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Summary: When DG returns to Reality for her friend's wedding, the new Head of the Royal Family's guard is the perfect choice to accompany her. Multichap fic.

Warning: I guess you shouldn't read if you haven't seen all three parts.

Disclaimer: It's routine by now, right? La la, was L. Frank Baum's, da di da, Sci Fi's adaption. Do be doo don't own, just play with. New characters are mine.

Word Count: 1,307

"They thought that they could have the marriage annulled," DG said hours later, in the darkness of Wyatt's-oh, for all intended purposes, their-room. Light from the window overhead was spilling in and bleaching the sheets and the blonde man's chest and shoulders, where he hovered above his wife. For a moment he stilled in his working at her shirt, and his lips were set in a firm line as he continued. DG sighed and sat up. What was the use of having a hot, sexy, ICan'tBelieveWeHaven'tBrokentheBedYet!Cain in bed if he was going to be like that. Sure, he wouldn't be making that face in a matter of minutes, but still.

She sat up. "And I told them that even if that whole consummation thing hadn't happened-"

"-Several times-"

"Oh I remember it! So even if that hadn't happened, I'd still not annul the marriage, even if they were accepting of us and planning a more acceptable marriage for a few months from now." DG leaned forward and kissed his jaw, snaking her arms around him. "Love you too much."

That made him smile, and then he set back to work. It was a long time before they both fell back onto the pillows, warm and breathless and spent, and then they talked again.

Wyatt groaned, the sort that would usually followed by him complaining that he was getting old, and then DG would cheekily tell him that old men could not do that, like he could, several times in a row. And it would usually end with them demonstrating for mutual benefit that she was correct.

This time, however, he said something different. "I can see tomorrow is going to be a couple cups of coffee sort of day."

DG snuggled closer to his chest, the few wiry golden hairs there pressed against her cheek. "Just take a half day," she said, with a yawn. "Spend the rest it with me. I think my mother said something about planning the ceremony as quickly as possible, and you know protection will be needed."

The chest below her rumbled with laughter. "And who will need it: you or her?" He sighed. "I couldn't even if I wanted to. They are doing a follow up on Zero's interrogation, and they need my input."

She sat up. "You were there? Today?"

"No," he pinched at the bridge of his nose. "But I'm mighty glad I wasn't; I just received the visual feed for review after dinner."

The silence was not a good one. "What's wrong, honey?" It was the first time she had used the pet name, but it came out without much thought, and she rubbed at his chest.

"You're sister was possessed," her husband whispered. "He's just-he's evil. I have never seen a man so consumed by a desire for power, for control. Zero said he doesn't care what happens to him; all that matters to him is that he thinks it's going to be his child that will receive the throne."

"It's Glitch's," she corrected. "Ambrose is all but ready to ask my parents for her hand."

"How is Azkadellia doing?"

"She's coping. It's going to be a long time, and I think Ambrose...Glitch...he's being a great help right now. Az has him for support. And her family. We're just going to listen and do what we can to be supportive."

"Then I think this is going to end up as a three-for-one," sighed Wyatt, fingers threading through her hair. He cupped the back of her head as she sat back up, again, giving him a look of question. Honestly, she was going to forbid any discussion in bed that did not involve saying one another's names or a deity's frequently and loudly, or instructions that included the words 'harder' or 'faster'.

"Out with it, Mister, or I won't be getting that book I told you about next time we go take a Storm."

"The 'Suit Rah' book?" he said, suddenly disappointed, but then he continued. "Jeb wants to have talk with me sometime this week. He looked like I felt right before I asked you to marry me."

"I'm to young to be a mother-in-law! Especially to my best friend, and-oh, what the hell am I saying? This is wonderful!"

He groaned. Again. Not the good kind. "Deijhi, darlin', this means we are eventually going to end up grandparents."

"Yeah, but I bet you're the type of guy who stays sexy while you age."

A firm hand came down strongly over her rear, and she gave a small shriek at the slight sting. "And with the rate all of this is going, you're going to have the perkiest ass a grandmother this side of the rainbow has ever had."

DG tackled him with a giggle. "Oh my God," she said suddenly. "You made a funny. I think I broke you!"

But after a short while they quieted, and DG took her place by his side, and they both stared up at the ceiling. In the morning, they would wake up together, in each other's arms, and life would go on, shaky but finding its feet, and they would have one another.

"Wyatt." Her voice didn't break the quiet, it just seemed to fit in. The arm around her waist tightened for an instant.

"Yes, darlin'?"

"I know it can't always be like this, but...let's try to keep it this way for as long as possible, okay?"

In the dark, she knew he smiled. "Anything for you, love."

DG smiled.


The announcement of the three marriages set all of the O.Z. in a tizzy, and as the kingdom set itself back together, it looked forward to the celebration as a sort of way to finalize their survival and victory.

The two princesses and the lady in waiting were said to be beautiful in their own ways: Deijhi seemed to only have eyes for her handsome groom, and Azkadellia had the glow of an expectant mother, and the Lady Mona was exotic and gorgeous. They were all so very close that it made it easy to track down one or the other for something during the planning.

The Heir to the Throne, Princess Deijhi Cain and her groom retired to the palace at the Ice Mountain for an extended honeymoon, during which no one saw them. Mona and her dear Jeb traveled the land, and Az and Glitch remained at the palace in Central City, as she was due soon.

The baby was a girl, and they named her Mina, something short and sweet and close to the name of the mother's dear friend. Both of her parents weren't entirely fond of their own names, so it seemed like the right thing to do.

DG's prescription of the Pill ran out about three months after her wedding. They announced her pregnancy a month later.

Zero withered, but did not die. It is said that when he was told that DG and her lovely Consort were to ascend the throne, whatever had kept him centered in his sick way broke, and he never spoke again.

But the DG and Wyatt still found time to sneak out to the Cain Estate, to the quiet and peace found in that beautiful area.

Carly and Sarah received identical, peculiar envelopes one day. Inside it were pictures of DG and Mona, as well as DG's boyfriend and a younger man that looked a great deal like him. Next to them was a woman who resembled DG, and a pale, dark haired man next to him. There were three babies in the picture, and everyone's smiles looked as if they would always remain, and not just in the photo. There were only a few words on the backs.

We got our H.E.A.s, and we hope you get yours.

Love, your friends

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