Sasuke X Naruto


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"WHAT did you say Obaachan?" The blonde ninja slammed one of his hands on the desk in front of him. This just wasn't fair! He had his head full of ideas of what he would do this summer. For once he had used his brain and written down long lists on how he and Sasuke would spend their summer together. It was simply going to be the best summer ever, IF he had the time…

"You heard me, your team is going to guard this prince over the summer" Tsunade sighted deeply. He never understood did he…that boy…

"That's the problem; you see it's summer right?" Naruto leaned forward over the desk and stared on Tsunade. "WHERE IS MY SUMMER VACATION?!" he yelled loudly.

"S-summer…vacation?" The woman stared chocked on the boy before his words sunk in. "What The hell are you babbling about? You think we have time for that? Do you have any idea of how many missions we have?" She leaned forward, just some inches away from the blondes face.

"And besides, being a ninja is a job, you're not going to school anymore, so grow up! Does it seems like Iget any vacation?" she let out a small sight and leaned back on the chair and fold her hands.

"But Konohamaru has summer vacation! It's unfair!" Naruto complained and crossed his arms over his chest.

"It's enough Naruto" Sakura said and smiled nervously. Even if you wouldn't have any problem with enjoying the summer…She let out a small and disappointed sight. Ignoring the pink haired girl Tsunade had decided to give Naruto another lecture. A small vein had appeared on her forehead during Narutos last words.

"As I said before, does it LOOK like I am getting any vacation? The only things I do is sitting here and disappear behind my paperwork! And if you really think it's so 'unfair' that Konohamaru is free, I will happily send you back to the ninja academy right away!"

"Tsunade-sama, isn't that a little bit too much…?" Shizune nervously looked up from her notebook.

"I-i never said that I wanted to go back! Ehee ehee…" Naruto laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Then what are you waiting for, GO!" Tsunade signalled to them that they should leave.

"B-but…" Naruto stuttered, Slowly Tsunade raised her head and stared on Naruto with a frightening look on her face. In that moment Naruto made a choice. He moved the-perfect-summer-plan forward.

"Did you say something?" The blonde frantically shook his head before he ran out from the office before anyone else in their team.

"GAAAH!! I will Defiantly, DEFINITELY have my summer vacation when we get back!" They almost didn't have the time to close the door before Naruto started to complain.

"Utsuratonkatchi, you just make her angry! Don't you think that's the reason we end up with these missions?" Sasuke put his hands inside his pocket before he walked past Naruto, whom pouted with his lips and mumbled stuffs like 'definitely not…'

"I agree with Sasuke-kun" Sakura smiled widely and ran after the raven boy.

"Better get your things ready, we are leaving early tomorrow" His sensei walked passed him with his nose deep down in another volume of 'Echi, Echi paradise'. Naruto sighted, he could almost see his plans go into smoke in his head.

"So you're leaving again eh?" The owner of Narutos favourite ramen shop looked curiously on the boy in front of him.

"Yeah, another stupid mission." Naruto sighted, before he ate another mouthful of ramen.

"This is serious" the owner whispered to himself. "Our best guest is leaving for almost the entire summer" he let out a long sight.

"Did you say something?" Naruto looked up on the man with noodles hanging from his mouth.

"N-no, I just" he held up hands protective in front of his nervous face.

"Really, because I just thought that I heard…" Naruto hadn't the time to finish his words because somebody lifted on the textile and entered the shop. And as the curious ninja he were he NEEDED to find out who it might be, but he immediately turned away his face and put on a bored tone when he saw who it was.

"Why are you here?" he asked, even if he could feel his heart beat hard in his chest. Somehow they both had silently decided on keeping their relation a secret. Sasuke had his pride as an Uchiha, and Naruto…Well he would probably never last a day if Sasuke's fan girls found out about them. Even if Naruto had never been a good actor, (and he highly doubted that he one day would be) he somehow succeeded with not blushing as soon as he saw the ravens face, or heard his dark voice. Sasuke didn't show any emotions of love whatsoever when people could see them, and Naruto used his stubbornness that he would never lose to Sasuke as power, and it worked out just fine.

"If you're searching after you there is almost only one place to look in" Sasuke told him before he sat down on the seat next to Naruto, placing his head on his hands.

"Are you not going to order something" Naruto tried to show more interest in the bowl with ramen in front of him. But for once in his life that seemed impossible. The only thing that rushed through his mind was the breathings beside him.

"I have already eaten" Sasuke ended the short conversation, and a long time passed were the only movements were done by the owner of the shop.

And in the end, Naruto got enough.

"What the hell are you doing here anyway?" he muttered. From nowhere the raven boy picked up a paper, placed it on the table and pushed it closer to Naruto. He quickly eyed the clumsy written letter.

"You forgot this" Sasuke sighted and continued to his previous actions, which were to stare on the wall.

"A checklist? It's for the mission, right?" Sasuke didn't even bother to answer the dumb question; there were obviously no other option.

"I am old enough to pack on my own, believe me" Naruto muttered and pushed away the note again.

"The hokage doesn't seem to agree with you" Sasuke turned his head and stared on Naruto with his dark eyes. A moment passed when they both just stared at each other, before Naruto blushing broke the eye contact. Damn it! Go away redness, go away!

"Like I would care, I am much stronger than that old granny" Naruto muttered and stared down on his bowl in an attempt to give his flushed face some time to return to its regular colour. Sasuke just continued to stare on the blonde. It took some seconds before Naruto noticed that Sasuke still watched him, and he raised his head quickly and was prepared to yell at the older boy but he was quickly interrupted by fingers that brushed the skin beside the right corner of his lips.

"W-what?" Naruto managed to say when he at the same time tried to ignore the blood that rushed to his head. His body reacted towards the touch in ways he didn't want right now. Shivers rushed up and down his spine and he felt his stomach doing flips. He was often able to not change colour when they were alone, but the fact that anyone could see them made Sasukes slight touch more special and it was hard to hide his feelings when he knew he had to. When they were alone it was one thing. But here?

"You have food there" Sasuke slowly leaned forward and licked the food of Narutos face. "Utsuratonkatchi, you should ask somebody to teach you eat property" Naruto wanted to push him away, or at least his brain told him to. But it was pointless since he couldn't move at all. Slowly Sasuke moved his lips so they meet Narutos. The raven kissed him slowly, and it wasn't much more he could do than kiss Sasuke back. Lips brushed against each other, Narutos hands had their own life as they circled around Sasukes body. He could feel Sasuke nibbling and licking on his lips and he let out a small purr. For a moment or two Naruto completely forgot about their surroundings, the only things that existed were him and Sasuke. Then Sasuke broke away and leaved Naruto gasping for air as he slowly came back to reality. Then Sasuke simply stood up and walked away.

"And don't forget the mission tomorrow" and with those words he was gone. Naruto pushed away his bowl with ramen and crashed onto the table. Why did you do that? I don't get it… Sasuke… Naruto thought slowly.

It was hard enough to not send Sakura or Ino death glares when they glomped Sasuke. But Naruto had started to get used to it by now. It was best for them both anyway that nobody knew about the two of them… So WHY on EARTH had Sasuke kissed him HERE? The blonde turned on his head and stared on the owner of the ramen shop. He had a wide grin spreading across his face, and his daughter had heart-shaped eyes. With a sight Naruto smashed his head in the table. TEME!!

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