He hadn't told them again. Allan knew he hadn't and he didn't think he ever would. For some reason, entirely unknown to Allan, Will had neglected to tell the rest of the outlaws how he had helped them. As ever the younger man was a mystery to Allan and the more he thought about it the more he realised how little he knew about him. Of course he knew about Will's family, but he was the strong silent type; the only time he had let any of his hidden feelings show, it had gone unnoticed… except by Allan. He was shaken from his thoughts by a harsh shout from Gisborne.

"Allan! We have outlaws in Nottingham! How did they get in?" The tall, leather clad knight strode over to Allan angrily. "I thought you told me all of their entry points?!"

"I did!" replied Allan, glaring and far more confidently than he felt, "they must have found some new way in" no doubt discovered by Will he thought privately.

The Sheriff burst angrily out into the courtyard, ignoring Allan and shouting straight at Gisborne. "Where are my prisoners?! I had two of the King's brave, loyal messengers," he spat the words venomously, "in my dungeons… now I have none and the outlaws are no where to be found!!" He leaned right up to Gisborne's face… "FIND THEM!!!"

The Sheriff stalked off back into the depths of the castle and Gisborne looked down on Allan ("find them") and stalked off in the opposite direction to his master.

Robin had taken Sir Gillan back to the camp and everyone else had split up. John, Much and Djaq had managed to escape the town but Will was still hidden in Nottingham, specifically; trapped inside the castle, in one of it's many secret passageways. It was about eight yards long but only about two foot wide and opened out in the great hall; also, it was pitch dark so that he could only just see his hand in front of his face.

There was a soft noise outside of the concealed entrance, as if someone was trying to find the secret lever. Then the stone door swung open and then instantly slammed shut again, however Will could now hear breathing other than his own. Breathing that he recognised.

"Allan?!" The black clad traitor spun around, shocked.

"Will?! …what are you doing here?!"

"Hiding, but I suppose it's in vain know because Gisborne's boy is here," said Will bitterly.

Allan stepped closer to Will so that now he could see the bright flash of his blue eyes.

"I have helped you, Will. I was your friend!" Will went to interrupt but Allan ploughed on with a new found anger. "We have gone through so much together and now… even when I have helped you. I never breathed a word about Marian and the Nightwatchman! Can't you trust me at all?! I have helped you so much in this very castle and you can't even respect me!" Allan was breathing heavily, he was not the type to get angry like this and there was a flash of surprise in Will's dark eyes before he retorted.

"I can not respect a traitor."

"I probably don't deserve it, but it was a mistake. One mistake that I would give anything to take back. But I was your friend, Will… at least respect my apology."

In one slick movement Will thrust a hand out to Allan's throat, slamming him against the wall, trapping the two men closely between the passageway walls. Will stepped closer so that his body was pressed up against Allan and the pressure on his neck increased. Allan gasped a little and there was a dark sadness in his eyes.

"Will… I miss you."

Will looked into Allan's blue eyes before acting entirely on impulse.


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