?"

She looked up at him, still crying, but not for long. She didn't seem able to hold his intense stare, so she shifted her gaze to the side.

"H-he… he r..ra…p… raped…m-me, Kakashi, he…"

End of chapter!

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