Half of a Whole

Part One

Disclaimer: Okay, all of you know this isn't mine.


I always knew there was something different about me. The problem is, I never knew exactly what it was. That is, until I started at Hogwarts.

It was my first day of school, and I was sitting in on the stool in front of the entire school, putting on that talking hat, when it clued me in. Yes, the hat finally explained it to me.

"Ah, two in one."

Right. I am two completely different people sharing one body. And, apparently, my other half is nothing like me.

My name is Calli Anne Carothers. They actually tell me that I am a descendent of Gryffindor himself, from my mother's side, which fits since I was put into that house. My best friends are James and Albus Potter, and Rose Wesley…when I'm me, that is.

HER name is Karly Merope Riddle. Yes, Riddle. Apparently, my frickin' father is Voldemort only son. Which makes my blood a mixture of Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Apparently they couldn't beat each other, so they just made two completely different people in one body.

And, if you haven't yet guessed, Karly is in Slytherin. And her best friend is Scorpius Malfoy himself.

When I'm in control, Scorpius just treats me like he treats James and Albus…the same way his father treated my father.

The sad thing is, when Karly is in control, she makes fun of them too.

I was sitting in History of Magic when I suddenly snapped back into focus. I looked around quickly, taking in the scene, where I was. History of Magic, notes half finished, next to Scorpius. I flinched, then slid the Slytherin robe off of my shoulders. Scorpius instantly moved his chair away from mine and scowled in my direction. He knew what that meant.

As soon as the class was over, I bolted out of my seat and ran over to Albus. He looked at the Slytherin robe in my hands, then smiled in relief. "Hey, Calli."

"Hey!" I chirped. "What did I miss?"

Albus rolled his emerald green eyes. "Nothing really important…" he winced, "though you might want to talk to James."

I instantly froze. That was never good…

"It wasn't anything completely horrible." Albus assured me.

"No, nothing completely horrible." A voice said from behind me. I turned quickly and came face to face with James himself. His dark eyes swept over my face, then to the robe in my hands. He grabbed it from me instantly and started walking back to the Gryffindor Tower beside me and Albus. "And there isn't anything to talk about." He said, shooting a look at Albus.

I frowned at him, but he ignored me, running a hand through his dark brown hair and shooting me a half smile. "Let's go get this-" he held up the Slytherin robe, "taken care of. And get you in your rightful clothing."

I just laughed as he pushed me towards the staircase.

"Hey Calli!" Rose Wesley said, jumping up from where she was sitting on her bed. She hugged me quickly. "Did they tell you?"

"Tell me what?" I asked.

Rose stared at me, her eyes wide. "You have to be joking! James almost had a heart attack when he saw it-"

"Saw what Rose?" I said frantically. What could she have done now?

"Karly." She said, stressing the name, "Was kind of… well, I think she and Scorpius have started dating."

I stared at her, completely incredulous. "Wh-what?"

"Well," She looked uncomfortable. "She was like holding his hand and kissing him and stuff."

I started to feel sick to my stomach. Rose must have seen the look on my face, because she instantly started to try and make me feel better. "But like I said, James was totally freaking out."

I rolled my eyes. I had had a crush on James since I was twelve. Nothing really amounted to it. "I'm serious!" Rose protested. "He practically leapt across the hall to go after Scorpius."

I frowned at her. "Why? Does he like her?"

Rose looked at me in disbelief. "Are you seriously jealous of your alter self?"

I flinched, "Not exactly-"

I broke off as the room started spinning. No! I had just got back! It had only been an hour! She couldn't-

I tried to fight it, but quickly fell into darkness.


Gryffindor. Of course I would wake up in the Gryffindor tower. I glanced over at Wesley. "Wesley." I nodded. I felt my heart beating swiftly and sweat on my forehead. "Damn, what were you two talking about? You sure got her worked up."

"Nothing." Rose snapped.

I shrugged, then smirked and grabbed the Slytherin cloak Calli had obviously just thrown on the bed. "Whatever." I walked out the door and down the staircase, instantly noticing both Potter boys sitting at the bottom.

The oldest one, James, glanced up smiling, then instantly scowled. "What are you doing here?"

I smirked at him. "I couldn't stay away long. Scorpius would miss me."

James glared and his brother stepped between us. "I think you should go, Riddle."

I sneered. "Gladly."

I finally made my way to the Slytherin Common room, and saw the white blonde hair of Scorpius himself. He was sitting on the couch. "Hi." I whispered in his ear.

He turned to me, eyes wide and a smirk on his face. "I wasn't expecting you for another couple of hours." He said, putting his hands on my waist and pulling me so I was sitting on his lap.

I smirked at him, looking at his lips. "Yeah, well I couldn't stay away that long."

He smirked and kissed me quickly. "And Calli?" he whispered.

"Cant fight it." I whispered back, then smirked as he once again pushed his lips against mine.