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Chapter 1

It had been two months and the life had changed for the Blake Holsey High kids. Corrine and Marshall were still in Europe, traveling together and things were heating up between them. Vaughn was living with his parents and was making money working with his dad on a secret project. Lucas was working in Z's old office in the school, which was planned to be torn down, he was still trying to get Josie's clone out of the alternate universe. Finally, Josie was living with her mother while she was in summer school. Since she missed whole year of school and was going to be able to make it up in one summer, sweet! And, a surprise twist… the janitor, who wanted a ride to the train station, stayed behind with Josie, when he and Josie's mother clicked. Kelly Trent offered the janitor (who's name is Nathaniel Eric) a place to live and he took. Now, the janitor lived with Josie and was getting closer to her mother

"Mom, I'm home!" Josie yelled, throwing her bookbag on the couch next to the couch.

She skipped over to the counter in the kitchen and saw a bowl full of Hershey Chocolates Kisses she stuck her hand and the bowl and ate one milk chocolate kiss. She reached to get another chocolate. "You don't wanna spoil your appetite."

Josie turned around and saw the janitor, whom she had been so suspicious of for years. "Hey Nate." Josie said hopping on top of the counter and grabbed another kiss.

"How was summer school?" Nathaniel asked.

"Fine, those kids are so normal though. It kinda makes me miss the weird dangerous stuff that happened at Black Hole High or being stuck in an alternate universe for a year!" Josie said.

"Well, I'm happy that all that is over. Even if I had sacrifice going back to my own time, at least I finally have a reason to stay that isn't really supernaturally related." Nathaniel said.

Josie grinned as she kicked her legs back and forth; she liked seeing Nathaniel how he looked in when he acted like he was a kid in puppy love. "Where's my mom?"

"Out, she didn't say where. She kinda stormed out after the phone call."

"Phone call?"

"Yah, I should have told you before…Vaughn Pearson left you a message." Nathaniel said.



Marshall Wheeler sat back in a comfortable café in London. The booth across from him was empty: he looked at his watch. Where is she? Suddenly he saw a beautiful African American girl walked through the doors, "Sorry, I'm late." Corrine Baxter smiled as she sat in the booth across from Marshall.

"You're an hour late!" Marshall said.

"I'm sorry, I had something to do." Corrine said.

"You weren't with those freaky girls were you?' Marshall asked

"They're my friends and they're not freaky. Just because they're not Americans you think they're strange." Corrine said.

"After the things I witnessed Blake Holsey, I know what's strange and I know what's just freaky and weird."

"I'm sorry, Marshall." Corrine said she slowly got up from her booth and went in his. "What can I do to make it up to you?" She said kissing him on the neck.

Marshall pushed Corrine off of him and got out the booth and headed out of the café, "You can remember that you have a boyfriend not, girlfriends."


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