Title-For The Life of Our Hero


Plot-Harry is abused all his life, but everything goes down hill after Siri dies. Harry finds out the truth about his parents, Voldemort, his friends, his enemies and what he truly is. Features a Dark Harry, Dumbledore bashing, creature fic and Slash. This is a Harry Draco fic, not Harry OC even if it may look like it in the beginning, that will quickly change.

Disclaimer-The only thing that belongs to me is Shikiru, everything else is J K's.

For The Life of Our Hero

Chapter 1

"Dudley! Son come quick! I have a surprise for you!" yelled uncle Vernon upstairs to his beloved son.

"A present?! Gimme, gimme now!" cried Dudley as he came thundering down the stairs, sawdust drizzling down upon the broken and beaten boy in the cupboard.

Yes, that is correct. Harry was forced to return to his cupboard under the stairs for another summer at his uncles house. Vernon considered it a "treat" that Harry even be allowed to stay under his roof, let alone get a room all to him self. Vernon had gotten more hostile as each summer passed, but this summer was by far, the worst. Harry had not arrived in the house 10 minutes before Vernon flung him to the ground. Kicking Harry in the ribs, repeatedly until he heard the familiar sound of a rib cracking. He had then thrown a semi-conscious Harry into his cupboard, telling him that this was the only place he was allowed to occupy, other then the kitchen.

Harry didn't know what to do. His wand and anything magical he owned had been striped from him upon entering the house by his uncle. He had been able to heal some of the minor cuts and bruisings by himself, but all of his broken bones would have to wait until school...if he survived the summer.

If the physical and mental abuse wasn't enough, Harry hadn't heard from anyone this summer. Though, he wasn't that surprised. They had acted differently over the past year. They had been more secretive and more reluctant to talk to Harry. It didn't come as a surprise to anyone was they announced that they were dating. Sadly, everything became worse after that. Ron and Hermonie would only want to sit together, only talk to each other, leaving Harry to trail behind them. This had left Harry almost completely alone, if it hadn't been for Neville, he didn't know what he would have done.

Everything had only progressively gotten worse as the year carried on. Slowly, Ron and Hermione turned from ignoring him to loathing him. Harry had been so confused until one night he heard their conversation...

"I don't see why we put up with him Hermione!" roared Ron and he paced around the supposedly empty common room.

"It's for the best Ron, eventually Harry will defeat the Dark Lord and we shall become rich and famous. Dumbledore promised we would get a good chunk of Harry's money if we continued to put up with the brat until the finale battle." explained Hermione

"Yea yea, I know, but does he have to make it so God damn difficult?! I mean, I get that he lost he godfather, but he only knew the man for like...2 years! He shouldn't be that broken up about this." sighed Ron as he slid onto the couch next to his girlfriend

"I know, but it will only be for a while longer, hey, maybe if we're lucky he'll go insane after killing You Know Who. Dumbledore would have to admit him into the psychiatric ward of St. Mungo's." said Hermione excitedly as she slyly crept into her boyfriends lap.

"Ha, yea, that would be nice." said Ron as he pulled his excited girlfriend closer

"You know what else would be fun?" purred Hermione, her hands gliding closer to Ron's pants

"Why no, my horny girlfriend, what would that be." said Ron

"This" Hermione's hand had found what they had been looking for.

"Hmmm, your right." moaned Ron

Neither of them noticed the portrait door silently close, or the crying raven haired boy running in the opposite direction.

End Flashback

Harry had been shocked about this revelation for weeks. After a few weeks of repeatably being treated like shit, Harry had decided that he would no longer associate himself with either Ron or Hermione. Harry started to ignore Ron and Hermione, not like they could tell the difference. He began to hang out with Neville, Dean and Seamus. This had been enough for him to keep him happy. Sadly, Ron couldn't take Harry being happy, so he told the entire school that Harry was gay. Harry had confided in Ron with this secrete information when they were still best friends. Dean and Seamus stooped talking to him immediately.

Harry found out that not only was homosexuality a disgrace to the wizardry world, it was considered one of their greatest taboos. Once word got out around the school, people looked at Harry like he was Voldemort. They couldn't understand why their hero was abandoning them to peruse this disgusting lifestyle. Their logic was to bully Harry into being "normal" again. This obviously didn't work. It succeed in making Harry angrier at the world. The only people who weren't complete arses to Harry were the Slytherines. They were used to being considered the disgrace of the school so they had an idea what he was going through. Even Draco Malfoy had stopped tormenting him in the hallway. Harry didn't know how he survived the school year, but luckily he did, only to be turfed back to his uncle's house. He had even begged Dumbledore not to send him back. He had tried to explain all the horrible things that happened to him there, but Dumbledore wouldn't hear it.

So here he was now, lying in a pile of his own blood.

"Dad! What did you get me!? Let me see it!" belted Dudley

"Haha, calm down my lad, close your eyes and come with me. Your surprise is outside waiting." said Vernon as he led his trembling son into the backyard.

"Now, open your eyes."

Dudley flung his eyes open. He looked around until he spotted something he didn't normally see in the yard. A puppy. The dog was silently sitting there, almost seemed to be observing Dudley.

"You got me a puppy?! Why they hell would you think I would want a bloody puppy! It doesn't even have fangs or claws!" screamed Dudley, turning red

"Now son, its not any kind of dog. This is a purebred Siberian husky, and a rare one at that! Look at her fur, pure white! She cost me a fortune and I know how much you've wanted a dog..."

"YES! I do want a dog. A viscous dog! One that has huge claws and giant teeth to rip through all the people I hate! Not some little poodle!" yelled Dudley

"OK son, calm down. This dog cost me a lot of money, and its only a puppy. It will get much bigger as she grows. I'm sure you can train her to be the type of dog your looking for." explained Vernon

"Well, I guess you're right. Could I practice on Harry?!" asked Dudley excitedly

"Not now Dudley, Harry is Daddy's play thing right now. But you can use him tonight while I'm done. Now run along and take the dog for a walk, I need to...talk...with Harry." said Vernon

"of course dad, I'll be back in a few hours." said Dudley as he and his new dog walked out of the backyard. With some trouble though, the dog didn't seem to want to leave after hearing the tone in Vernon's voice when he talked about Harry.

Dudley finally pulled the barking beast out of the yard and Vernon returned to the house.

Harry's POV

"Boy! Get up! Dudley and Petunia are out! Its time for us to have some fun." thundered Vernon as he stomped his way over to Harry's Cupboard.

"Oh no, not again." were Harry's last coherent thoughts before he felt his uncle drag him from his cupboard and up to his room.

End chapter 1

Author's note: OK, this is my first fic ever so be mercy full. I also don't have a beta, so there may be some mistakes that I've missed. If anyone wants to, then I would greatly appreciate it - I am aware that there are mistakes, I'm only human I can't catch everything. I would appreciate some criticism, but I will not even bother reading flames about something stupid, like Harry being gay. If you really hate the fic thats Ok, if you think it can be better, tell me, other wise, don't say anything. Oh, and if I got any of the names wrong, tell me.