Disclaimer: I am NOT Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, so I don't own anything in the Kiesha'ra universe except this story

Summary: My name is Ahnmir Shardae Cobriana, Ahn for short. I am what you could call a hybrid. My magic is powerful. This is my story. The story of my life, the story of who, and what, I am . . .

Chapter 1: I Am Ahnmir

From the Gate, I looked out over my void. Over my Ecl. It was an expanse of desolate wasteland, pockmarked with craters and shimmering threads of magic. Just to the left of me is a large keep. My haven when the combination of magic and void is too much even for me. I closed my eyes, then opened them, and the path through the currents of Ecl became clear. I have long been Mana'Ecl, a Master of the Void. My Ecl is dangerous if you don't know the path, which always changes. There, on the other side of the void, was the Vault. All the powers I did not immediately need((Immediately being within the next hour)), all the abilities that would only hinder me unless I needed them, were there, including, at the moment, my three force-changed forms. I acquired them several years ago. One was a Serpiente, the second Avian, the third human. I acquired two of them from close friends, who gave me their forms so that I could walk freely amongst either group without being bothered by people pestering the royal house or being feared. It was the Human form which I now sought.

I am feared by many, not merely because I am of their royal houses, but also because I exhibit magical abilities far in excess of my mother's and father's put together. I discovered long ago that my magic was almost beyond my control. That is why I created the Vault: to store my abilities until I needed them. I also train here, harnessing my power. Hence the desolate wasteland; my magic is devastating, even after years of riding the void.

I walked along the path until I reached the Vault. I opened the doors, and there, floating inside it, were thousands of magical abilities. I entered, walking toward the magics which outlined the third force-changed form. I placed my hand on it, absorbed it into myself. The magic now pulsed with energy in sync with my heartbeat, as much a part of me as my body.

I began the journey back to the Gate. It is always harder returning than entering, as the void always flows toward the Vault, pushing me back with it. After reaching the Gate, which was woven from pure magic, I placed my hand on the veil which separated my world from the real one. The curtain parted,and I walked forward. No sooner had I completely passed it, when I opened my eyes, sitting in a meditative position on the dirt floor of a small wooden hut in the middle of a small village. I had developed a culture in this and the surrounding villages, on the other side of the world from the Falcons, Serpiente, and Avians. Some careful manipulation of their minds, and I had crafted a mythological creation story, a deity that I could pass as, and started a civilization. In my fully human form, I was a man named Teon, a priest of the deity I had crafted. In my fully animal form, I was the Feathered Serpent, worshiped by all the inhabitants of this area. I had assumed the identity of the deity I had created named Quetzalcoatl, and I was accepted for what I was. I truly was a near-deity to these humans.

I changed into the form that had become Teon, and I emerged from my hut. I had to go about and perform my duties. Late at night, I would assume my second form, and fly, allowing myself only a few hours of sleep a night, as I had to wake up early to retrieve Teon's form form the Vault.

After a long day of priestly duties and selecting which of crops and livestock were most likely to be accepted as sacrifices to Quetzalcoatl, I returned home. The moon had risen about an hour ago, so everyone else had already returned home and was either asleep or indulging in family things. Along the wall of my hut was a small bowl of water. I walked over to it, whispered the activating words, wove the magics, and four images appeared as I called them up. One showed Wyvern's Court, the second showed Hawk's Keep, and the third showed the Serpiente palace. All to be expected, given my interest in the affairs of those people. However, the fourth showed the island of Ahnmik. Specifically, it showed the Tower of shm'Ecl. Servos was there, guarding those who had succumbed to it. Finally, I reached forward, searching for the future, trying to read what was to come. A haze filled the watery bowl, blurry, confusing, only a feeling slipping through. An eerie calm. Unsettling, disturbing, like the calm before disaster strikes. As I observed it, I slowly let the force-change slip away, and I changed. I had to go visit someone. First, I became a human with several unsettling features. Eyes that appeared to be several colors at once, ranging from garnet to gold and hair that was a combination of black and brown streaks, to name a few. Then I transitioned further. My Serpiente scales emerged first, and I turned into a serpent. Then the goshawk wings. Finally, I felt the last changes occur.

I slithered out of my hut and took to the sky. As I spread my two sets of wings, one goshawk, the other peregrine, I thought, I am Ahnmir Shardae Cobriana, son of Oliza Shardae Cobriana and Nicias Silvermead, Heir to three thrones, more powerful than any one race, and a focal point for Ahnmik and Anhamirak's powers, opposite each other in a fragile, yet predominantly stable, balance. I am the Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent!