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Warning: There will be swearing, subjects related to sex, and a rape scene later on. Also of course the violent abuse scenes.

Drake's POV

"DADDY STOP!!" I shrieked through tears. He threw me against the wall, where a random nail sticking out of it stabbed me in the back. I screamed in pain.
"This is me showing you how to stop being such a little pussy." He pulled out his lighter, and I knew what was coming. I tried to get up and run but he picked me up by the neck and threw me on the floor. Just then someone walked through the door.

I woke up, gasping for breath. I kept having the same dream constantly. It was always me reliving the last day I ever saw him. I was ten years old. I heard Josh's little snores and grunts in his sleep and I knew I was in a safe place where no one would hurt me. I forced myself to breathe in and out deeply. I was drenched in sweat. I climbed out of my bed and jumped down to the floor. I ran to the bathroom. Leaning on the toilet, I vomited. Nothing worked. I still felt those same fears in my stomach and it made me sick. I splashed water on my face then went back to our room. Josh was still sound asleep. I looked at the clock. 3:17 am shined in bright red lights. I needed sleep. I've been waking up from this dream every night at the same time, and I never could fall back asleep comfortably. I climbed back onto my bed and pulled the sheets over my body. I turned on my side and shut my eyes. They opened right back up. Great.

Josh's POV

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I reached over and shut off my alarm. I got up and stretched. It was 6:00 in the morning. Of course, I was ecstatic to get to school. Half because I basically love it and half because I get to see Mindy. I got up and started to get ready. I pulled on a white undershirt and a plaid blue blazer and buttoned it up. I pulled on a pair of my favorite jeans. I ran a comb through my jet black hair and looked back at Drake, still sleeping...I think. I looked at my watch. 7:25. I took a pillow off the couch and threw it at Drake.
"Drake, rise and shine." I said climbing up on the side of his bed.

"Alright." He mumbled not moving.
I sighed. I pulled the covers off of him and he groaned.
"C'mon Drake, you've been getting up later and later everyday, if that's even possible. What's up with you?"

"Nothing." He moaned. He slowly got up; his dark brown hair was tousled, as usual when he woke up. But he started to get these huge bags under his eyes, from lack of sleep. Drake Parker? Lack of sleep? I thought to myself as I observed him more thoroughly. His face was a shade paler than the day before. He looked sick. I sighed. I'd get it out of him later.
"Well hurry up and get ready. I told Mindy I would meet her at her locker at 7:50 to walk her to her next class."

"Mhmm." He answered, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. I gave him a pitiful look then walked downstairs to get some breakfast.

Legna's POV

"DAD PLEASE DON'T!" I shrieked. He grabbed my wrists and threw me against the wall.
"Next time you get the FUCK UP before I get in this room, you understand me?!"

"Yes!" I said in between tears. He let me fall to the floor as he walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. And that was how I was woken up every morning. I got ready for school under half an hour, a lot less time than most of the girls at school get ready in. For them, their mornings are a time for them to look perfect for all the guys, especially that Drake Parker kid. My mornings are a time to get ready under half an hour or else I'm going to end up fighting for my life. It's not like I don't do that everyday anyway. I left my dark brunette hair in lose curls, since it was naturally that way and I didn't have to do anything to it. My side bangs were out. I had straightened them the night before, after my Dad attempted to burn with my straightener, telling me I was costing him a lot of money. I quickly grabbed my skinny jeans and slipped them on. They were one of the two pairs of jeans I had. I slipped on a shirt that fell off one shoulder. It was black and it said World Peace in big white letters. I slipped on my flats and grabbed my make-up. I would do it at school. Right now, I need to be on time to get downstairs. If I was even a millisecond late, he'll make every attempt to beat me harder than the last beating. I know one day that would kill me. I needed to be on time. I ran downstairs and grabbed my books off of the counter. He grabbed my hair and pulled me over to him.

"If you're not here by 3:00 sharp, I'll make sure you'll pay for it." I walk to school. It's roughly about a 15 minute walk from here. School let's out at 2:55. There was that whole time thing again.

Drake's POV

After Josh walked downstairs, I got up. I took a quick shower and started to get dressed. I pulled on a long sleeve undershirt with a collar. I pulled on a black t-shirt that had roses all over it. Then I put on my favorite pair of jeans and my white vans. I ran a brush through my hair, letting my bangs fall to the side. I ran downstairs to eat breakfast. Josh was already waiting at the front door for me. I sighed. He didn't even have to say anything as I grabbed a pop tart and followed him out the front door.
I trudged through school the whole time. I could barely keep my eyes open, nonetheless actually pay attention it class. I didn't get why I was having those dreams. Unless...somehow he was near me...But that's impossible right?
Mrs. Hayfer slapped her ruler hard on my desk. I jumped and looked up.
"Mr. Parker. I figure you don't have anything to say on today's class discussion about our reading from last night do you?"
"Not...really. Isn't that a given?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking. You know what else I was thinking? Maybe a 12 paragraph essay, 20,000 words exactly on Hamlet. Due tomorrow 7:30 in the morning, on my desk. But I'm sure that was a given also?"

"But tomorrow's Saturday!"

"30,000 words."

I looked at her in disbelief.

She smiled wickedly. "Have fun. I'll be waiting."

The bell rang just in time. I stormed out of the classroom.
"Hey Drake! Wait up!" Josh said, running to catch up with me. I waited for him to be walking by my side.
"I'm so glad that the bell rang. I couldn't take anymore of Mrs. Hayfer's bullshit."

"Was it really Mrs. Hayfer, or is it something else?"

I looked at him. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, it's just, I've been noticing you've been looking really tired lately. Like... you're not yourself."

"Josh, I'm fine alright. I've just been losing a lot of sleep."


"We'll talk about it later. Alright?"

He nodded and waved goodbye as he ran up to Mindy. God, was I really ready to tell Josh about...him?"

Josh's POV

We were in the last class of the day. Drake was sleeping, just like he has been every other period before this. What is wrong with him? The last bell rang and he jolted awake. We walked to the car and drove in silence. Mostly because Drake was so quiet. "Drake, man what's up with you?"

"Josh, I'm not in the mood to talk right now." He answered as we walked into the house. I sat on the couch as Drake closed the front door.
"C'mon Drake. It has to be something serious. You're never this droopy and depressed. Just tell me. You tell me everything. What makes this different?"

"EVERYTHING!" Drake shouted at me. We were both silent. He has never yelled at me so loud and so... angered. He held his head in his hands as he started to pace.
"I'm going for a walk." He said as he walked out the door.

Drake's POV

I felt horrible for yelling at Josh like that. But he doesn't even know the half of it. Having these dreams is making me crazy. I know something bad is going to happen, but I don't know when or what. It's like I can feel him watching me. Almost as much as I can still feel the screw digging into me. The first punch he ever gave me. The first kick in the ribs. Puking up the crap he would make me swallow. I started to quicken my pace. I looked at my clock. 3:01. Maybe I should go back. Just then I saw this girl, who was sprinting faster than anyone I've ever seen, wearing skinny jeans, a shirt with words I couldn't make out on it, and flats. She ran head on into me. We both fell. I took one glance at her face and she seemed somewhat familiar. She had this look of fear, shock and hurry. It reminded me way too much of when I was younger. She jumped right back on her feet.
"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I have to go." She said starting to cry.
"No, no it's ok. No need to cry." I said, standing up and touching her shoulder. I was wondering why she would cry over running into me.
"No, I have to get home. I can't get him mad again, I need to go." She said, and she started sprinting so fast, she was a blur.
As I walked back, I thought about what she said. Yet again, it all seemed to familiar.

Legna's POV

I felt horrible for running into that guy, and then crying in front of him. From the glimpse I got of him, he looked like that Drake Parker guy everyone goes crazy over, but I wasn't too sure. I needed to get home; he was going to literally kill me. I pushed through the front door at exactly 3:03. I fell onto the floor gasping for breath. I ran so fast, I turned a 15 minute walk into a 7 minute run. I couldn't breath. As I tried to catch my breath, I felt someone grab me by the neck and pick me up.
"" I gasped.
"You're late." He growled into my ear. He picked me up and threw me into my room. He towered over me and started to pull something out of his pocket. Just then his pager beeped.
"FUCK." He yelled. He looked at it and grunted.

"I'll deal with you're little skanky ass later." He said as he slammed the door.
I sat on the floor and cried. I was petrified and there was no way out of it. No windows in my room. No way was I going downstairs with him there. It would just make my fate come to me sooner and harder. I need to get stronger. I need to get my weak ass off the floor and get stronger. Let him hit me as hard as he can. Let him hurt me as much as he wants. Or fight back. And I think I will.

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