He was running. Where? No one knew. Not even him. He had just seen it, his mothers death. She dangled from the ceiling of the attic, held by a noose made with a belt. Sobbing and nauseted, he fled. He was alone now. Alone with his father, who beat him for no reason other than to soothe his vain anger. He tried to pass through the front door, only to be pulled back by the collar. Shaking, he breathed in a smell of stale beer and cheap cigars, and gagged as his father grabbed neck and...

Mello woke in a cold sweat, aching as if he had been tossed around like dough. He wiped his face off with the back of hand and quietly climbed down the ladder leading to the ground. Wrapping one hand around himself like a tight hug, he used his other hand to poke Matt's shoulder. Matt moaned and turned to face Mello. "Mmmh...Mello? Did you have a bad dream?"

Mello nodded, still shaking and Matt patted the part of the matress next to him, "You're okay now, alright?" Matt whispered as Mello covered himself up, and Matt kissed the top of Mello's head as he fell back asleep. Mello hugged Matt graciously, and drifted slowly into a happy slumber.

Matt awoke the next morning finding himself being clinged to...by Mello...odd. What was Mello doing in his bed? "Oh wait, now I remember..."

He smiled and closed his eyes, drifting back asleep, hoping Mello would wake him later.

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