C hapter four. Compeltely written by me, Typhon, this time. Okay, a message to the reviewers:

Thanks to all of you, especially Starswoop. And Jcat... don't worry, I'm not mad at all. You alerted me to the fact I hadn't explained the continuity properly, so here goes: This story is set in a new continuity which is a bit like Armada (hence the Mini-Con reference in the first chapter.) There are a few differences, however, which are

Some transformers will have new paint jobs and different abilities, like Sideways (think his cybertron version, but with red where the orange would be and you'll be close) oh yeah, and Sidey has new alt-forms and he is a mercenary, which is why he refers to Megatron as his "Employer".

Sounwave is part of the Decepticon team and his character is fairly different (but he's still Soundwave.)

Starscream is a little more evil than his Armada counterpart. (and perhaps a bit more cowardly.)

There may be other differences in the future... but I probably won't list them.

That's about it actually.

Now, on to the story!


Starscream steeled himself (pun intended) in preparation of entering the infirmary. This was not going to be fun. Not at all.

Oh, well.

He entered the room, and found that his prediction had been correct. As Sideways would put it...

Megatron was NOT a happy bunny.

The Decepticon leader was sitting on a recharge bay, glaring at his hapless lieutenant, who was looking rather uncomfortable, like an oyster out of its shell. "Starscream."

"Sir." Starscream replied, saluting and bowing. Being the Decepticon Sub-Commander, he wasn't required to bow in the way the others did. He still had to kneel when he entered the throne room, but none of the Decepticons really had to do anything except salute when reporting.

Still, in a situation like this one, Starscream felt it best to play it safe.

Megatron frowned. "Report." He ordered curtly. Starscream nodded, and proceeded to describe recent events to his commander. "I've put Soundwave in charge of looking after the human, sir."

"I see. Why was that, Starscream?"

This caught Starscream off-guard. Megatron hadn't asked him about a decision since...

Since before I became the Decepticon Sub-Commander, he thought. Megatron had regularly asked such questions to Decepticons being considered for high ranks, and he had taken special interest in Starscream. Not at first, though. It took a lot to impress Megatron. Especially when you made such a bad first impression. Then again, Starscream had been young at the time. It wasn't his fault that he froze with terror when he first met Megatron- was it?

"Starscream!" Yelled Megatron. "Stop having a flashback and answer the question!"

"Yes Sir!" said Starscream. He was getting a little nervous. Megatron was getting dangerously close to breaking the Fourth Wall, which was absolutely prohibited. The Fourth Wall was a phenomenally powerful force in the universe, much like Murphy's Law, but more so. He had better answer quickly.

"I put Soundwave in charge because I believe him to be the most responsible member of our team, and because as a medic he will be best equipped to deal with any problems that may occur, such as sickness."

"I see." Stated Megatron again. "Starscream, I want you to take care of the human."


"I said, Starscream, that you will-" Megatron stopped, and cocked his head, as if listening.

Starscream listened too, and heard an odd bleeping noise, like a rather primitive form of music. Megatron got up and walked towards the door. Starscream followed.

It didn't take them long to find the cause of the noise.

Cyclonus was standing in a corner, hammering excitedly away on what looked suspiciously like an oversized version of one of those human games machines. He hadn't noticed the two larger Bots staring at him.

"What are you doing, Cyclonus?"



The rookie looked up.

"Oh... hello, Sir..."

Megatron glared at the young Decepticon. "Give me that." He grabbed the oversized Gameboy (for that was what it was) and hurled it at the wall.

"NOOOO!" hollered Cyclonus, diving after it. "My level 100 Charizard!" he caught the device and sighed with relief.

"Cyclonus-" began Megatron.

"Please let me keep it, Sir! I finished all my duties, I swear!"

Megatron stared at the rookie for a while. "...Fine."

"Oh, thank you, Sir, you won't regret thi-"

"I already do!" Snapped the Commander. He sighed in an exaggerated manner. "I think I need a break in cryo-regeneration." He walked over to a nearby desk, and picked up a small yellow object. "Ducky!" he smiled delightedly, staring at the rubber duck with something close to affection. He stroked it gently. Feeling a bit disturbed, Starscream left the room.

A Random amount of time later...

Cyclonus was bashing away happily on his gameboy, occasionally shouting words of exultation or disappointment, when he go a chill up his spine. This was very unnerving, because Cyclonus didn't actually have a spine. It was a sick, disturbing chill, which crept into his psyche, dismembering his thoughts and twisting his mind into a grotesque and unnatural shape. Which it pretty much was anyway.

Megatron could not give such a feeling. Terror, yes. Intimidation, yes. But this sick feeling, this emotion of creeping horror, this could only be...

Quivering with dread, Cyclonus looked up, and his optics met a dark, blank visor. A void. Soundwave certainly had an interesting effect on people. Undoubtedly, he could be quite understanding of other's emotions. He could seem kind, even compassionate- odd for a Decepticon. But then, Soundwave was a study in contradictions. He was a specialist. He rarely joined in battles with the Autobots. He was a medic.

And a torture specialist.

Because Soundwave understood how others thought. He was a telepath. And an absolute master of psychological warfare. But for the most part, he kept up that emotionless facade of his.

In short, Soundwave was an enigma.

So it's no wonder Cyclonus jumped a little when Soundwave's slim, delicate index finger pointed straight a him. Or, rather, at his gameboy.

"Y-yes, Sir, c-can I h-help y-y-you, Sir?" Cyclonus managed to splutter.

Soundwave did not reply, but rather brought out his own oversized gameboy and link cable, tapped Cylonus' gameboy, and mechanically proclaimed:

"Soundwave: superior."

Yeah, Cyclonus plays pokemon... I know it was weird, and mostly pointless but I HAD to do this. Really. Anyway, next chapter Dagny meets Megatron. which will be fun. (But not for Dagny.)

Autobot fans... you're in for a bit of a wait, I'm afraid.