Ok, just to clear things up, I'm Typhon and I'm the editor. I didn't write this. This was written by dragonde, but I uploaded it due to dragonde's limited internet access. I added bits and pieces and altered some dialogue I also gave it some tweaking. I may in future write some of it. Transformers belongs to Hasbro, maybe someone else (Do they still belong to Takara?). Anyway, not me Just wanted to make that clear so I don't get sued. Some of the later characters may belong to one of us. If they do I will put a note at the end of a chapter, to avoid spoilers. The story is not in any particular continuity, but the transformer war is over the mini-cons, like in armada. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE STORY IS SET IN ARMADA. IT IS SET IN A NEW CONTINUITY WHICH DRAGONDE AND MYSELF MADE UP. Right. On with the story.And please in the name of Primus don't takeit seriously.

Megatron was bored. No Mini-Con alerts meant no fighting with the Autoscum and no devious plots from Starscream or Sideways to steal his throne. While said plots were always irritating, they did help alleviate his boredom on occasions such as this one.

Speaking of Starscream, Megatron recalled that he was supposed to be working on a project.

I'll go and see how he's progressing, Megatron thought. And I will find fault with him and beat him, ye-ess

Megatron's optics glowed with the thought.

Starscream sighed, mulling over why his new undetectable warp gate wasn't working. He scanned the conclusions for the thousandth time. Scraping his last test clean, he redid all his calculations, but the piece of scrap sill refused to work!

Screaming with frustration, Starscream threw his data pad at the door, hitting Megatron on the head as he entered the room.

Megatron's optics narrowed, ever so slightly.

"Starscream," he hissed. "What were you doing?"

"Errrrrrmm... Shouting in joy that I've made a major breakthrough in my project, Lord Megatron. Sir." Starscream stuttered, trying to worm his way out of a beating.

"Oh," Megatron eyed the squirming red Decepticon in front of him, not believing a word of it. "That did not sound like a shout of joy to me, Starscream, no-oo, it sounded like a shout of failure, which would mean that you lied to me...you do know what happens to people who lie to me, don't you, Starscream?"

"Ah," began Starscream, "Well, you see, through, um, analysing the quantum physics of the warp gate," he mumbled, making it up as he went along. "And, er," his optics lit up as he found an appropriate sheet "light mass times hyper speed, multiplied by processing speed divided by Energon and minus the mass of the actual warp gate." He finally finished, seeming quite pleased with his speech. Pausing he added, "Or at least theoretically."

"Oh," said Megatron, still processing the information. "What do you mean, theoretically?

"Well, it's a highly complex subject, and seeing as how you won't lower the warp guard in my lab I am having problems testing out the theory" Starscream snapped.

Megatron narrowed his optics, and he smiled slightly.

"Starscream." He said, "Are you questioning my orders?"

"Of course not, Mighty Megatron," Starscream mocked, tone cynical.

Megatron raised his fusion cannon to Starscream's face.

"Are you insulting me?" he snarled.

"No, my Lord, now please leave me to complete my task, and maybe I can get it to work."

It took all of Megatron's self-control (which, admittedly, was not much,) to keep from grimacing; the sound of his lieutenant's high, raspy, and generally whining voice, coupled with his slightly cynical demeanour, was almost more than Megatron could bear. For a moment, he considered pulling the trigger and being rid of Starscream for good.

From outside, the sound of poorly-concealed laughter and sniggering drifted into the metallic room. Megatron cocked his head at the noise. He dropped his arm.

"Very well. I expect a report within the next thirty-eight Earth minutes. You had better have made some progress." Megatron left. From outside the room, Starscream could hear shouts of pain, soon followed by pleas for mercy from both Cyclonus and Demolisher.

Starscream collapsed in his chair, thankful that he avoided a beating due to the fact that he was still recovering from the last one. He suspected he would still not be fully functional for two joors, at the very least. Suddenly (causing Starscream to jump at least two feet in the air,) the Mini-Con alert sounded.

"Great." He muttered. Megatron and the other pests got to have fun while he was stuck here with a dead end project he was regretting ever taking. Sighing, he sat down for another few hours of wrestling with complex formulas.

...5 Cycles later...

"Yess!" Starscream hissed typing his new formulas into the computer with only one arm. (The other hung by his side, horribly mangled. It had been a bad idea to suggest dropping his project.) The screen flashed. "Warning! Warning!"

"Hnuh?" said Starscream, his triumphant smile disappearing as he read the results. "Data incompatible! What is this computer on about?" Starscream screeched. "All my data is valid!"

Hearing a sneering chuckle, Starscream turned to see a Mech with a black-and-red paint job leaning against the wall, in his customary position with arms folded, and a lowered head with a dark, always-mirthless gaze, even while laughing. Sideways. Of course. Starscream lifted his head, and had the rare (dis)pleasure of meeting Sideway's burning optics.

"Something you want, Sideways?" asked Starscream. Silence was his only reply.

"A problem, gentlemen?" came Megatron's commanding voice.

"Megatron." Sideways greeted his employer. "It would seem that your Lieutenant has failed again."

Starscream hurriedly altered some data as Sideways explained.

Smirking a little, Starscream saluted his leader (with his good arm).

"Mighty Megatron, Sideways lies, you see, my Lord," said Starscream, turning the computer screen towards Megatron.

One word shone brightly from the screen: Error.

Slaggit all, thought Starscream.

"Just a little bug in the system, my Lord, nothing a couple more Orns won't fix, maybe two Joors."

"Demonstration in my throne room. You have 12 Cycles."

"Sideways. I expect you to be there."

Megatron left.


Starscream stared at Sideways. The Mercenary had a tendency to pick up the mannerisms of whatever planet he was currently on, and could swear fluently in several languages. While on Earth, he had begun to abbreviate his sentences, something Cybertronians hardly ever did. Despite his odd manner of speaking, Sideways had an odd, foreign, almost cultured accent. He turned to Starscream.

" 'S nothing personal," he stated. "Business. Doesn't pay to lie to an employer."

He walked out.

Starscream shook his head. He could understand why Megatron paid for the Bot's services, being a Triple-changer and all, but that odd habit of his...

"Weird bugger." Muttered Starscream to himself.

Agh! Now he's got me doing it!

12 Cycles later (duh!)...

"As you can see, Mighty Megatron, my formula is highly complex and untested. So prepare to be amazed!" stated Starscream, tapping in the coordinates for the Autobase. He smiled as the familiar shimmering warp gate opened.

"After you, Sideways." smiled Megatron.

Sideways edged toward the gate, giving Megatron a look that said that this was certainly not in his job description. Despite Sideways' normally emotionless demeanour, he seemed more than a little apprehensive about Starscream's new invention.

"Go on." Drawled the Tyrant with a nod of his head, utterly enjoying himself.

Just as Sideways was about to enter the warp gat it changed from the normal fiery red to a deep black. Blue lightning burst from its void. It burned, burned like the heart of a dying star, with all the empty nothing of a black hole.

"What did you do, Sideways!" snarled Starscream, stepping forward.

"Starscream," began Megatron. "I am going t-" He was cut short by a computer monitor crashing into him.

Sideways struggled against nothing.

"Primus. Primus help me... I can't go."

"What?" gasped Starscream. He can't teleport.

The other Decepticons watched, paralysed. The light blazed, drawing all optics towards it. (Except Megatron, he was offline under the computer monitor). The light faded, revealing a human figure that briefly stood, before collapsing to the floor.

The 'gate shifted, pulsing inward, the exploding like a supernova that engulfed the room, the galaxy, the universe! No, not really. But it certainly seemed so to the Decepticons, who stood staring blankly at the empty space.

Starscream stared at them. "Well, you fools?" he snapped. "Get Megatron to the repair bay and this human in a cage."

"Yes sir!" came the answer.

"And someone get this room cleared!" he added as an afterthought. He would deal with Megatron and the human later. Right now his processor was pounding. He needed some time out. With that thought he limped to his quarters, hung up his guns, and slipped into a recharge cycle.

Hi, thanks for reading. I wanted Starscream to have a little more authority as he is the second-in-command of the Decpticons. The human belongs kind of to me, because it was my idea to have it in the story, although Dragonde will be writing the original scenes with "it" in. Anyway, I thought I'd make the units of time the transformers use in this fic clear:

Astrosecond- 0.25 of a second

Nano-klick- one second

Klick- a minute

Breem- 8.3 minutes

Cycle- 2 hours

Orn- Cybertronian day ( 18 Joors)

Joor- a week (Cybertronian week- 9 days)

Deca-Cycle- a year (400 days)

Vorn-83 years

Stellar cycle-A millennia

Anyway, me and Dragonde don't have much writing experience and this is our first fic, so constructive criticism would be appreciated.