Is all I've got to say.

Shit on a stick.

Crappy, crappy news, and I'm getting deja vu.

Daily Prophet article:

Azkaban Breakout Revives Old Fears

Rodolphus Lestrange, husband of the infamous Bellatrix Lestrange (deceased) has evaded Azkaban officials whilst awaiting trial for his numerous crimes and is now at large. Believed to be He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's highest-ranking follower to have escaped the Final Battle, Lestrange escaped his cell at some point during the early hours of this morning. Lestrange poses a serious threat to both Wizarding and Muggle society, and any sightings should be reported to the Auror Office immediately. Meanwhile, Acting Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt has come under fire for his decision to remove the Dementors from Azkaban.

"Even in the face of this problem I retain faith in this decision," Shacklebolt insisted in a statement made this morning, "All our resources are being channelled into detaining Voldemort's remaining followers, and Lestrange is now our number one priority, and an inquiry is being carried out as to how Lestrange was was able to escape. The matter is being treated with utmost seriousness and we ask the public to remain calm.

At the news of this crisis, the Wizarding World is now looking to the Boy Who Lived to speak out against the lax security in Azkaban, although he has as of yet remained silent.

I didn't even realise Lestrange was still alive! I'd assumed he'd been killed and was now rotting in hell with his evil bitch of a wife. Oh God, this is crappy news.

I was panicking about it all through Charms - I'd got Defence second period and Harry was sure to be in a foul mood. Sure enough, when he walked in he had a face like thunder and immediately asked if anyone fancied a duel, because he seriously needed to hex something.

Shockingly enough, no one was up for it, so he had to settle for blowing up his desk, which I think calmed him down a bit. Then he told us that we were doing shields (snore) today, and the first person to produce a shield strong enough to deflect his stunning spell got thirty house points. Unfortunately we're not too great at shields, so a lot of people got knocked out, which got him pissy at us. Which isn't like him, so the Lestrange thing was clearly getting to him. I really wanted to go and talk to him in the evening, but he had a lesson with Slughorn, so I couldn't. Instead, I rashly promised to meet him at six tomorrow morning for walkies round the lake before brekky.

Stupid, stupid Ginny. You know you're not a morning person.

Amazingly, I made it up in the morning (okay, I charmed my alarm clock to poke me incessantly, so I now have tiny bruises all over my back, but I don't think that that diminishes my victory even in the slightest).

Harry was waiting for me in the Entrance Hall, looking like he hadn't slept. Probably because he hadn't.

He says he feels crappy because he's not allowed to go and search for Lestrange with the Aurors, because McGonagall wants him here in case Lestrange tips up. Which, he grudgingly admitted, makes sense, that people might feel safer when the guy who vanquished Mouldy Voldie is around.

What I hadn't realised, and what he pointed out, is that it's also bad news for my family, because of mum having been the one to kill his wife and everything. For all we know, Lestrange is out to wreak revenge. Which means Mum and Dad have decided that all of us (that means Bill, Fleur, George, Percy, Ron and Hermione) are all moving into Grimmauld Place (Harry Flooed to offer it to them as soon as he heard). Which shouldn't really be so bad now that Kreacher's turned into quite the domestic goddess.

Anyway, potential threats on our lives aside (and trust me, you get used to those after a while) Harry and I had a very nice walk around the lake. Because it's only September, it's not TOO cold yet, but that didn't stop us from sort of snuggling up together. For warmth purposes, naturally.

So we got back at about seven, and went in seperately in case anyone was up early at saw us come in together. Not that this inspired piece of craftiness stopped tongues wagging, as the girls in my dorm had woken up to find me gone and assumed I was off shagging Harry somewhere. Virtually everyone in the school seems to hold the belief that we're constantly at it like bunnies (Lorna keeps leaving contraceptive potions in my bedside drawer). Much to my chagrin, the rumours are totally unfounded, as Harry is stupidly prejudiced against shagging his students. Plus, I don't think he ever got The Talk (which Mum gave me over the summer, horror of horrors), but I'm sure Dad (eep!) or one of my brothers (please God not Percy) would be more than happy to oblige. Although ten to one there would be death threats on one side.

Speaking of my beloved prats, I got letters from 2, 5 and 6 about Quidditch (presumably Ron passed my cry for help on).

Oh sweet Jesus, Quidditch tryouts. Just what I didn't want to think about.

Don't get me wrong, I love Quidditch, and I'm a damn good Chaser if I do say so myself. I'm chuffed beyond belief to be crowned cap.

However, I'm beyond shite at tactics. Always been crap at chess and the like, because, not unlike Harry, I tend to rush into things without thinking about them or constructing any semblance of a plan.

So, like the intelligent and resourceful young woman that I am, I went crying to Big Bros, who rose very weirdly to the occasion. Not necessarily badly. Just... weirdly.

Big Bro number two wrote:

Ginny - read this very carefully, and absorb absolutely everything.

When you hold tryouts, your first instict will be to pick the most obviously talented fliers, which I'm sure sounds perfectly alright to you.

But, dear Ginevra, IT IS NOT!

When you choose your Seeker, you want someone reasonably light, who doesn't look like they're going to grow in a hurry. If they grow, shoot 'em.

More importantly, they can't be bossy. They need to detatch themself from the rest of a game to a certain extent (unless they're captain) if you want them to catch the snitch once in a while.

Chasers, on the other hand, need to have their heads completely in the game, and teamwork IS the most important thing. Go for someone who gets on well with you and Demelza, because they'll need to compliment the two of you in play. You're quite an agressive player and Ron tells me Demelza's a decent all-rounder, so what you need to balance your team out is a chaser who's strong on the defensive.

As for a keeper, you need someone who can think on their feet (not literally) and agression's quite important - they need to give it their all when it counts. They need brilliant all-round reflexes. Chuck stuff at them and see what happens.

Hope this helps, and good luck, Ginger Gin!

Love your favourite brother,


P.S. Tell Harry if he ever lays a finger on you I'll hold him down while Bill gouges those lovely eyes out with a teaspoon.

Whilst Charlie's focused on how the hell I should go about CHOOSING my team, George's focused on the finer points of my role as a captain. It also happened to be the saddest letter I've ever read.

Gin -

On recieving your letter, but one thought crossed our.. my mind. It has come to our... my attention that you're crap at motivational speaking. Therefore we... I have enclosed a personalised Pep Talk crash course, as inspired by glorious former captain of the Gryffindor team at inter-house level, O. Wood.

Game Number 1- Play It Cool

Pretend to be nonchalant, even if you do feel like throwing up copiously all over your Keeper. Say something along the lines of 'I know you're worth thirty seven of those Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff idiots (If it's Slytherin switch thirty seven for one hundred and thirty seven) and we're probably going to breeze this gig, but by some obscene fluke/administrative error/cosmic imbalance, they've made it past Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff/Slytherin. So you might want to try to score a few goals. Or not, y'know. [Unnamed seeker is probably going to catch the snitch anyway. You could probably just sit around.

Game Number 2 - Introduce Feelgood factor

Team, have I ever told you that you're the most fabbity-fab people in the whole wide world and I just gosh-darned love you? It was crazy cool the way you whupped Raveclaw/Hufflepuff/Slytherin's arses the other week/lost with pride, integrity and flawless grammar, (Okay, now you've got the warm fuzzies flying freely - now take it up a notch). With your fabby-doo skillz, we can't lose, hos! (Right, now bring them back down to earth slightly) but let's not get too complacent. Show those Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff/Slytherin biotches what you're made of, foos'! Now go get 'em, you crazy kids you!

Game 3 - Okay, now it's time to crank up the crazy

(Stare at team silently for several minutes, then make a sudden move and loud noise. You may also want to work on your manical gleam for this Pep Talk).

We've got this far (dramatic pause) so it would be STUPID (bash fist on nearby surface - locker, bench, beater's head) to lose out now. We're a match away from the final. ONE MATCH! (Knock something heavy over) so, (reduce voice to strangled whisper) don't let me down, okay? I'm dating the defeater of the Dark Tosser and I could make him beat you up! (Last part optional).

Game 4 - Assuming You've Got That Far

(Open your mouth as little as possible to keep chances of throwing up all over your team to a minimum).

Just... go win, okay?

Hope that was helpful!

Your favourite brothers (sorry... brother.)

and George

Oh God. Poor, poor Georgie. Fred, you bastard. What did you have to die for?

Ron's was just bizarre. It wasn't even like a proper letter, just a bag of random tactics slung together any old how.

They might try a three man weave so you need to mark them really closely. Try flying from above them to intercept the curve of the Quaffle. Beaters should fly out of the sun. Try to hit Bludgers from a forty five degree angle raise from the opponent so that the momentum is relative to the gravity pull. Wronksi Feint - when the Seeker pulls out try doubling back on themself - one eighty turn then parallel to the ground.

Remember Ginny - Gryffindor needs you.


GODSPEED? Quidditch does funny things to my brother's head.

So, to sum up, George and Ron were bloody useless. I always knew that Charlie was my favourite brother.

Ah well, I'm sure that Harry will give me a proper answer. Having said that, he's been as moody as hell since we got the news about Lestrange, and sometimes I have to repeat stuff three or four times to him before it registers. Of course he's fed up - he's not allowed to get involved, yet chances are that it's Harry he's after. To top it off, people keep writing into the Prophet asking 'Where the Saviour of the Wizarding World is in our hour of need.' Bastards. He'd issue a damn statement if he knew what the hell people want to hear from him.

Not that I think he's too worried about the idea of Lestrange coming after him - wouldn't fancy Lestrange's chances if he did. Typically Harry, he's more worried about us having to go into hiding again, and has decided it's all his fault. God knows what elaborate thought processes he had to go through to arrive at that conclusion.

Must be a talent of him.

Okay guys, the plot has started to develop a little bit in this chapter, but I'd like to stress now that the plot isn't really the main point of this story. What I want to do is address Ginny's various demons that have accumulated throughout the books. The most major of these is addressed in the next chapter, so stay tuned, my pretties!