'Where.. am I….?'

The chirping birds in the early morning woke the blond prince up. His head was spinning and his body seemed strange. He felt.. Cold.. and heavy?


"What the-?!" He found an arm holding his body tight. He pushed the arm off his neck and quickly got up, causing the blanket slid from his unclothed body. He gasped as he examined his own completely bare skin and found shredded pieces of small cloth, "Where's my uniform?!" He shouted in panic. His companion moved slightly

"Wolfram.. You're so noisy…" he groaned half consciously. Wolfram quickly remembered the arm that almost choked him. He turned to the mumbling voice.

It was his fiancé..

"Yuuri?!" He raised his voice. The Maou pulled the blanket, covering his face

"Go to sleep again, Wolf-" He pushed the blanket in a second and got up, looking directly at the blond prince "WOLFRAM??!!" his voice was even louder. Wolfram blinked at the reaction who should be his actually

"Wimp! Why are you shouting like that?!" he shook his head immediately "Never mind about that" he looked directly to the dark eyes "What is happening? I woke up and-" Yuuri seemed never paid any attention to his words. His was simply sparkling as he examined his fiancé. Wolfram blushed and covered his bare skin immediately, obviously getting the wrong idea. "Yuuri.. Stop-" but the Maou only threw himself at him

"Wolfram!! I miss you so much!!!!" he shouted in joy as he hugged the shocked prince. Wolfram was hesitating a bit even though he somewhat like the touch..


The door banged open loudly

"HEIKA!!!!!" A man came in and quickly looked around in dramatically panic. He spotted the Maou quickly on the royal bed "Are you alright?! I heard you scream! I… I… Oh.." He gaped as he felt his heart squeezed by the scene

He screamed..

"G-Gunter?" Yuuri called the panicking advisor carefully. His hand still attached around the blonde's neck and they were getting tighter when he heard the lavender haired man's scream. Gunter gasped as he saw it again and glared at Wolfram, hands on his nose, pressing the blood.

'H-Heika and Wolfram…'

"You were absent for so long!! Then you return so sudden and seduced Heika in that..that.." He ran out of word, instead his fingers wildly pointed at Wolfram. The prince finally realized what he meant by that. He almost forgot about his exposed state when the Maou hugged him and so was his fiancé also

They screamed together also..

"I forgot! Where's my uniform?!" He grabbed the blanket in panic. "Who dared to steal my cloth?" He raised his voice threateningly but his panicking state as he tried to cover most of his body was somewhat adorable. The Maou wasn't very helping if he kept on blushing. He shook his head awkwardly

'How do I explain it to him?'

"Nobody stole it Wolfram.." A gentle voice came from the wide opened door. Two men stepped in. "Gunter.. You better do something. You'll run out of blood" Gunter responded with a slight nod and stormed out from the room. Gwendal and Conrad stepped closer to the bed. Wolfram felt a very strong atmosphere surrounded him. But their words was more confusing

"Wolfram.. I'm glad you're alright" The blond was somewhat frozen when he saw his brothers' surprisingly softened expression, especially Gwendal's. Conrad smiled at him and the prince surprisingly smiled back in reflex which he never wanted to know why.

'Did he remember anything?'

"It was Shori who changed your cloth last night" He told him. Wolfram's eyes widened

"Shori?! What is he doing here?!" He shook his head again "No, why did he change my cloth?!!" he raised his voice. Gwendal rubbed his forehead and sighed

'He really is clueless..'

"You explain it.." He told Conrad. The brown haired man nodded and turned to his younger brother

"I'll call the maid to bring your cloth. We'll be waiting in Gwendal's office" he said. Wolfram only nodded and wrapped the whole blanket around him. Yuuri tried to speak to his fiancé but Conrad called him first "Heika.. You need to get ready also.." He told the Maou. Yuuri didn't know what Conrad meant actually

"Get ready?" He repeated. Conrad chuckled suddenly

"You said there's something you need to do when Wolfram returns" he reminded the young Maou. Yuuri needed few seconds to think before he finally realized and blushed. Wolfram looked at his fiancé confusedly

"Wimp, what happen to you? Are you sick?" He asked. Yuuri shook his head and leapt down from the bed, storming to the door

"I'll be waiting!" He shouted from afar. Wolfram blinked at that. Conrad chuckled again

"Why you keep laughing like that? You seem very happy" he said. Conrad met his emerald eyes and nodded

"I don't know you care about me that much Wolfram.." he said, teasing him a little. Wolfram glared at him

"Dream on" he snapped and leapt down from the bed, full wrapped in blanket. Conrad smiled

"Maybe I am happy. I'm glad you return safely" he told his brother with a radiant smile and turned away, leaving the blond prince puzzled

'Safe? Return? What was happening to me actually?'

'This is not true..'

"I can't believe this.." Wolfram murmured as he walked between his brothers. Conrad and Gwendal preferred not to answer. They already spent 2 hours telling the whole story to him. They found it difficult because Wolfram didn't cooperate as smoothly as they want, especially when he tried to comprehend the fact that Shori was his legitimate father. They sighed together but they found it was amusing to tease him

"You won't believe what you do when you're eating Wolf-" The blond prince glared at Conrad immediately, silencing him

"Alright! I get it! Will you ever shut up and forget those things?!" He shouted and quickened his pace, leaving them behind. Forget those things? All of them knew, even Wolfram knew, that those were really unforgettable events in their life time. Conrad smiled when he saw Wolfram's back as the blonde left them, irritated.

"Wolfram!" He raised his voice as he called him. Wolfram looked back, his face was still reflected his displeased. Conrad stopped right in front of him and pulled something from his sleeve. He handed it to Wolfram

"What is this?" the blond ask as he received it. He examined at the thing carefully. It was a picture of Shori, Conrad and him in the baby state. The photo was nicely taken by Shibuya Miko. Conrad and looked really happy while holding him. His face flushed suddenly. Conrad smiled in amusement, looked like he really intended to make the blond upset with the photo. Gwendal glanced as his brown haired brother and sighed

'He'll definitely burn it'

"Thank you.." Wolfram finally said. Both older men were stunned at this. The usual Wolfram would throw wraths at Conrad, not saying 'thank you'!

"What?!" His brown haired brother gaped in quite a shock. The blond prince shook his head and looked at them, smiling

"Thank you for taking care of me.." He said with a slight of red on his angelic face. He quickly turned away, leaving them puzzled in turn.

"What is happening to him?" Gwendal finally opened his mouth, asking his smiling younger half-brother about the very unbelievable change on the spoiled bratty prince. Conrad sighed

"Probably something in his childhood.."

Wolfram walked alone again along the rose garden, playing with the chain on his hand. He examined the star shaped metal curiously. He found it in the morning on his neck. He missed it in the sudden commotion with Yuuri and Gunter this morning. He would ask Yuuri later..

"Where's Ran, Shori-sama?" Wolfram stopped and quickly hid his slim figure behind the corridor pillar, watching the known men talking. It was Shori and Gunter..

'Ran is my name, if I'm not mistaken..'

"Ran.." Shori repeated the name again. Wolfram felt something moving lively on his body as he heard his temporary father spoke his temporary name. Shori was smiled at Gunter's question. The hiding prince could see how content Shori was. Gunter nodded

"You don't bring him with you?" The lavender haired man asked again. Shori smiled

"No.." He shook his head and looked at the garden next to them. "He already return to his real family.." he answered. Wolfram could see the slight of disappointment in Shori's happy smile. Gunter shook his head sympathetically

"It must have been a very great loss to you, Shori-sama.. You really are a man with a pure heart.." Gunter sighed. Shori shook his head

"It might be a great loss to me. But I really care about him, and I wish for him happiness wherever he is.." He told Gunter who now nearly in dramatic tears. Wolfram was stunned. He was really taken aback at Shori's words about him


"Wolfram?" He was trying to turn away from the place silently before someone called him. It was his brothers again, finally caught up with him.

"It's not polite to eavesdrop on other's conversation" Conrad said. Wolfram was blushing slightly. Conrad chuckled at this "I know he's your father, but-"

"He's not!!!" Wolfram raised his voice, protesting. He quickly closed his mouth as he saw Shori and Gunter's eyes were fixed at him. They smiled and came closer

"Wolfram.." Shori greeted him after he greeted the prince brother's first. Wolfram looked at Shori awkwardly. The atmosphere changed into a weird one

"Shori.." he addressed him by his name and threw his face aside. Conrad smiled knowingly and broke the silence immediately

"Heika is waiting for us in the dining hall, let us go there together.." he said and turned away with his older brother. Gwendal commented on nothing really. Wolfram turned to leave also

"Wait!" He said as he followed his brothers. But as he run after them, he threw a short glance at Shori and let their eyes locked for a second.

They smiled to each other..

"Lord Wolfram!!" The party stopped as they heard someone calling one of them. They were walking passed the training ground when someone called Wolfram. The prince turned at the voice. It was his soldiers..

"Lord Wolfram! You finally get back from your mission!"

"We're so happy to see you again!"


"Um.. That's.." Wolfram was run out of his words. He was very happy to see his soldiers care a great deal to him. He usually would punish everyone who dared to speak so freely to him like that, but today..

"Go back to your duties now" Gwendal finally spoke to silenced them. They quickly nodded "As for information, Maou Heika will make an announcement in the dining hall. You can start by ensure the hall's safety" Wolfram looked at his brother confusedly.

'Ensuring safety? They'll certainly try to overheard the announcement whatever it is'

Everyone already took their place in the seats, including extra seats for Shori and Gunter. The hall door was closed, restricted from visitors but somehow some of them knew that there were so many ears attached to the wooden thing right now to overhear. Wolfram's return and Maou's announcement created so many headlines today.

'This is it..'

Yuuri stood up

"I'm here to make an announcement regarding my engagement to Wolfram Von Bielefeld" Yuuri started. Wolfram felt the air was choking him right now. What kind of announcement? But he didn't dare to ask. Yuuri continued

"As you all know, that this engagement was merely a misunderstanding accident" He paused for a while. Wolfram pretended not to feel anything at the painful words. "Therefore, I'm going to renounce our engagement.." he stopped as he looked at the blond. Wolfram felt his heart sank but he still pretend he didn't affect by it. Yuuri lured his hand to Wolfram. The blond was shocked but he took the hand and stood up

Yuuri slapped his left cheek

"Now I'm officially proposing to you.." he said softly. Now Wolfram was really taken aback, unsure what to say

"B-but.." He gaped as he looked around at the rest. Conrad smiled contently along with Shori. Even Gwendal was smiling also. Wolfram chose not to look at Gunter's expression. The Maou cleared his throat

"So?" he asked. So what? He already proposed. Wolfram sighed

"I willingly accept.." he answered and smiled. Yuuri pulled him and gave him a quick kiss, he felt uncomfortable doing something alike in front of the others but.. He can handle it somehow..

"Congratulations Heika, Wolfram.."

"Thank you everyone.."

And so the announcement ended successfully with smiles..

Very far from there…

"I want to see my baby, Anissina.." The attractive queen sighed as she leaned on the deck, enjoying wind blows and the view of waves at the sea. The red haired inventor smiled and rubbed her shoulder understandingly

"I know, but it's too late. He should have turned to normal right now" she told her "As for a test, I ask Gwendal to use that first, but he made my work easier actually. Thank you for your anti-aging mixture. It worked pretty well with my chemical ones" she said contently. But Anissina was still curious why Cherri asked her to make such thing. "What is your true intention Cherri-sama, if I may ask.." Cherri nodded

"I just want to show my sons something they apparently missed in their life.." she answered the question with a satisfied smile on her beautiful face. Anissina leaned closer, still puzzled

"Which is?"

"You'll know eventually" she replied. She definitely would never tell if that so. The red haired woman sighed in defeat

"Cherri-sama, are you sure you wouldn't want to go back to the castle? I'm a little bit worried.." Anissina asked the former queen again. But the stunning blond lady only shook his head

"Let them be.. I'm sure they're alright and enjoying themselves right now" She stated and waved her hand to Anissina as she walked away.

"Wait! Cherri-sama!" She quickly rushed after the blond appealing queen. "How can you be so sure?" she asked. The emerald eyed lady looked at her and winked contently

"Mother instinct.."

:::THE END:::
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