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Chapter 12

"Dumbledore knows"

All the eyes in the room were now trained on an exausted Harry as he entered Lucius's study.

"Dumbledore knows...what exactly?" Tom asked

"I'm sorry Tom. I had to save the twins. They've done so much for me and i forgot about them! I left them to fend for themselves against their family and Dumble. I couldn't just let them rott. They're my family.." Harry ended his breathless rant to the confused group.

"That doesn't answer my question"

"Well, he was at the Inn where the twins were. He knows I'm not exactly on the side of the good." answered Harry, as he stumbled his way over to his waiting lovers arms, whom had woundered into the room some time ago when he awoke and did not find Harry in his room.

"I was worried sick" he whispered into his mates ear.

"I know love, I left in such a hurry I forgot to tell you. Forgive me?"

"Just don't do it again" was his mates only answer

"We had hoped to keep this a secret a bit longer, but we can not change the past." Tom sat musing over his wine

"Is there anyway that Dumbledore could not allow Harry to return to school?" asked Draco

"I'm sure he could find some loop-hole if he wished. Or just wait until Harry inevitably broke a rule" replied the potions master.

"I don't believe he'll do that. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Dumbledore will want to keep a watchful eye on Harry. Maybe even try to bring him back to the light." Laughed the Dark Lord

"Could he really be that ignorant?" Asked Harry from Draco's lap

"I don't think it is ignorance, mearly wishful thinking. You're his tool to glory Harry, He won't give up on you that eaisly. I know he will hold his beilefs that you can be brought back to the good before he resorts to trickery and violence. Well, more deliberate trickery and violence." Lucius stood and walked across the room to refill his drink. While magic may have been easier, he needed the little physical stress release that walking brought him.

"I would never betray my family!" Roared the young Morphia, immediately going into defense mode and covered his mate from anyone who may pose a threat

"Harry, you need to relax. We know you would never harm any of us or betray us." Tom tried to calm the seething creature

Harry's rage only subsided with the feel of his mates hands rubbing his back soothingly, rubbing away the tension that was building up in the muscles.

The group was finally able to see the anger that this creature possesed, the anger that fueled him to murder the people that had caused him so much pain. Many of them had never seen the boy this angry, power rolling off him in waves.

Harry couldn't believe what these people were saying. He would never betray the people he loved! Who were they to even suggest such a thing? Betraying them would cause harm to Draco, he would rather die then allow anything to happen to his mate.

"Harry, love, you need to calm yourself." Came Draco's soothing voice, floating into his ear like a gentle melody, calming the flames of rage that clouded his mind

"What is going on here?" Asked a perplexed Morphia, coming through the door without so much as a knock.

"Harry's anger seems to have gotten the better or him" replied the potions master

"Tisk tisk, he has had a stressful day. What with Dumbledore and the twins. His powers are still settleing. He needs rest, Draco, bring him back to his room and make sure he doesn't kill anyone" Instructed Shikiru as Draco led the Morphia out of the room.

Once the doors closed, a collective sigh of relief could audibly be heard.

"I almost forget he isn't human anymore." Thought the Dark Lord, sipping his drink

"Be that as it may, he's still Harry." responded Lucius

"But we really don't know Harry. He was taken away from us at such a young age and for so long we had to hide our true intentions and feelings for him. He's so different from who he could have been. This summer has been great in finding him and understanding who he is, but this is still new." Narcissa added, having been silent throughout this whole ordeal

"Potter loves and is loyal to us, his family. I never thought I would say this about him, but he's not an idiot. He will never let anyone munipulate him again." Said Serverus

"Harry is strong. He is of my blood and he will prevail. But he has gone through so much that we could not stop. He still needs times to sort out his feelings, his memories. He's still young, angry, and now stronger then previously believed." Shikiru said as she joined the adults, attempting to lift the somber mood that had setteled in the room.

"Draco will take care of Harry. What we need to worry about is Dumbledore. I don't want him to do anything to Harry. Before tonight Dumbledore may have still believed Harry might still be swayed to his cause. He may have just been..experimenting and rebelling. He may still harbor some fantasy that the golden trio can look past this fight and reunite in their efforts to destroy me." Said Tom

"But Harry will never do that." Reasoned Serverus

"Not on his own free will. I fear Dumbledore may use magic to muniplulate our poor boy." Said the usually light tempered Morphia

"It's late. We all need rest. We could stay up for nights on end thinking up ways that Harry can be hurt. But now is not the time." Said Lucius, finishing his drink and standing, as did the rest of the group.

"Sleep well" Said the Morphia, gliding out of the room, followed by the weary adults, minds heavier now then when they had entered.

"Harry, love, what has gotten you so ratteled?" Asked Draco, once they made it back to Harry's room

"I'm not sure. It's just the idea of someone hurting my family, it makes my blood boil! All I want to do is keep you safe Draco. I would kill anyone a thousand times over if they made an attempt on your life." Answerd Harry, taking his mate into his arms.

"Even your family?" Draco snuggled into the familar arms of the man he had only been with for a few months but loved as if they had been together for decades.

"I don't even want to think about that. I don't know exactly what came over me, I mean, reasonably I know no one down there would harm you, or I, but just, the suggestion that I would cause harm to my family, made by my family, I resorted to instincts. Protect that one who means the most to me. And that's you." Green eyes bore into silver, almost as if the words could be passed through one orb into the other.

"You're rambaling my love." Laughed Draco, attempting to eliviate some of the tension in the room.

"I know what you're trying to do Dragon, but these sort of things need to be said. I'm your dominate mate, and I really would do anything to protect you." He understood Draco's want to get pass this touchy subject, but they needed a real, serious conversation. Something that they hadn't had since Harry had described how he had taken revenge on his so called family.

"You're right. I almost forget how violent you can be." Mumbled Draco

"I can't say I wont kill again Draco. War is inevitable. But I will admit, sometimes I regret how I acted in my first hours as a Morphia." Sighed Harry

"I don't. Those people were cruel to you, much more evil then anything I or the Dark Lord ever did to you, and we were supposed to be your most sworn enemies!"

"Ha, you were never my enemy Dragon. Maybe a thorn in my side, someone I wanted to pound till you ceased speaking, but never an enemy." Laughed the tired Morphia

"I'd like to hope you still want to pound me." Shyly replied Draco, looking down at his hands

"Oh, I'd like to pound something." Answered Harry, reaching for his blushing mate

"Harry, we don't need to yet. We haven't really gone passed snogging. Every fiber in my horny teenaged body is screaming at me for telling you no, but I'm afraid it's too soon, for you, for us." Reasoned Draco

"For me?" Asked Harry, not liking where this was going.

"You know, raped hun."

"So what, I'm used goods to you?" Snarled Harry

"What? No! But I've been reading a lot about this sort of thing. Not to sound like the mudblood, but there are so many books out there on this subject. They all say that everyone deals with the trauma differently, but I fear that you haven't dealt with it, only surpressed it. And having sex with me might only reopen old wounds that could destroy our relationship. You know I love you and want nothing more then for your cock to be up my ass." Answered Draco, trying to sway some of the mans anger from rage back to lust.

"I have dealt with it. I destroyed the man who did this to me. I know he can never hurt me again Draco." Replied Harry, understanding what his mate was saying.

"Good. You don't know how happy that makes me." Said Draco, pulling Harry into his arms.

"Why? So we can have sex now?" Laughed Harry, falling into his mate's embrace.

"You prat! How dare you! You know I love you, why I'm not so sure, but you know I do." Pouted Draco, deciding that his mate did not deserve the comfort of his arms.

Harry was having none of this and grabbed Draco, who gasped at the sudden change in his mate as he was thrown on the bed.

"Harry, what.." Draco gasped as he felt his mates lips on his neck, slowly trailing down his collarbone.

"We don't have to do this." Panted Draco

"I know, and we aren't. Not sex exactly. I want that to be special. My first time was hell Draco, and I want yours to be one of the specialist times in our relationship. I want you to treassure that memory for as long as we live, and that could be a very, very long time." Answered Harry, continuing his persuit of Draco's neck.

"Well then, don't let me stop you." Sighed Draco, relaxing into the pillows behind him and allowing Harry to continue his minstrations.

Soon all that could be heard was panting and moaning coming from both the boys. Draco could barely stand the hot toung that continued down his throat, down his chest and began to, slowly, almost painfully slowly, make its way down his navel.

"Harry please." Cried Draco, arching up into the cruel tounge that refused to past his waist line, only covered by the thin fabric of his boxers, pants having mysteriously vanished.

"Please what dear?" Asked a playful Harry, refusing to go any lower till the man above him begged.

"You know what!" The beyond sexually frustrated teen screamed

"Tell me what you want."

"I want my cock in your mouth, now!" Demanded the little minx, almost crying in anticipation

"As you wish." In seconds the boxers were gone and all Draco could feel was heat. The gasp and scream that came out of the boy's mouth was the most erotic thing Harry had ever heard in his life, almost being driven to the edge right then and there.

Draco was embarassed by how quickly he came to the edge. He had kept his lust at bay for so long, not wanting to push his mate into something that he wasn't ready for. But all that flew out the window with Harry's mouth rapped around him so tightly, sucking forcfully when needed and flicking his tounge across the most sensitive parts of his cock.

"Harry, I don't know how much longer I can last." Whimpered Draco, squeezing his eyes shut and scrunching his toes, his whole body shaking.

"Cum for me." Were the only words Harry uttered before returing to his work on Draco, sucking harder and faster, if that was even possible.

Draco only lasted a few more moments before he was screaming his release, the only warning Harry had before his mouth was flooded with Draco's fluids.

Harry smirked around Draco's cock as he felt Draco's cum slide down his throat.

Once Draco came down from his high, he snuggled into the waiting arms of his lover.

"Don't you want me to finish you?" Asked Draco, hands starting to wounder down Harry's body.

"No, I'm all set." Blushed Harry, swatting Draco's hands away.

"Come on, you were amazing! The least I can do is return the favor, and trust me, I really want to return the favor." Purred the blonde into Harry's ear.

"No Draco, I mean it, I'm really all set." Draco finally looked down at Harry's jeans, open and limp cock hanging out.

"You are very vocal when you're experiecing pleasure love, it was too much for me." Harry couldn't look the sniggering boy in the face.

"Oh just you wait till I actually touch you." Replied Draco, nesteling himself into a comfortable position.

"I know." Replied Harry, finding a good position amoung the pillows and allowing the shallow, even breathing of his lover lull him to sleep.