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Soulless Shell Chapter 7

The blade that drinks.

Leif ran distractedly to the tower his bloody robe flopped about every where. He ran down the many long corridors he ran into the council room he saw Reynolds looking at him stupidly.

Oh hi Leif he exclaimed I was just here to… PLASTIC BAG oh goody goody. .


Oh sorry he explained a.d.h.d heh.

Gahhh whatever where is rajh!!??

Right here my lord as I can see you have run into Arnold is he dead.

Yea he is rajh no thanks to you he joked.

Well what did he do to set you off?

He took the innocence of ANOTHER girl rajh you know how people like him set me off I left him in pieces and left a lot of blood for the city cleaners to pick up after heh.

So what were you doing tonight eh he inquired.

Uhhhh he exclaimed embarrassed I had to go on a date with maoimi she wouldn't leave me alone you see.

I totally understand Leif now we have other things to talk about like how we are going to plan your wedding he joked with a smirk.

Oh shut up rajh now I have to return to my home now to sleep you are all dismissed oh and one more thing keep an eye on maiomi she might be in danger sooner or later.

Why do you say that re replied?

She is a seventeen-year-old girl she is bound to be assaulted and raped sooner or later eh.

Hmmm you're quite right okay ill do my best sire.

Good that is what I always expect from you rajh and always receive.

Okay im getting the hell outta here im tired as all hell bye as Leif departed.

As Leif walked up to is home Arnold's old guards attacked him as Leif drew his blades he felt that same twist of anger knotting deep within his stomach his eyes grew black he lifted his paw and a huge red beam blazed from it disintegrating the first guard!!

Then the next guard rushed at him he took several of the knives from his sash and threw them at the rats head they all scored direct hits into his head then he teleported to the last one and yawned as he stabbed him through the head gahh not strong enough as he nonchantly walked into his house.

As he walked into the house all was quiet so he went into his room and fell asleep.

Leif was deep in the realms of sleep when an old memory invaded its way into his mind when his family was attacked.

He was crouched next to his father as he was bleeding on the floor he whispered something in his ear.

Leif when you are older return here and put your paw to that brick a secret passage will open leading you to a dungeon make your way through the dungeon and find a blade take it and you will receive instructions from there…….

Leif was catapulted from sleep he continued to think of this weapon that his father was leading him to he wondered what it would look like he had to talk to the council members and aveena to try to get out of the city for a few days to grab his fathers blade he ran down stairs to see aveena sitting at the table dozing.

Aveena he shook her.

Oh hi Leif how was your….

Never mind that right now mother I need to ask if you would be all right with me leaving the city for a little while.

Hmm its okay with me you will have to talk to the council about leaving though they still may need you here.

Okay I will mom good night he said.

He went into his room and fell into a dreamless sleep.

When he woke up he put on a long blue robe with white lines through it and white runes allover it he said goodbye to Aveena and ran to the tower to ask if the council needed him here.

As he ran up to the tower he was stopped by maoimi.

Hi she said moving in and kissing him on the cheek what ya doin today she asked?

Hopefully getting out of the village for a few days to do some private work I need to ask the council if they can cope without me for a few days if they say yes ill come by and say good bye before I leave.

You better she replied as she kissed him on the lips again and flounced off.

Gahh will she ever leave me alone he commented in his mind he ran down the corridors of the tower till he came to the council room he opened it and walked in the councilors were obviously surprised that he was here.

Is there something you need my lord rajh asked?

Yes there is I have come to ask if you can cope with the village for a few days?

Yes of course my lord what do you intend on doing he asked?

I intend to find my fathers blade he said with a serious look.

Really your fathers Leif thrnos spoke up then karas better give you the directions to your old village.

Karas walked in.

Young master come with me and I will tell you where to go okay.

Alright karas lets go.

They went into a vacant room and closed the door okay young master I will tell you the way first you must exit the city from the south gate take the path to the west and you will see a cave enter it and find your way out I haven't been in the cave in about 14 years so I don't remember the right path when you exit the cave take an old and dusty path and continue south till you reach the gates of quelathos from there you can find your families home but now I will tell you the reason of why I have locked this door young master.

Hmm and what reason would that be.

Leif you are one of my most trusted friends so I must tell you this a couple of the council members thrnos among them are going to try to make you do their dirty work for them so watch what you and they are doing now go and be careful.

Before he walked out he yelled his thanks as he ran out of the tower and up to maoimis house and knocked on the door oh hi Leif are you going?

Yes I am Leif replied I am going I have also told a good friend to keep an eye on you so you don't get hurt then she ran up to him and hugged him.

Thank you she told him and make sure you be careful Kay.

I will be and with that he ran out of the city and onto the road hmm there is the path he noticed the old unused dirt road he followed it then turned slightly west and then he saw the cave he walked into the intense darkness to find he remembered the way out some how he followed the cave tunnels going left right left then he came upon light again.

He saw the very old dirt road and followed it south until he came upon a very old gate that was slightly open he pushed it open to find it completely deserted he walked around in his old village for a while remembering the places where he used to play with his friends. He saw many eyes watching him as he walked into the old village then he noticed an old pair of eyes he had not seen since he was a child he remembered his name and called it out ca cae Caleb.

At the mention of his name the young mouse picked up the box that was on him.

Leif looked at him those were the same eyes fur every thing about him he knew it was his best friend

Caleb it's me Leif.

Leif how we all saw you get dragged off by rats after your parents were murdered.

Ill tells you the story later Caleb but right now I need you to show me where I used to live.

Okay Leif lets go.

Leif followed Caleb for a few minutes when he came upon his old home it was rundown old and disused.

I have to find something common Caleb he beckoned him foreword lets go in as Leif walked into his old home he saw many things that made him want to cry he saw the place where he used to eat with his family and where his father used to tell him stories.

Lets go Leif sniffled tears in his eyes he walked up to a wall and laid his paw on it to support him self suddenly he felt the brick his paw was on move slightly.

Then the wall moved in as well to reveal a staircase that went down wards lets go he beckoned to Caleb when they got down they were in a large maze well this may present a problem they went into the entrance and they walked into the many passage ways then they were suddenly attacked by unknown creatures as they ran they went left right left then they found them selves at a door with writing on it it was in rat speech he read it out loud to his mouse friend

Into the halls into this place the secrets of time the secrets of space the lace forward where only one goes the child of blood the blood omen knows.

Humph it says only I can enter friend you will have to wait here.

Okay Leif.

He pressed his paw on the door and it opened then as it entered it slammed shut which did not scare Leif at all.

Then he looked at the wall and saw the most beautiful and deadly blade Leif had ever seen the handle was black to the base at the base of the handle skull with bat wings coming from the sides o the skull the skull had fangs which bit down on the blade the blade itself was a marvel the blade was wavy on both sides and the tip was sharper then an icicle from hell.

As he walked up to where the blade hung he saw a piece of paper on the floor it was addressed to him!

And it said dear Leif here is the blade if you are reading this right now I am probably dead I want you to know that this blade is nothing that human kind has never seen it is a blood drinker when you pick it up it will demand an offering from you so do it swiftly and it will be yours your father arleitos.

He walked up to the blade and took it down from its holders on the ceiling suddenly a voice entered his mind.


Suddenly and quickly he stabbed the blade through his arm without flinching.

AHHH the blade sighed it has been a long while since I tasted blood this good as Leif watched the blood on the blade suddenly sink into the blade ahh and so full of hatred too I think I will like being with you friend now if you don't mind stab me into that wall.

Leif did as he was told and the wall crumbled to reveal a shield with the same skull design as the blade but this shield had a claw on the end of it pick it up Leif put it on it belongs to you the sword said dramatically and don't worry he laughed it wont want blood heh.

As he put it on he felt incredible power surge through him let's go Leif replied.

Yes master the shield replied in his mind.

As Leif walked out of the room he saw Leif with a deadly sword and shield and said hey lets go back up shall we.