Kiss Me Goodnight


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Chapter 39: True Love

"Hi there! We're back."

The Copy Nin's cheerful voice filled the room, and seconds later they had everyone's attention on them. There were the three old ladies, the two boys- one of which started shivering uncontrollably at seeing the couple again- and of course the owner of the tea house with the waitress by her side. All of them were looking rather dumbfounded as if they hadn't expected the two shinobi to come back. Sakura was a bit surprised herself to find the same people in the same tea house once again.

'They must live in a nearby town,' she thought, looking up at Kakashi.

The silver-haired man was leading her towards the very same table they had sat at the last time in the middle of the room. The young medic smirked, guessing what he was planning to do. They quickly ordered when the dazed waitress finally made it to their table. Then Kakashi gently took her hand and kissed it throgh the mask, before excusing himself once again to the men's restroom. This time, however, none of the other occupants of the tea house dared corner the fiery kunoichi for fear of what she'd do.

Sakura's smirk grew.

Before lond, Kakashi was back. Just in time as it turned out, because their food was about to be served. It was nothing much, just a small plate of different sushi and some herbal tea. They thanked the waitress, procceeding to eat in silence, but the sharingan-user's hand which had grabbed hold of hers never let go. His rough thumb caressed soft patterns onto her delicate skin. This led to Sakura sighing every now and then, deeply enough to attract even more of the wanted attention they were already getting. The older jounin smiled and squeezed her hand, then let go of it to bite into it and make some handseals.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked, pausing midway in her movement to get the sashimi into her mouth.

"You'll see," he told her, eye crinkling, just before he summoned Pakkun.

"Yo," the dog said. "What can I do for you, boss?"

"You could take this to the Hokage as we might be a while, and ask her to meet us at the gates tomorrow with the scroll. Around noon."

Pakkun nodded and took the scroll.

"You better know what you're doing, boss. Tsunade won't be pleased," the pug warned his master.

"Oh, believe me. Come tomorrow noon, she'll be more than pleased- and hopefully, so will we."

Both Pakkun and Sakura frowned thoughtfully at this. The Nin-Dog and the medic exchanged confused glances, before looking back at the third member of their merry little group. He was probably grinning like an idiot – coughNarutocough – beneath that mask, judging by the major crinkle in his eye. The other two looked at each other once more, then shrugged and shook their head in exasperation. He would tell them when the time was right or they would just find out tomorrow.

"Okay, I'll be off then," Pakkun announced.

He then hurried out the door. Kakashi waved after him cheekily, before returning his attention to Sakura. The pink-haired girl was still scrunching up her face, and then blushed crimson when he told her that she would get wrinkles. She slapped his arm playfully, and he rubbed the sore spot for a minute. Then he called over the waitress, and Sakura wasn't sure wether to be intrigued or jealous when he chanced the woman one of his brightest smiles.

"Wh-what can I d-do for you?" the young woman asked, dazed- though, by Kakashi's charm now.

"Is there an inn in your town. We'd like to pass the night as we're rather tired from the travel."

That wasn't exactly true. Sure, they'd been going or rather jumping from branch to branch for hours now, but at a leaisure pace. They had agreed not to hurry back to Konoha, and instead take the time to admire the countryside. They had also rested quite a few times, and even taken a ride with one of the local farmers in order to just enjoy the view. Therefore, they were hardly tired. They could travel straight back to Konoha at top speed if they wanted to, but Sakura wasn't about to argue.

"An inn?"

"Yeah, we'd like to get a room."

"Uhm… sure. There's one. I can call them right now, so they keep two rooms vacant for you," the waitress offered.

Sakura growled.

"Ah, one room will be enough, thank you," Kakashi told her, rubbing the back of his head.

"But… you're not married," the waitress argued.

"We're shinobi, this isn't our first barbeque," Sakura snorted.


"Just do it, already," the pink-haired kunoichi snarled.

Needless to say, the waitress hurried of to fulfill her wish.

"We aren't married… in what century do the people here live?"

"We can't all be as open to new things as you are, Sakura," Kakashi told her gently, chuckling.

Sakura snorted, then she leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

"You just want to make love to me," she said just loud enough for everyone who strained his or her ears to hear.

Kakashi smirked.

"Of course."


(Later that day; Konoha)

"And that's all he said?"

Pakkun looked at the blonde woman, then at the white-haired man, and nodded. It had been all his master had told him, however it wasn't everything he wanted the Lady Hokage to know. Pakkun moved a little to catch a piece of paper Kakashi had left on his persona, and shove it over the wooden desk towards the Hokage with his paw. The two Sannin looked at each other before Tsunade picked up the piece of paper. She watched it intensly for a minute, then handed it to Jiraya.

"Can you make any sense of that?"

"Did he give you a riddle again?" Jiraya mocked, as he took the paper.

"No," Tsunade growled.

"Then what?"

"Can't read it," the Hokage deadpanned.

The Toad-Sannin blinked. Raising an eyebrow suspiciously, he narrowed his eyes as he took a look at the piece of paper. There was definitely something written on it, as indicated by the blue lines on the white backround. But, for the life of him, Jiraya wasn't able to read it. He let out a low whistle after another minute of battling with Kakashi's short phrase.

"I always new he had a bad hand-writing, but this is just ridiculous," the white-haired man muttered. "I don't understand a word…"

"May I try, Hokage-sama?" the pug suddenly asked. "I have some experience with the boss' hand-writing."

Tsunade shrugged.

"At this point, I'm open for pretty much anything."

She lay down the paper infront of him. Pakkun gazed at it for a moment, before rounding it to watch from another angle. His ever-present claws scratched over the desk top of the table, and it was the only noise in the room for a minute. Then, Tsunade sighed. Apparently not even the Copy Nin's most famous Ninja Dog could make sense of his scribbling.

"Bring the others," Pakkun piped into the Hokage's thoughts.

"Huh?" both Sannin asked.

"On the paper. It means: 'Bring the others.' "

Tsunade and Jiraya exchanged a look.


"You must be the mismatched couple Tsumi-chan announced?"

The wife of the inn-keeper was a chubby woman in a simple, traditional kimono, her hair held up by multiple needles. She was raising a lantern into their faces, so that the light almost blinded them, and her tone gave away her utter displeasure at their relationship. Kakashi would've sighed at this reaction, had he not thought that it would just fuel her anger. Sakura huffed loudly, and the elder woman would have probably made another comment, if her husband had not told her to just show them their room and make him some tea. Resorting to a disgusted snort, the woman led them to their room, which- oh, the surprise- held two single beds, too small for two to stay in them. She threw them the keys and wished them goodnight gruffily, before disappearing down the hall.

"Kami, that woman sure got a problem!" Sakura huffed once more.

"Only one?" Kakashi asked, chuckling.

Sakura giggled at that.

"You're right. It's probably a myriad of problems…"

"And they all got something to do with her husband, I'm sure…"

A moment of silence passed, before the couple burst out laughing.

"Well, I guess you'll be sleeping alone, after all," Sakura murmured as she looked over the beds.

"Maybe, but I'm sure I'll have a companion in the shower. Right?" he asked, removing his vest and carefully putting it down, so that Chihiro wouldn't get hurt. The tiny furball thanked him with a loud purring noise, before she moved up on the bed, and took over his pillow. Apparently, he would not sleep alone tonight…

"A shower, hm? Yeah, I guess I could need one."

Sakura smiled seductively.

Kakashi let out a feral growl as he approached her slowly, stripping himself of his shirt as he went. Sakura took the zipper of her own and pulled it down, slowly revealing more and more of her soft flesh. She then took a kunai, before disregarding her pouch on his bed, and held it to the bindings she had chosen to wear for their travel. Carefully, she led the blade travel in between the bindings and the valley of her bosom, holding it there for a few tantalizing seconds. With a good pull she ripped the bandages. The cloth fell down around her, but her chest was still covered by her opened shirt. Kakashi was with her in a second. Kicking off his sandals, he closed the distance between them to give her a searing kiss. His hands slipped underneath her shirt to give her breast one possessive grope. Sakura's head fell away from his lips as she groaned loudly. Arching her back she tried to put more of herself into his calloused hands. A leg came up to envelop his waist, and her arms encircled his neck. She pushed her body into his, her naked chest sliding against his as he let her red shirt fall.

Lifting her other leg, and placing it around his waist also, he walked them both towards the bathroom. One hand left her breast, as his mouth took it's place, in order to unclasp her skirt, and let it fall to the ground. Her hands came down from his waist to fumble with his belt, trying to unbuckle it with little success. Chuckling at her helplessness, he set her down on the counter, and moved away. This earned him a frustrated groan from the pink-haired kunoichi. She had closed her eyes during their kiss, but when she heard how his hands were working on his belt himself, she snapped them open to watch with hungrly eyes. She slid off the counter, once his belt had been opened, and hooked one finger on each side under her shorts and panties.

Kakashi smirked.

Ever so slowly, both of them let some of their last articles of clothing fall onto the ground. Now, all they were wearing were their headbands, but when Sakura reached up to remove his, hew stopped her. He shifted it slightly to reveal his sharingan, but he did not seem to have any further intention to move it other than that.

"Leave it on," he ordered her huskily.

"Okay," Sakura whispered, taking in her surroundings for the first time since they entered the bathroom and decided that it could not be.

The whole room was filled with softly burning candles. The floor was made of flawless white marble, the sinker of beautiful poercelain, decorated with gold. The walls were tainted in a soft creamy colour. Everything was surprisingly clean. Suddenly she heard the shower running and turned to Kakashi. He had turned on the warm water, and was already waiting for her. His hand was outstretched, so that she could take it. He helped her into the shower, before pulling her hand to his mouth and kissing each knuckle.

"This can't be real," Sakura breathed.

"It's as real as you want it to be," Kakashi told her.

"You did this?" she asked, touched. "With you sharingan?"

He nodded.

"Do you like it?" he wanted to know, concerned that he might have done something wrong.

"I love it," she whispered into his ear as she leant closer again. "That's a bathroom-dream."

He chuckled.

"You shall have one for real, one day," the Copy Nin told her.

She was about to retort something, but the words died in her mouth a his arms came around her, and she was pressed against his muscular frame once more. She shuddered at the mere feeling of his strong arms and chest, and at the combined heat of their nether regions. She wriggled a little, because she couldn't help it when she felt like this, and it only served to fuel their desire for each other. Her legs came around his waist once again, her hips grinding into his to relieve some of the burning pressure that urged them to join from deep within their beings. Her hands, on his shoulders for support at first, now wandered over his broad chest, raking their nails over his sensitive skin. Skin that was even more sensitive than usual due to the water pouring down on them, she realied when she received a guttural groan from him with every little touch.

Kakashi bend over her, catching one of her nipples in his mouth again. He moved them until her back hit the wall, and relished in her gasp when the cool surface made contact with her heated skin. He pressed her up against said wall, earning another few gasps and mewls, before placing one hand over her neglected breast. His other hand went south as he reached between their bodies. Finding her pleasure button, he squeezed it, at the same time grinding hard into her. A loud cry left her lungs, and the Copy Nin sure hoped that the inn-keeper's wife had heard that. He continued this sweet torture, building the young woman up to a peak. When he felt her on the verge of an orgasm, he took away hgis hand and stilled all of his movements. A frustrated groan fell from Sakura's lips, and her eyes glared daggers at him for stopping when she was almost there.

"I'm not yet done with you," he announced. "If I'll have to miss you in my bed, I want to take as much of you with me as I can."

His raspy voice sent another shudder through her body as he unravelled her legs from around him, setting them firmly on the ground, before lowering himself into a kneeling position. He spread her legs with his hands to dip his head in between her parted thighs. His tongue followed the slit between her fold up to her jewel, which he gave a small tug, then followed his way down again. Sakura bucked eratically in his hands for a few moments, before he could still her. She was soaking wet, and it wasn't just because the shower was running. The water just added to her sensitive state and made her slick fold even more slippery. Kakashi gently slid the forefinger of each hand into her, and opened her passage as wide as he dared. His young lover gasped at the sensation and, looking up, he noticed that she's flushed even deeper from being so completely exposed to him.

"Kashi?" she asked, uncertain.

"Ssh, wildcat, you'll like it," he soothed her calmly.

Sakura nodded, though not entirely convinced.

Kakashi smirked and moved his head up again. This time, Sakura's legs buckled and gave out underneath her. He had slipped his tongue inside her feminine flesh just once, and she had already crumbled in the shower. Kakashi moved back a bit to gain accsess again, before repeating the procedure. Sakura raised a hand to cover her mouth in an attempt to stiffle her scream of plasure, but it didn't really help. Now Kakashi was sure that stuck-up woman had heard, and he couldn't help but smirk at the thought. He was definitely going to do this again, both here and in Konoha. The decision made, he proceeded to continue that speacial 'treatment' of his 'patient', slipping his tongue into her dark cavern and licking at her inner walls as he left. Sakura bucked wildly underneath him, but Kakashi was stringer, so he was able to keep her movements to a minimum. Scream after hardly stiffled scream left her hand-covered mouth as he continued this sweet torture, and it wasn't long before her petite body was wracked with shudders much stronger than those before.

When the waves of orgasm died down enough to feel him lapping up her juices, she also realized that he was building her body up to another high again. Sakura shuddered once more at the thought of his stamina. She was already feeling exhausted and half asleep, and she hadn't even done anything. Though she wanted to, she really did, she knew she was not up to reciprocate his favor. Instead, she spread her arms wide for him to come into her embrace, and called his name.


He looked up at hearing her tired voice. Her arms were opened for him, and he galdly took the invitation in this gesture. Moving to pick her up, he pressed her against the cool wall once more. The water falling down on them had run cold some time ago, but neither seemed to care. He waited for her to wrap her legs around him, before he slid into her with one swift thrust. A soft mewl rolled off her tongue when he set a steady, but unhurried pace. Yet, he found that she could barely keep up as drained as she was. He smiled at her sleepy face as it contorted in plasure she couldn't fathom in her state. Again, his hand slipped between their - now joined – bodies to rub over her jewel and bring her to fulfillment. His thrust were slow, but hard and deep, and once he had angled them a bit, he touched that special point within her that threw her over the cliff.

A few thrusts later, he was lost as well.


(Next day, around noon; Konoha Gates)

Tsunade had done as he had asked it seemed, because upon their return Kakashi and Sakura found pretty much the whole village waiting for them at the gates. When Kakashi sweat-dropped, Jiraya explained Tsunade's- sardistic- reasoning to him. Apparently, since he had not stated which 'others' she should bring, the Lady Hokage had thought it best to bring everyone he knew, so that she could not forget anyone. Kakashi sighed as he looked over the crowd that had gathered, Naruto, Sasuke, Yamato, Sai and Sakura's best friend / greatest rival Ino in the first row of course. Then there were the Copy Nin's jounin buddies Genma, Kurenai, Anko, Raidou, the Elders of course, the Rookie Nine, Team Gai- including a very unhappy looking, but not-throwing-a-fit Lee- different relatives of the Rookie Nine and Team Gai, Izumo and Kotetsu, the Temari, and Kankuro and the Kazekage for crying out loud! Ayame and her father Teuchi were there, as well as half of the hospital personel, Baki and Pakkun.

The latter taking the scroll back over to Kakashi.

"I told you, you better know what you're doing, boss," the pug muttered, before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

"…yeah…" Kakashi agreed, belately.

"What is this all about, Kashi?" Sakura asked him as people continued to stare at them.

"Well," Kakashi started, biting down on his thumb, and unravelling the scroll on the ground. Then he put his bleeding thumb on the scroll. "I've discovered what is in this scroll, and told Tsunade to meet us here, because of it."

A puff of smoke appeared, and the symbols on the scrolls vanished, but nothing else happened.

"You know, there are three things the Flower Country is famous for. Two you already know: The flowers and the Honeymoon Resort."

"…" Sakura still didn't understand.

"The third is… jewellery," Kakashi said as he held up something to her from his position on the ground.

It was a beautiful golden ring with a small pink diamond on it.

Sakura gasped.

"Kashi," she gasped at the implications.

"Sakura," the Copy Nin said, serious. "Would you- in about two years- do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Sakura's eyes welled up with tears she let fall freely over her cheeks. Her smile betrayed the happiness of those tiny droplets and the answer to Kakashi's proposal. She fell down onto her knees, barely regarding the wonderful ring, and instead wrapping her arms around the silver-haired jounin who owned her heart and soul. His strong arm quickly closed around her in a tight embrace, and his nose was burried into her hair. Cheers could be heard from her friends, and Ino even grabbed a very startled Sai for a quick dance. When Naruto was about to do the same with Sasuke, said Uchiha threatened to castrate him. Gai cried even more than Sakura, Kiba pumped a fist into the air, and Neji wanted to clap, but didn't make it as he was tackled by a happy Hinata and fell to the ground with her. Temari slapped Shikamaru on the back in joy, who muttered his famous 'troublesome' in return, only to be glared at by his girlfriend's brothers. Chouji stopped eating long anouth to congratulate them, Yamato and Jiraya exchanged smiling glances, before watching Tsunade smirk at the couple.

'Engagement party it is, then,' Jiraya decided silently. 'I better start writing on it. I even have a title already. It will be called Icha Icha True Love, yeah. Hm, maybe I should put a 'Taboo' behind that, but wouldn't that sound strange? Hm…'



"You not putting that ring on my finger?" Sakura teased.

Kakashi smiled.

"Of course I will," he said, taking her hand carefully and slipping the perfect little piece of art onto her finger. It fit as if it was made for Sakura, and, seeing as it was planned by Tsunade, it probably was. "But, Sakura?"


"You not kissing me on it?" He smirked.

Sakura smirked back.

And caught his masked lips with her own for the sweetest kiss the people of Konoha have ever even heard of.


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