The afternoon in Shin Makoku has always been the most refreshing time ever. Well.. At least for several people in the Blood-Pledge Castle, watching the two nobles having fights was kind of.. Exciting..

"I have no time for it!"

"You're lying! It's not very gentle to lie to a lady, Gwendal.."

"I told you Anissina.." Gwendal rubbed her forehead, irritated. Anissina asked him for the millionth times to test her irrational inventions. Usually he asked him to test the machines with maryoku power, but now she changed her objects of experiments. The red haired inventor decided to make some chemical experiments and asked him to be her subject.

"Heika went for earth, you have spare time now" she insisted. A bottle of green fluorescent liquid was shaking slightly on her palm as she gripped it. Gwendal frowned at this

"I have to finish those papers" he shrugged and turned away, ignoring the giggling maids not far from there. Anissina grabbed his wrist and forced him to turn his face at her. Both pairs of striking blue eyes met and Gwendal already felt the intimidating look from her

"Just for 2 minutes, Gwendal!" Somehow he couldn't believe it that easily. Not after what had this woman done to most of his time and his life. Gwendal had to do the Maou's works now in additions of his own. Yuuri went for earth to meet his family and had what-he-called final exam with the Sage. He'd be back in 3 weeks in Shin Makoku time. It has been 20 days since he left. And those 20 days every afternoon Anissina came to his room and tortured him. He sighed

"I'm not going to help you now with whatever you called invention, Anissina" he was run out of patience. The woman groaned impatiently and waved the tiny bottle.

"You don't even let me explain!" she protested. Even though he wasn't sure about what is that thing, he knew it better not to deal with it. But still, her determination was irresistible. Gwendal sighed in defeat

"Fine, tell me what it is. I'll think about it.." though he definitely would refuse it. Anissina gave him her radiant smile and started to speak in a determined voice.

"This is 'Bring-Me-Back-My-Memories-Kun'!" she said proudly and loudly. Some maids and guards stopped to watch them. They were simply trying to witness the incident today. Gwendal gave them a slight glare and they quickly ran away

"Those people.." He grunted. Anissina chuckled but she quickly cleared her throat

"And as you see, I use some chemical compounds to create this magnificent water. Just a drop of it could refresh your mind and make you able to think clearly. If it used in the right way, you can bring back your memories in instant" she explained and stopped to breathe for a while "I was planning to give this to Heika but it took days to extract that toxic compounds" she sighed. Gwendal frowned again


"I believe it could help his study and test" she sighed. Gwendal felt sorry for the Maou. She changed her disappointed and regretful expression in instant which made him frowned again

"What is it?" He asked as he looked at her sparkling eyes.

"I want you to test this before Heika. I think he'll need it some other times" Gwendal stepped backwards as she stepped closer. "You see, you have so many wrinkles in your face. I believe this could refresh your mind and make your day happier" she told him. Gwendal's expression showed his disagreement

"No.. I'm fine really.." he said. Anissisa shrugged impatiently

"No, you're not!" she insisted. "This potion also can bring you happy memories like it was happened yesterday. Please try it!" Gwendal groaned at her stubbornness

'Or simply adding itself to my bad unforgettable events'

"I told you I will never drink that thing." he stated firmly. Anissina shook her head

"Who told you to drink this? I just want you to use a drop of this on your forehead" she held the bottle up in front of Gwendal's face. The grey haired man jerked and stepped back

"Anissina.." he didn't know what to say. This lady seemed to refuse any kind of objections. Gwendal glanced at the people on the training ground. They were in the second story. He leaned on the pillar, looking down to the training troops

Wolfram's troop..

As usual, in the afternoon until evening before dinner time, Wolfram trained his troops on the training ground. He did a very good job as a trainer though the trainee seemed to be a little worked out. Gwendal sometimes amazed at their improvement. As a soldier, he also wished to get out and dealt with these kinds of things than finishing the reckless Maou's job. And as for extra misery, Lady Von Karbelnikoff just wouldn't leave him alone.

'Everything changed..' he thought and sighed. Instead of his loud tantrums, he could hear his brother's commands from here. Sometimes he envied the blonde's freedom. He was not really close to that young prince. This matter of kingdoms and politics really kept him away from his life as a normal man should be. He knew he shouldn't have that kind of thought for reasons. It was because of his status and obligations as a soldier, leader and a noble.

And he was too occupied to realize the lady was almost succeeding her attempt..

"Just a little bit more.." Anissina mumbled as she raised her finger to the occupied man's forehead. Gwendal was aware of this and took a quick action

"What in Shin Makoku do you think you're doing?!" He caught her arm and pulled her aside. She gasped. Her eyes widened in shock. It obviously wasn't because of Gwendal's usual movement of defense..

The bottle fell..

"No!" she screamed for her precious inventions. Gwendal was shocked too. And it was because the poison contained crystal aimed for..

"Wolfram!" he shouted as he followed the opened crystal bottle flied directly to his brother's head, pouring the unknown contents. It was inches away from above Wolfram when he looked up to turn to his brother's voice

"Aniue, what-" he stopped when the splashy water met his face. He coughed hard

"Lord Von Bielefeld!" his soldiers rushed to help him. Gwendal was constantly frozen up there. Wolfram was choked and coughing. Anissina gasped

"Did he just swallow it??!!" Her voice was raised more like in excitement than panic. Gwendal regained his sense and made his was downstairs in an incredible speed. Actually he would never bother if it was a bucket of water rained his brother from above. But Anissina's word


"Wolfram! Are you alright?!" He asked his coughing brother. Wolfram looked more at ease now

"Aniue.." He was shocked a little when he saw his brother came for him just because some watery things hit his face 30 seconds ago. He blushed and nodded "I was just-" his word stopped as he felt his vision blurred. His mind felt like wandering..

"Lord Von Bielefeld?!"

"Wolfram!" The blond fell right after he was trying to stand. Gwendal caught him before he hit the ground. He glanced at the lady who was witnessing from above

"Take him to the infirmary! I'll see you there!" She shouted and turned her body. Gwendal lifted his brother, a little surprised from the very light weight. He turned to the soldiers

"Dismiss now and clean everything!" More like saying 'stay away from here'. The soldiers answered together and started moving along with the guards and maids who watched the rare incident from afar. Gwendal made his way as fast as he could and out from their sight.

"Move out!" One blue uniformed soldier ordered. He was Wolfram's private bodyguard. The soldier bent down when he saw a shiny crystal bottle on the ground. He saw a bubbled liquid that boiled like water before it evaporated to the air in instant. He gulped

"What the hell is that?"

Giesela was in the Von Christ's territory with her father right now. They would be back by tomorrow morning. Gunter simply would never miss the Maou's return. Conrad was somewhere in the castle now, nobody knew how to find him. Gwendal didn't know what to do, so he just laid his unconscious brother on the infirmary bed and talked with Anissina outside the room.

"Calm down, Gwendal! Everything will be alright!" She told him and sighed herself. "I've checked his temperature. It's a little bit warm but it's fine. He'll be alright when he wakes up" Gwendal frowned again.

"That if he ever wakes up. You said it was dangerous" The grey haired man stated to her. Anissina glared at him, irritated

"I didn't!" she raised her voice

"You said yourself. It contained toxic substances" Gwendal replied. She shrugged

"I extract it carefully. I think.. It's safe.." She said with lesser confidence. Gwendal groaned again at her uncertain statement, absolutely displeased. It was quite a silence for a while before they heard such a very strange voice..

A very rare one..

"What is that?" He asked. Anissina pointed at the door

"It's from the infirmary.." she answered and stepped to the door, curious. Gwendal moved ahead of her and opened the door. He stopped, seemed like stunned at something. Anissina impatiently pulled him from the door way and entered herself

"Wolfram?" Anissina called as she looked at the bed where Wolfram was laid before. She gasped

"Oh Shinou.."

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