The New Leader


New Plans


Normal P.O.V

"I've failed you father."

"No, Sakura."

"But you're dying."

"But you're still alive, you can finish our mission."

"O.K., I will finish this mission no matter what." Sakura declared while closing the boulder "Goodbye father."


Sakura P.O.V


O.K. I know exactly what you all are thinking what the hell is going on and why is my father dying and why and how did I fail well lets go back about a month a go to when Uchiha left me on that cold cold bench.


One Month ago


"Thank-you" That's the last word Sasuke said to me before I went out cold. Then I wake up to a older looking Sasuke shaking me.

"Stop it Sasuke-kun, that hurts" but he just stands their and then

"Hey, Itachi she awake" a blue looking' fish comes in and says then that's when I notice their long coats with red clouds as a symbol.

'O my god their akatsuki members' I am about to scream when

"Don't scream, come" then I can't talk I open my mouth but no sound comes out then I stand up and follow the man with the glowing red swirly eyes. We walked down a long corridor to this large door.

'This is what I get for following some guy at night'

The man knocks on the door and says

"Leader we have brought her to you"

"Come in" says a voice in side. We enter and at least 12 more guys in the same coat as the fish man and the man that looks like Sasuke are in there.

"Itachi let her speak"

"But she will scream"

"I said let my daughter speak"

'Who are they about?'

'Don't know just shut-up and listen'

"Hello" the dark looking man says. I think he's the leader the way older Sasuke was talking to him by. I think his name was Itachi or something like that.

"What I'm I doing here" I hear myself softly say "and who are you"

"You're here to join the Akatsuki and I am your father"

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