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"That is totally unfair, Professor" Hermione raised her chin in defiance at her potion teacher. It was Friday, double potion at Hogwarts.

"Are you questioning my teaching, Miss. Granger?" Professor Snape glared at the prized know-it-all.

"Yes I am. 20 points for asking a question" Hermione's voice began to rise. The class fell silent.

"Who is the professor of this class, Miss. Granger?" Severus slowly descended from his podium. His dark robes wrapped tightly around his thin frame.

"You, but..."

"I will not tolerate back talk" He interrupted the bushy-hair girl. He finally made his way to her desk. He stood before her and narrowed his eyes at the girl. Hermione raised her chin more and stared back at her professor.

"You are taking points off Gryffindor for no reason." She started her rant again.

"ENOUGH MISS.GRANGER" Snape bellowed.

Hermione's anger rose. "IT"S NOT FAIR" She screamed back at him.

Suddenly, her head snapped backwards. Her cheek stung. 'He hit me' she thought. Carefully, she brought a hand up to her sore cheek. Professor Snape dropped his hand back down to his side. The class remained quiet. Tears pricked Hermione eyes. She dropped her eyes to her lap.

"Enough Miss. Granger. You will join me in detention. Tonight at 7:00 o'clock sharp. Do not be late." He calmly stated.

"Why did you all of you stop working? GET ON WITH IT" Severus said. The class started moving around again. He glanced at Hermione one last time before settling himself back up at his podium.

A single tear etched its way down her cheek. She raised her head to her potion's master. He smiled at her. Hermione took no comfort in that smile.