Or, Bonding over Explosives is Fun!

A Naruto four shot by Andrew J. Talon

Disclaimer: I don't own it, and I'm not making any profit from it. It's just for fun.

Author's Note: Well, you guys talked me into it. I've decided to write a few more additions to this story as I work around my writer's block. Here's another one. Enjoy...


Hyuuga Hinata was severely conflicted. On one hand, she was happy that Naruto was getting the affection he'd always wanted.

On the other... She wanted to kill that bitch dead for taking her man! Dead dead dead!

Calm down, calm down, Hinata thought to herself, sitting in her bright, cheery, Naruto themed room. She looked at her Naruto plushy for guidance.

"Oh, Plushy Naruto, what do you think I should do?"

The plushy made no noise anyone but Hinata could hear, but the Hyuuga heiress frowned at some response.

"Kill her? No... No, I couldn't. It would make Naruto-kun sad... No! No, none of that!"

She shook her head, then perked up.

"You mean... I should try to blow things up too? Oh, you're brilliant Plushy Naruto!" Hinata cuddled the plushy. "I'll go right away!"



Naruto blinked and looked over at Tenten. The weapons mistress (and explosives lover) blinked back. They both looked at the unactivated exploding notes they had.

"Huh, that's weird," Naruto stated. He frowned. "Someone else must have blown something up!"

"Without us?" Tenten pouted. She stood up and grabbed Naruto's hand. "C'mon, we're going to go see!"

It wasn't very hard to find the source of the explosion. Between the screaming of one Hyuuga Hiashi running around with his long hair on fire and the general chaos around the Hyuuga compound, Tenten and Naruto arrived right where said explosion had occurred.

"Oh! H-Hello, Naruto-kun," Hinata greeted, smiling innocently in the courtyard of the compound while her father continued running around screaming "PUT ME OUT! PUT ME OUT YOU FOOLS!" and several other Hyuuga members tried to throw water over his head. Naruto stared in interest, while Tenten gazed upon Hinata with an unreadable expression.

"You caused this?" Tenten asked incredulously. Hinata nodded.

"Yes... With exploding hair spray."

"Exploding... Hair spray?" Asked Tenten, her cheeks flushing. Hinata smiled proudly.

"Yes! I just added some stuff I borrowed from Kiba to it, and it ignited the moment Father pressed down on the sprayer."

Tenten licked her lips as Hiashi continued to rush about in the background. "You... Like explosions... Too?"

Hinata nodded. "Just like Naruto-ku-MMPH?!"

"Hey Tenten-chan, maybe we should... Think... About... Exploding... Hair care... products..." Naruto trailed off. A bit of drool left the corner of his mouth as did a bit of blood from his nostrils.

"No no no! I don't-Ooooh! Oh God, don't! NO!" Hinata cried as Tenten proceeded to molest her. Her cheeks flushed as she saw Naruto staring at her, drooling.

Well... Not quite what I had in mind... But him watching is good too... For now.

"WHY HASN'T ANYONE PUT ME OUT YET?!" Hiashi screamed, oblivious to his eldest daughter beginning to enjoy kinky lesbian sex with Tenten while Naruto watched.

Neji stood on the roof overhead, staring in utter disbelief, while Hanabi ate some popcorn.

"Told you Plushy Naruto was evil," the little Hyuuga girl stated.

"... Are you going to eat all that popcorn?"

- - - -

More to come, stay tuned!