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Chapter 9

"We need to go." Marshall said, looking out of the window.

"Where?" Z asked.

"Blake Holsey. I'm not too convinced about this wormhole. I need to check it out myself." Marshall said.

"Fine, maybe I'll find out what attacked me." Professor Z said.

"So how are you doing?" Marshall asked.

"I'm doing okay. I was lucky though. Who knows what could have happened." Z said. Marshall walked across the room and grabbed his coat as he put it on he reached into his pocket.

"My phone! Corrine! I have to call her!" Marshall said.

"Why? I mean she tried to kill you. Plus, she might be under the influence of the wormhole." Z said.

"She wasn't looking real good last time I saw her. I just want to see if she is okay." Marshall said. "I guess I left my phone back at the apartment."

"Well, lets go to the school. Maybe we'll find some answers." Z said.

"Yeah maybe. Lets go." Marshall said heading towards the door.

Professor Z walked to his fire place and bent over and grabbed his shotgun. "Gotcha." He said following Marshall.


Josie rang the doorbell of Pearson Mansion. She looked around awkwardly waiting for someone to come to the door. Suddenly the door opened, revealing Vaughn. "Thank God it wasn't your mother!" Josie said.

"Excuse me?" Vaughn asked.

"Nothing, we need to talk." Josie asked.

"About?" Vaughn said with a stern look on his face.

"I don't know you tell me. You called me two days ago remember? After everything that happened I guess I forgot." Josie said.

"Right…." Vaughn said.

"Can I come in?" Josie asked.

"Maybe this isn't a good idea. I mean I did have something to show you. But my father wanted to be involved and I'm not sure he's fond of you anymore." Vaughn said.

"Why?" Josie asked.

"He thinks you might had had something to do with the attack."

"Damn…just what I need…. to lose his trust."

"Come in." Vaughn said.

Josie looked at Vaughn for a minute and then preceded in. "So you've done some redecorating?" Josie asked looking around the main room of the house it was painted a lime green and there were bookshelves and flower vases.

"Well, yeah. My father wasn't really a "life" person. But you know having a woman in the house is different. She's changed him a lot and this house…"

"So… this secret?" Josie asked.

"Its down in the…" Vaughn said.

"The lab?" Josie asked. "You guys opened up the lab?"

"Yeah. My father's a better person now and well he's working on a new project or more of an old one. I'm not sure." Vaughn walked Josie to the elevator in another room.

As Vaughn put hand on the wall near it, the elevator suddenly opened. "Hand print recognition." Vaughn said.

Josie followed him into the elevator and the doors closed behind her. "Going down." He said.

"Vaughn…when we had the fight earlier you had said… 'like mother, like daughter'. What was that suppose to mean?" Josie asked.

Vaughn looked over to his friend. "Your mother came over here a few days ago. She wasn't in the best mood.'


"I guess she still disapproves of my father. And me. I'm sorry for saying that. You're nothing like your mother."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment? What's wrong with my mom?"

"Nothing…lets just not fight." Vaughn said. Suddenly a "ding" sound noised and the doors of the elevator opened. "Welcome to Pearadyne 2." He said.

Josie's eyes widened as she saw dozens of people in lab coats walking around. She saw men and women working in different areas of the place. The lab had been turned 10 times bigger than since she last saw it in ruins. "You've recreated Pearadyne… under your house?" Josie asked.

"Yeah… it only took a month." Vaughn said as he stepped out of the elevator he turned and realized Josie was not moving.

He put out his hand, "Trust me."

Josie stared at Vaughn and then at his hand. She grabbed it and stepped out with him. Vaughn smiled and then turned to the right and began walked down a hallway. "Vaughn nothing good has ever come from Pearadyne."

"Let the past stay in the past, Josie." Vaughn said as they came to two-glass door. He bent down and stared at the glass. Everything illuminated in green for a second and then it went back to normal. The doors slid open automatically. "Iris recognition." Vaughn grinned.

"Of course." Josie said sarcastically as she followed him. "Oh my god." She gasped.

She had no idea how the room was structured under his house…how it was even possible. The room was very large with very a very high ceiling maybe over 20 feet. A couple of people dressed in white were at work on their computers. Their workstations surrounded a huge machine that seemed to powering some time of gigantic ball of light and energy that illuminated the room. "What the hell is this?"

"This…is my father's project." Vaughn smiled as he looked at the power ball with admiration.

"It kinda resembles-." Josie started.

"The Qi Gong ball?" Vaughn said looking at her.

"Yeah…" Josie said.

"We need a new power source…you know. And I think this…is going to be it." Vaughn said.

"What is it?" Josie asked.

"It's sort of a old project that my father was working on a long time ago." Vaughn said.

"So…he was trying to expand the power of the Qui Gong ball?" Josie asked.

"Kind of. I mean, this has more power than I can even imagine." Vaughn said.

"Your father still keeps secrets from you?" Josie asked

"Not secrets, just technical information that I wouldn't understand." Vaughn said.

"Vaughn, if you work here I think you should know what's going on. I mean, remember that your father tricked you into forfeiting all of your inheritance money to him?" Josie said.

"Josie, please! Let me enjoy this…" Vaughn spoke roughly.

Josie paused for a moment and looked into Vaughn's eyes. He was looking for encouragement and support. "Okay."


"Why did you want me to come back here?" Rebecca asked.

Blake stood behind her, "I didn't want anyone to hear your screams…"

"What?" Rebecca said spinning around.

Blake raised his blade as Rebecca's eyes widened. "Aw!" he screamed as he went for the kill.

Suddenly Blake was thrown to the side of the room and to the floor. Rebecca looked up and saw Lucas. "Lucas!" Rebecca yelled.

"What the hell?" Lucas said.

"He just tried to kill me." Rebecca said.

"I know….why?" he asked.

Suddenly Blake began to stand up and charge towards Lucas. Lucas raised his foot and kicked Blake in the face. Blake fell back to the floor and went unconscious. "I have no idea." Rebecca said.

Lucas looked down at the knife. He bent down and grabbed it. As he lifted it up, Rebecca could practically read his mind. "Stop Lucas!" she said.


"You can't stab him!"

"He was going to kill you."

"Lucas, if he was to die then we could change history." Rebecca said.

Lucas stopped for a second. "Oh yeah."

"We need to get out of here before he wakes up." Rebecca said.

"Yah." Lucas said grabbing her hand as they ran out of the room.


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