I'm bad.




Matt was completely and utterly FUMING.

Here he is, in all his mismatched glory, ALONE on a Friday night, because his boyfriend is off conversing with his so-called rivial.

You see, Mello suddenly had an ephithany. Why was he mad at Near? All that anger he held inside was eating away his heart...why let Near win him over mentally? So, when Near called and asked shyly if Mello would help him with a case this weekend, Mello agreed.

Matt could've sworn Near fainted.

Friday night and Mello's off with fucking Near.


No, that's probably what he's doing; fucking Near.

Matt shook his head. Mello...he would trust Mello with his he could trust him with Near.

Yes, that was true.

But Matt was still lonely.

How he loathed Near.


Deciding that the self-pity thing would get him nowhere, Matt began playing his DS.


You know, Edgeworth...

You're a lot like Mello.

Matt imagined a situtation...between Matt Wright...and Mello Edgeworth...


"What the hell are you trying to say, Wright? That L...the man I took as my father...was murdered by...LIGHT VON KARMA?!"

"That's exactly what I'm getting at, Edgeworth."

"Judge, I do think the defence has lost their mind! Declare Mello Edgeworth guilty!"

"Objection! Von Karma, what evidence do you have declaring you WEREN'T at the scene of the crime?"


Matt laughed to himself. Lawyercest afterwards, of course...

Time to try something else BEFORE he starts developing an erection.

Plopping down on the couch, Matt flipped on the televison. He placed a lone chocolate bar next to him. "So, Mel. What do you feel like watching?"

Mimicing Mello's voice and moving the chocolate bar, he replied, "Not your videogames, that's for sure!"

"Fine, fine. Well, how about a movie?"

"Okay, but no about 'Seven'?"

Matt sighed, "But we ALWAYS watch that one...why not 'Brokeback Moun-'"

"You just think the actors are cute! That's why you watch it! For the gay guys!"

Growling, Matt unwrapped the chocolate bar and bit the tip off. "Geez, what a grouch..."

Matt snuggled back on the couch. Slowly but surely he dosed off, clutching an empty chocolate wrapper...


Matt's eyes opened and he jumped back. Mello was glaring down at him.

Only it wasn't "Mello". This Mello was wearing a cravat...and a pink suit.


"Well Wright, it appears someone didn't sleep very well last night."

Did Mello just call him...Wright?

"Mel, what's going on?"

Mello sighed, "Wright, I told you not to call me that. It's Edgeworth."

Matt noticed the blush growing on "Edgeworth's" face and chuckled. "Alright then, Edgeworth."

Boy oh boy, doesn't anyone ELSE notice the unresolved sexual tension?

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be heading home. Goodb-"

Matt interupped him, "Hey Edgeworth, can you give me a lift home?"

The question caught Mello off guard. "Wuh-well...I s-suppose. But don't get used to it."

"Thanks Mel!"

"What was that?"

"Thanks Edgeworth..."

"That's what I, I have to ask...are you planning on attending Matsuda Gumshoe's birthday party? I hear Sayu Byrde is having it tonight..."

Was...he asking me out?

"Well, I suppose I am. Was that an invitation to come with...?"

"Maybe. But I don't think Misa von Karma will be happy to see you with me. After all, you put Light in jail...

And I know your usual helper's have retired to their hometown for the next five months. I promise you, we won't look...bad..."

Matt stopped walking and stared straight into Mello's eyes. Worried, Mello put a hand on his shoulder, "Is everything alright, Wright?"

Matt smiled, "It's wonderful..." and pressed his lips into Mello's.

After he broke the kiss, Mello let out a startled squeek. "W-wright! Wuh-What do you thin-...what WERE you thinking, I mean rea-"

"Oh, shut it Mel. You wanted me to. Admit it."

"Mmmnh. The prosecution...has no further objections...But they would like to make a request..."

"And that is...?"

"That the defence allows us to move somewhere...private...before proceeding."

"Request accepted."

"Thank you, Matt."


In the real world, Matt opened his eyes, expecting to find Mello there.

No Mello yet.

But, before he forgets. He MUST mention to Mello about how adorable he would look in a cravat...