Chrono Cross fanfiction

Beneath the Waves:

Prologue: The Panther

Holding onto his mother's hand, he clung to her, eyes wide, face beached fish pale. His grip once casual –and prone to being abandoned at the sight of anything interesting- became tight as a clam's. She looked down, her child's whimper of terror and accusing pointed finger were a guild for her eyes. Half cloaked in darkness was a large tawny feline, its amber eyes was riveted on the two of them. Her words of comfort dissolved on the tip of her tongue, and out slid an absent chuckle.

"Surge, sweetie, there's nothing to be scared of. It's just a puss."

With a smile she knelt and clucked in the back of her throat, tawny eyes drifted from Surge, to her, and they became fixated. Nothing distracted that gaze, not even the passerby. The feline watched her with unblinking orbs; the black slit at the eye's heart was the only thing about the feline that moved. A flash of sun off stone caused them to thin, the mobile shade of a pedestrian made them thicken for the merest moment before their owner was lost in the dark.

Lost in its own private night, the cat simple stared at them in silence. Surge too was staring, though he shook so much that it could not be said that he was still.


"Yes, sweetie," Leaning close she wound a comforting arm around her little boy. "What is it?"


"Ther? P'ther… Panther?"

Laughing richly the woman gave her son's hand a tug. He came, reluctantly, and his mere seven years of life meant that no matter how limply he followed, he must follow. So he did, looking back every step of the way.

"That's not a panther," Surge's mother teased, as she gently pulled him along. "It's a puss."

As if to disagree the feline let out a throaty growl. Once the woman had forgotten about him the feline followed it's prey on silent paws.

Author's note:

I'm borrowing Chrono Cross from a friend –I plan to get my own copy as soon as I can find it, however considering PS1 RPG's are rare it's going to take a while before that happens- and since I have limited game time I thought I'd try to get some "Cross" fanfic done before I have to return it.

In the end I haven't decided if this is going to be a multi chapter piece or a novel length story. I will continue the story until I have to return the game.