Cornflowers Blue

Rated: Uhmmm...K.

It was tradition, when Edward was a human, for a man who was irrefutably in love to wear a rich blue cornflower in the button of his lapel.

These would be bought, usually, at the florist's down the street from his old house- run by a woman by the name of Desdemona Hop. She would sell the bright foliage like candy, costing four pennies apiece- two, if she liked you well enough. And she liked Edward- every day on his commute to school, he would walk past Desi's place, and every day she would poke her head out and say:

"Why're you walking by so quick, Boy? Not in love?"

"No," He would reply "Not at all."

And for months and months, question and answer. Always the same, until one day, she asked:

"You in love yet, Boy?"

"Yes." He said, pausing "Yes I am." And Edward Cullen glanced at her coolly, tossing two pennies and retrieving a blue flower from the stunned woman.

"Well now, Boy, it can't be just any girl that's gone and stolen your heart like that." Desi assessed as he put it into his lapel "Who's the lucky lady?"

He just grinned and shook his head "You know what?" He said as he started for the door "I don't think I've met her quite yet."

Years and years passed, folding and lapsing one atop the other until the forever young boy could not tell one annual from the other. The only thing besides himself that really stayed the same was that blue Cornflower- it had never wilted, withstanding the test of decades.

Edward had pondered over it for years and years, until he came up with the only plausible answer, straight from the folktale itself

If the Cornflower wilts quickly, your love is unrequited.

Maybe not so plausible, but the only thing he could think of- which must mean that his love was out there somewhere, waiting. And she loved him, too.

A happy thought, but a silly one- one that he never entertained for the notion that it was not true.

And then he met Isabella Swan, and his entire world vision was rocked to the core.

So when she asks him "What's your favourite colour, Edward?"

He will always smile, and he will always reply