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I just thought that the lot of you who had this story in their favorites might wanna know that the second part has gone the releasing route at last. It's called Beneath the Surface. And yeah. Just thanks again for reading, and I guess I'll just delete this in about a week or so ^^



And instead of altogether deleting this, I've decided to use it as my chance to offer you a complete summary of Book 1 because I can't expect you to reread it all before starting in on Book 2. So, this sounds dumb to say, but unless you're lazy and really would rather read the summary rather than the whole story, stay AWAY from this page because it is a thorough spoilerfest through and through.

Full Summary of "Dystopia I: Enter the Nightmare":

After she comes back to the very place where she presumably killed her own sister, Billie discovers that Christy is in fact very much alive.

Well set on avenging her betrayal, though, the evil Jenkins witch traps Billie into the very cell where she was held captive for sixteen years herself, intending to put Billie through the same "therapy" she underwent: brainwashing. As all hope seems lost to the blonde, she discovers a power stronger than magic: love as the way she feels for her friends help her escape the Underworld. Making it back to her college dormitory she faints.

While she recovers, two strangers living in a remote village far from San Francisco, argue about their respective choices of life.

When she comes to after three days of sleep, Billie is in Halliwell Manor, and learns the shocking news that her best friend Taylor has been let in on the witchly secret because she witnessed the sisters rescuing her.

But the welcome home she receives from Piper is far from warm and soon it comes to a fight after which Billie is banned from the manor.

Meanwhile, Phoebe, who has recently recovered her empathy and has learned about Christy's attempts to get to Billie, tries to block the young blonde from Christy's telepathic abilities. The spell, however, backfires and Billie gets immunity to Phoebe as well.

After Billie's departure, Piper is visited by the Angel of Destiny who had taken Leo from her; she isn't bearing good news: Christy is after the former angel. When she dusts off the Angel takes an unsuspecting Taylor away with her. Piper is incensed and her anger gets the better of her, turning her into an obnoxious sister.

In the meantime, Billie has subconsciously teleported to the fair where Leo is taking the boys. But Christy attacks in broad daylight with a complete battalion of demons and soon Billie is crawling on the ground and Leo is made prisoner under his sons' very eyes.

Barely are they gone that the Charmed Ones orb in. Piper, outraged and altogether out of her mind, assails Billie. A fight ensues and Paige orbs the boys to safety while Phoebe tries to intervene: she is knocked unconscious by an ill-aimed blow from Piper. The eldest Halliwell, getting to a new level of rage, is about to finish Billie off when Paige comes back.

Billie manages to push her back as she is distracted and Piper warns Billie that the next time they meet, she will blow her up.

In her Underworld chambers, Christy plays more mind games on Leo to get the information she seeks.

Back at her dorm, Billie gets a visit from Paige and Phoebe. Afraid for her life, she hides in the bathroom and it takes some time and coaxing for her to be convinced that the Halliwells are just checking up on her. They want to know what happened before they arrived at the fair.

Billie recounts her tale but she keeps something from them. However, she does tell them that Christy wanted Leo to tell her where the Grimoire has been hidden. Paige and Phoebe leave with the grim news, forbidding Billie to follow them to the Andes.

While Piper shares a heart-wrenching goodbye with her traumatized children, it is Billie's turn to meet the Angel of Destiny again. This time, though, the Angel is bearing a certain gift in the form of Taylor who has just been turned into a witch.

The Angel warns them that it is not a treat for them to have fun with; a great danger is head of the world and Billie is going to need all the help she can get. As the Angel departs, Billie decides she is going to go against the sisters' orders and meet them in the Andes. Against her better judgment, Taylor latches on Billie just as she is teleporting away.

In the freezing mountains, where the evil Grimoire has been secured, Christy and her demons are searching for the book. They find the location but discover that more protections have been set. Leo manages to run away.

The sisters are trekking their way through the deep snow and Piper is meaner than ever. Phoebe stumbles under the weight of her own emotions mixed with her older sister's. Just as they are telling each other off, Paige receives a warning.

She orbs just in time to save Billie and Taylor from certain death in the frost – they had not brought any warm clothes. As she taps into her Whitelighter's powers to warm them up she learns about Taylor being made a witch. Nonetheless, it takes all of the young witches' trickery and childish bribing to convince Paige to let them tow along.

Back in the Anges, Paige has to separate from the youngsters to get back to her own sisters. But just then, the fight begins.

Inside the cloaked sanctuary where she has managed to trespass, Christy faces obstacles on her way to the Grimoire and her ulterior motives: killing the "evil", selfish Charmed Ones for turning her sister from "the light."

Billie and Taylor join the battle outside the invisible temple and twice in a row Taylor's new abilities save Billie's life. The combat ends with the good witches victorious and a storm breaks. They gather around the sanctuary and a silent truce occurs between Piper and Billie as the five of them join forces to lift the invisibility veil. The barrier is breached but it's too late. Christy, imbued with the Powers of the Underworld, hovers over the temple's shattered dome.

Methinks that's it, but if you (and that would be a shame) remember something I forgot, well, don't hesitate to let me know. :-)