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(In the Land of Wave)

Things were getting bad for the people of Wave; it was that simple. A few years back a conniving bastard of a man named Gatou had nearly run the country into the ground. He had gone from village to village slowly taking each one over then robbing the people of their money, lives, and dignity. He ruled with an iron fist and was pretty good at using fear to intimidate the villagers. Anyone that stood up to him was quickly and publicly cut down to ensure that no one else would try. But he didn't count on two things happening that would spell is impending doom.

One was a man named Tazuna who had chosen to build a bridge to enable a secure trade route with foreign lands and thus helping the people of wave. The news of the bridge builders plan reached Gatou quite quickly and he answered with death threats. Fearing for his life, but knowing how desperate Wave was Tazuna left for the Hidden Village of Konoha to hire ninjas to guard him. The second thing Gatou didn't expect was for a separate organization to take interest in his affairs. One that was less pronounced and was more willing to fight fire with fire...

(In Tazuna's Village)

Two thugs entered the small town and started looking for anything worth stealing. As they walked through the throngs of people they spoke of there future plan.

"What a shit-hole, doubt we'll find anything of value here," the first thug said.

"No kidding, are you sure this Gatou guy is worth the effort of coming here," his partner replied.

"Trust me. An old acquaintance of mine said he was well worth the effort. He practically pays you to stand next to him."

"No way! Sounds too good to be true. If that's the case then he probably has enough mercs surrounding him."

"You would think, but from what I hear people are always coming or going…guess they just get restless. Anyway as long as you got the invitation you're on the payroll."

His friend patted the pouch on his waist, "Don't worry I still got it."

As he finished that sentence a small kid, probably in his early teens bumped into him.

"Watch it you little shit!" The man yelled, but before he could finish his sentence the kid was out of site. Readjusting his belt the thug notice his pouch was open and not only that, but the invitation was missing.


Two villagers were standing in an alley whispering to each other, talking about the man that they hated with all their hearts.

"That bastard, Gatou! He won't stop until he has everything!"

"Keep your voice down! What if one of his thugs hears us!? Besides Tazuna is getting ninjas! No way a bunch of thugs can take on them!"

"You haven't heard!? Gatou hired himself a couple of ninjas. And guess who he got! A former swordsman of the Mist!"

His friend let out a low whistle, "That had to cost him."

"Yeah, good thing ninjas are so expensive or we would see them instead of these thugs."

"Let's pray Tazuna gets someone better."

As the two left the alley they never noticed the white clad form jump to the next rooftop.

(Across Town)

"Oof!" a man grunted as he was thrown into a deserted alley. He saw a kid dressed better than most of the people of the village and decided to mug him. So far, said kid was delivering the beating.

A kid in a white leather outfit with a hood covering most of his face in shadows entered the alley slowly. Both of his forearms were covered in metal with a thick leather belt around his waist. Along the belt was a bunch of throwing knives, much different in design than the kunai of a ninja. Strapped at his waist was a long curved blade that resembled a scimitar more than a katana. Strapped to his back was a small dagger.

The thug got up and lunged at the kid throwing a wild punch. Sidestepping with ease, the kid grabbed the thugs arm and kneed him in the gut. A few follow-up punches and the man was on his knees with his hands up in surrender.

"I'm looking for information and you'll give it to me!" The kid said with a steel cold voice.

"I'm just a merc kid I know nothing!"

"You know Gatou!"

"I don't know much."

"Then tell me what you do know." The kid ordered.

"When people say he's greedy it's no joke! He hired ninjas but is refusing to pay them until the bridge builder is dead. I've heard some fellow mercs say he plans to betray them after they do their job. It is a little unnerving seeing how quick he is to betray his employees but the money is good enough for me."

"With such information floating about surely the ninjas he hired would know about this."

"Not really, it's very hush-hush. I can't even confirm if it's true or not, but I wouldn't put it past Gatou. That's all I know, will you let me go? I promise I'll leave Wave and never return!"

"I'm sorry but I have to tie up all loose ends." Was the kid's reply before he shoved a hidden blade attached to the underside of his left forearm into the man's cut, killing him quickly and quietly.

(Center of the Town)

The white formed figure of the kid walked nonchalantly on the roof of a building before spotting the opening he was looking for. Making his way to the hole he dropped down and made sure to avoid the fountain that was directly below. Normally a fountain wouldn't be inside such a small building, but this fountain served to catch any rainfall.

Walking down the hallway he entered a large room to see an old man standing behind a counter reading a book.

"Peace and safety, brother." The kid said as he neared him.

The old man looked up and smiled, "To you as well, Naruto."

The kid lowered his hood, revealing sun kissed blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Each cheek was adorned with three long birthmarks resembling whiskers.

"I have the information on my target." Naruto calmly spoke.

"So soon? You just got here yesterday."

"The sooner he's dead the sooner these peoples' suffering ends."

"True, no doubt you got a better idea of why you were sent here."

"Yes, but I'm surprised that Master let the situation get so bad before deciding to act."

The old man nodded at this, "Yes the situation is very bad, but do not fret Nartuo. I assure you he had his reasons. Now the information if you will."

Naruto took a second to gather his thoughts before speaking. "Gatou is a man built with sin. He is greedy, willing to betray anyone, and a murderer. The people hate him but are to afraid to do anything against him except for a bridge builder named Tazuna, who is in Konoha to hire ninjas. In retaliation, Gatou has hired his own ninjas, but he refuses to pay them. He says he'll do it when they kill Tazuna and the Konoha ninjas, but there are talks of a double-cross amongst the thugs he hired."

"Seems likely, but don't put your faith in rumors, Naruto."

"Don't worry, I'm not planning on it."

"So how will you strike?"

"Anyone with or without a shred of skill is welcomed into Gatous payroll so long as they have an invitation. Fortunately I relieved a man earlier this morning of his invitation. Thugs are always coming and going in Gatou's camp so it will be easy for me to blend in."

"They won't just let a kid in, Naruto. Invitation or not."

"I'll disguise myself in an older persona through the basic transformation jutsu. With my chakra reserves I can easily hold this form for days. From there I will bide my time, with all the commotion going on between Gatou and Tazuna it is only a matter of time before I get my chance to strike."

"Your plan seems solid enough," the old man said as he reached under the counter and pulled out a white feather. "I give you my consent. Just remember Naruto, no matter the reason you must not break the tenets of the creed."

"Don't worry my brother I won't," Naruto replied as he took the feather.

"You may rest here if you like. It may be a week before Tazuna gets his ninjas."

"Thanks, I'll stay for the night. But tomorrow I'll put my plan into action."


And there is the pilot for Tenets of the Creed. Depending on what people think will decide if it's worth continuing.