Something Was Missing...


bella and edward were best friends. That is...until bella was forced to leave pheonix and edward behind...Now, she is the adoptive daughter of Carlilse.

but, who are the new adoptive siblings coming into her home?

More info:

when a 9 year old bella was left alone, she was forced to live in an orphanage. charlie and renee died in a car accident. Carlisle and Esme decided to adopt her after they had already adopted 3 children.

At the orphanage, edward was her best friend. along with his sister Alice. when bella was taken away, Edward gave her a gold locket with their pictures inside.

When she came to live with esme and carlisle at age 11, she cried herself to sleep the first few weeks. even emmett the goof ball couldn't cheer her up.

it has been about 6 years now this very day, and everyone is wondering, who are the twins that will be coming into their lives very shortly?

important note!

Charlie and Renee died in a car accident...

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