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It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the rest of Naruto's night had been a nightmare. First, he couldn't enjoy his ramen as he used to, because the owner of the shop and his daughter wouldn't stop throwing knowingly glares at him. When he finally had swallowed the last of his food and paid for it the owner had winked at him. WINKED for heavens sake! He had pondered if Sasuke might have an idea of which position he had placed him in, but quickly decided that the raven haired boy probably knew more then well that it would take quite some time before he would dare to place his foot inside Ichiraku ramen again, and it wasn't because of the mission that would start tomorrow. The blonde had gritted his teeth as he threw another pair of socks into his bag before he placed a cross on his pack list. This meant war! Or at least he would get his revenge in some way. He wasn't sure how, but he would… You better watch out Sasuke! He thought evilly. I am a pro when it comes to payback!

It was freezing outside, and Naruto found himself fighting his way forward through mountains of snow. The wind threatened to blow him away every second and there was no sign of his team mates, or that cursed prince. 'So much for summer…' he though, 'Damn it!' he sat down, defeated, just in time to feel the ground rumble.

"WHAT NOW?!" he shouted and turned his face in all possibly directions to find a clue to the present condition, but he found none. Suddenly something black and enormous rose from the snow, it continued to grow and Naruto wasn't late to recognize a very familiar hairstyle.

"Sasuke?!" as the words left his mouth a evil laughter reached his eyes, it was ringing and he had to press his hands over his ears to be able to suppress the sound.

Naruto quickly sat up in his bed. He panted faintly and he was sweaty. It had to be one of the weirdest dreams he had ever dreamt. Sasukes hair had laughed at him; on top of a snowy mountain… he rubbed his eyes and sent the clock on the nightstand a glare. Five hours left until they would meet up, and knowing Kakashi it would take around two more before their sensei appeared. With a sight Naruto turned around and wrapped himself up in his cover and let the sleep take over.

"I guess he is still not here…" Sakura sighted heavily and buried her face in her arms. Group 7 had for the moment sat down just outside Konohas main gate on small grassy field were they clearly could see the main gate, which meant that as soon as Kakashi dared to show up they would notice him and the ordinary phrases would be exchanged. Those ordinary phrases often involved telling their teacher off, since he once again had succeed getting late which maybe wasn't such a great surprise after all.

"I swear, next time I wont be here before an hour after the appointed time" Sakura snorted. "I mean, we are getting paid based on how well the mission is completed, if it gets completed that's it. All the time we are spending waiting for Kakashi-sensei won't raise our payment the slightest bit…" Naruto didn't listen at Sakura's complaining; instead he was busy sending Sasuke angry glares as compensation for what the raven haired boy had made him go through yesterday. But sadly enough Sasuke didn't catch his glares, since he just like always was starring into some random direction.

"You should listen when a girl speaks to you!" Naruto felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and he swayed a bit before he turned around and saw a very angry Sakura. He didn't get it, not at all. Sasuke were standing a few metres away, and he was DEFINITELY not listening to whatever Sakura had been babbling about. Why was it always him that people punched with all their might? Why didn't that pink haired idiot hit Sasuke instead… he smiled to himself, that had would've been nice, a nice hard punch right in the…

"NARUTO!" Suddenly the blonde ninja got aware that he once again had spaced out. He grimaced and placed his arms in front of his head as protection and waited for the pain to come, but there were none. He opened his eyes with and surprised look but before he could recognize anything he felt something on his shoulder which made him scream and jump up and down. When he had calmed down a bit he saw Sasuke with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Hehe…" he laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Utsuratonkatchi" the raven haired boy muttered and walked away, when Naruto turned his head to look after the boy he noticed that their sensei had made his appearance, and he had a young man with him. Sakura where currently pointing her fingers at Kakashi-sensei and screamed, and the gray-haired man just laughed and told another of his lies... Naruto threw a glance at Sasukes back. He where just going to tell me that Kakashi-sensei had arrived… Naruto felt a bit guilty, but the guilt soon disappeared when he remembered the embarrassment he had felt yesterday. Don't think this is enough to repay your debt… oh no…

The boy they where going to protect was named Fuma, 15 years old and he had a calm brown haircolour. His hairstyle somehow reassembled Naruto of Shizune, Tsunades assistant. But even his face had a soft expression which made you like him even before you had talked to him. Naruto guessed that you could call the man 'cute'. Especially with the almost too big clothes and the sleeves where a few inches to long and just barely covered his hands. Naruto sighted in awe, those clothes where probably worth quite some money, this boy had to have a lot of money, which weren't very surprising since he was supposed to be some kind of prince.

"…and it's just beside a lake, and I promise you; the water is very warm this time of the year and…" his soft voice was currently speaking of the house they would stay in while they completed their mission and Naruto had to agree that it sounded promising. However he couldn't help himself from stop throwing glances at his boyfriend whom walked a few steps behind him. When Fuma turned his attention to Sakura Naruto slowed down his pace until he was walking side by sidewith Sasuke.

"Ne, Sasuke?" The darkharied boy groaned in response. "Wht do you think about this summer? I mean I wanted to be alone with you and… you know…" the blonde ninja looked down on the ground.

"Utsuratonkatchi, just because we have a mission doesn't mean that the entire summer is ruined, look at it as a luxurious vacation instead"

… and a grin spread across Naruto's face.

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