Azkadelia and Glitch were married in a quiet ceremony attended only by the Queen, Ahamo, Raw, DG and Wyatt. Az looked beautiful in a simple white dress that made her look like she was floating when she walked. Her dark hair was done in curls that framed her face, a stunning smile the only jewelry she wore. Tears glittered in her eyes, but for the first time they weren't from the guilt that had torn her apart silently inside. Gone from her was the bitterness that had threatened to consume her since the eclipse. She looked and felt like a woman her age that hadn't been molded and scarred by the years of her possession.

She finally looked happy.

Glitch was dressed in a dark blue coat, black slacks and black shoes that had been shined to a high gleam. His past service medals as well as the one the queen gave him after the eclipse adorned his chest, but there was one noticeable change in his appearance. The zipper that had been a part of his life for so long was gone. In a decision that had rocked Az and DG alike, Glitch declared he didn't want the other half of his brain restored. He wanted to stay who he was, Glitch, the man that was in love with Azkadelia and didn't have any issues with it. Ambrose would.

Az cried when he told her.

DG hadn't let on, but she was secretly thrilled that he'd decided not to pursue the re-brainment, or whatever it was called. She would have missed Glitch. Selfish, yes. But that didn't matter now.

She'd noticed since her return to the palace after her little adventure, just how different he seemed. He still tripped up and repeated himself. Now, though, he acted more confident, more sure of himself. His grace of movement was unmistakable and his general attitude was astoundingly more un-Glitch like, without being too much so. She liked it, and somehow knew that he and Az had healed each other.

And since he wasn't going to have the surgery, there was no need for the zipper to remain.

They stood out in the garden in front of the giant black pool of water. Az had thought it would be fitting, as it's healing qualities were lauded all over the OZ. Even though they hadn't had to bathe in the water, she felt as if they'd been healed just the same.

The moonlight danced off its surface like diamonds, casting a glow over the couple that almost seemed magical.

They stood around the couple, Ahamo and Cain by Glitch, and DG and the Queen by Az. DG glanced over at Wyatt, her smile widening at how decidedly uncomfortable he looked. She supposed she should have been grateful that she'd even managed to get him into the OZ's equivalent of a suit. As it were, he flat out refused to wear the ascot.

His eyes flicked up to hers and despite his discomfort his clear blue eyes damn near twinkled with delight. 'Delight' and 'Wyatt' were not two words she'd ever thought she'd associate with each other, but that was the only word she could come up with. He winked at her, a smile curling his mouth before he turned his attention back to the ceremony.

By the time the groom kissed the bride and the officiate announced the new couple to the very small group, tears flowed freely down DG's face. She always cried at weddings, tomboy tendencies be damned. Happiness made her misty eyed. She knew her make-up was probably ruined but she didn't care.

"I am so happy for you." The sisters wrapped each other into a tight hug.

"I'm happy for me, too." Az whispered back with a laugh. It had been just two weeks since their little adventure. The 'rebels' were in prison, waiting their day in court. Az had gone to see Reed one more time, for what purpose no one was really sure. It had been a silent exchange. She had gone in, her back straight, her dark eyes blazing and she'd met his eyes unflinchingly. He'd tried to goad her, to make her react with fear and shame as she'd done before.

When Azkadelia left to room, it was said, Reed had stared after her with a touch of newfound awe.

DG had started the long process of trying to learn about her new/old home. She'd flat out refused any more lessons from Tutor. Apparently, his method of teaching didn't work with her. And frankly, she was tired of feeling like a failure in his presence. The Queen hadn't argued once, allowing her to find someone that could help her with her magic. She was still looking, but she was user that person was out there.

She sat in on meetings with her mother, soaking up the things she learned in them like a sponge. She still wasn't sure if she'd ever want to be queen. But she would do her best to help her country, instead of always whining about what was wrong with her life.

And really, there was nothing wrong with her life to whine about anymore anyway.

"Hey there, Princess," Cain had come up behind her and whispered in her ear after Az moved away to talk to their mother. She felt a shiver race over her skin with the heat of his breath and sighed.

"Hey there, Tinman." She took the drink he handed her and leaned back against his chest. "They look so great together."

'Yeah, they do." They stood together quietly for a few moments, just basking in the cool night and watching the moon bounce off the dark water. It had been a crazy couple of weeks, not stressful like the time after the eclipse. But now that everything seemed to have fallen in line for her and Az, there was a lot to do.

It had been decided that she and Glitch would be married first, quickly and quietly. They didn't want anything marring the happy occasion and there were still people out there that could wish Azkadelia harm. Unfortunately, that meant that DG and Wyatt were the ones destined to have the 'Royal Wedding from Hell', as DG had dubbed it.

Cain was still grumbling.

"Can't we just run away and get married?" Wyatt asked her quietly. She loved the way he sounded when he was frustrated. All gruff and what not. Gave her images of gunslingers and hot nights on the range. Feeling dreamy and a little flushed from the fantasy of Wyatt on a horse swooping in to carry her off to ravish her on the trail, she turned and pressed a kiss to the side of his jaw.

"No. It'll be ok. Just think, after the ceremony is over, and we've danced the last dance with the last boring dignitary or his wife, we can sneak off and spend the entire next week in bed." He snorted and shook his head, the heat in his eyes warming her better than any fire could.

"Fine. I guess I can survive the wedding if that's the payoff." He pulled her into the crook of his arm, kissing the top of her head as they watched the newlyweds hold hands and kiss and talk with the queen, Ahamo and Raw. The big furball looked like he was drunk with all the emotion swirling around him. Cain could imagine just how hard it was for the empath, since he wasn't immune either. Wyatt felt the final remnants of tin around his heart fall away with the happiness surrounding him. These were his friends, his relatives, and his love. The only one missing was Jeb, and he was on duty.

Finally, it seemed, life was all right. This was what he couldn't have with Adora. This sense of peace and rightness. He felt a pang of guilt for that, but he didn't linger on it. Adora wouldn't want that. What they'd had was different, special and everything to the man he was then.

He tightened his arm around DG and breathed in the scent of her hair. He smiled and rubbed his cheek against its silkiness wondering once more at his luck. He'd done something right to be blessed like this.

"What are you thinking about so hard?" DG turned in his arms and looked up at him. She captured her lip in her teeth, her clear blue eyes sparkling with her good humor.

"Just thinkin' I've got to be the luckiest bastard in the OZ."

"Oh. Well, don't forget it either." She leaned in for a lingering kiss.

"I have no doubt that you'll remind me."

"Oh yeah." They shared another kiss, then Wyatt caught her gaze with his, hoping she could see just how much she meant to him in his eyes. Her lips curled into a warm smile, her dark hair falling in gentle waves to frame her face as the moonlight warmed her skin.

"I love you, Carl." He let out a bark of laughter, drawing the others attention for a brief second. She laughed with him, the sound happy and free. He caught her up and kissed her soundly, breathlessly, leaving her flushed and dazed when he pulled away.

"I love you too, Dotty."


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