Butterfly Kisses is a spin off of Fanfiction author Michiyo Ichimaru's Growing Wings ( I am starting up with the end of chapter 15 "Transparent", I highly recommend that you read Growing Wings first, to get a complete understanding of how I start my story. This is my first Fan Fiction, so please review and do not hold back...

Butterfly Kisses

Chapter 1: The Vision

They said that it was time, if I was ready. I looked around the room one last time and just nodded my head. Alice came to sit down with me and take my hand, she kissed it every so softly, like butterfly kisses, then she just froze, looking straight head. I knew that expression, as did everyone in the room; she was having a vision. I looked at her and saw what looked like a single tear drop roll down her face. Something was wrong, I knew it; my bad luck was coming for me, ready to pounce at any moment. After what seemed like an eternity, she turned and looked at me and said one word: "Elizabeth".

Puzzled, I asked what she saw, looking at Edward for answers, he looked just as confused as I was.

"Alice, Please, what did you see? Who is Elizabeth?" I knew that Edward's mom was named Elizabeth, but she died when Edward was just shy of turning 18. So I did not think that is who she saw or meant!

Carlisle and Alice just turned and looked at each, like they were reading each other's mind or knew what the other was thinking; Carlisle eyes began to sparkle and just nodded in agreement!

"O-kay, what in the world is going on?" I started to get nervous and Edward came to take my hand, that is when Alice began to speak...

"Bella, you can't do this..." then her voice trailed off, I looked at her stunned; here was my biggest support, just telling not to join her family.

"Why not Alice? What did you see, am I going to die?"

"No, you are going to be bringing some great life to all of us"

I just sat there with a puzzled expression, I turned to Edward, and notice just the tiniest bit of a smile on lips! Then out of no where he went to put his arm around my waist, in such a way that he was rubbing my stomach just shy of the navel. I looked at him confused and turned back to Alice.

"Bella, it does not happen often, but Carlisle has heard of it. You remember a while back when I said that I saw something, but is was so distant that I was not sure if it would happen or not and that you would be so incredibly happy?" All I could do is nod, still unsure as to what she was talking about. "My vision was so clear today when I touched you, like it was happening to me personally. I was able to hold her and sooth her; it was incredible"

"Alice, who did you see?!"

"I saw Elizabeth Renee, she had the most beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair, that was a cross between yours and Edwards. You cannot go through with this, at least not now!"

I looked at her stunned, still unsure of what she was talking about, I began to put the pieces together. Edward heard Alice say something about blue yes, Carlisle and Alice both had some positive views and opinions about the future, Edward's eyes where so alive last night after we made love, he was even slightly warm to the touch. They said it does not happen, but could. Elizabeth Renee, those were the names of Edwards and I's mothers, but why together like it was one perfect name?! My eyes shot wide open as the puzzle pieces began to fall together. I looked at each of my new family, there eyes were full of love, understanding, like the puzzles just fit together in their heads. I looked down at where Edward's hands were resting, placing mine on top of his. I turned to look into his eyes, he had the look of a ...new father, who just found out...

"I'm pregnant," asked more of a statement then a question, because I already knew the answer, "but how, why, when?"

"You silly, you know all those answers. But now it is your decision as to what you do now. But I already now what you will say, because I saw it. I would not have had such a clear vision, if you were going to go through with this. Ohhhh, I am going to be an Aunt!" Alice was jumping up and down, as was Rosalie, which was very unusual for her. Obviously I was missing the good news. I was too young to be a mother, I wanted to be with Edward for eternity; how does a child fit into all of this.

I turned to look at Edward, whispering ever so quietly,still in shock, "can I speak to you, privately?" Everyone seemed to have gotten the message and began to clear out the room, not before slapping Edward on the back and saying congrats, giving me a hug and letting me know that I will make a great mother. I just cringed inside, this is not what I wanted! At least not right now, but it was not entirely my choice to make. I was a married woman now, it was our choice, together. Would a child be good for us, or will it destroy us. There were so many questions to be asked and so many to be answered, all of which could only be done by Edward and I.