Beauty and the Beast Fanfic

Their wedding had just taken place, although it was rather impromptu to the casual observer from the modern era. Belle just wore her yellow gown and the Prince wore his blue suit, and they married right away since social decorum prompted it. Prince Adam was human again and no longer a Beast, so it was only proper that they married so that he could legally care for Belle and her aging father.

After the brief ceremony in the cathedral annex, Belle and Prince Adam danced long into the evening, but soon it was time for bed, something Belle was a bit apprehensive about to say the least. The couple parted ways, and not really thinking, Belle went to her former bedroom and requested to have a bath drawn. Belle soaked in the tub for awhile, contemplating her eventful day, until one of the servants came in (the one who once was the wardrobe) and said

"Oh Belle it's time to get out before you turn into a prune. The master probably wouldn't like that! Oh and here is the night gown he requested you wear, and you should see it because it is rather lovely.

Belle replied, "Thank you very much. I think I can handle it from here, but thank you anyway!"

Belle then proceeded to get out of the tub and put on the long silk night gown and the somewhat sheer robe that went with it.

"My this will never do, but I guess if he wants me to wear it, I will." Belle thought to herself as she put it on.

Belle then climbed into bed and nervously waited for whatever would come next. After a few minutes she became a bit bored and looked in her night stand for her book, but unfortunately it wasn't there. Surprised at this fact, she then decided to go over to the library to borrow a book from there. She slipped out of the room and down the hall to the library as silently as possible in her bare feet, then entered the library. The fire in the room's fireplace had gone out, but the drapes were still drawn open, casting moonlight and shadows all around the room. She was able to see enough to find a candlestick and a flint light laying on the desk, then once her candles were lit, she proceeded to inspect the library,.

Belle became so engrossed in her quest, marveling in the vast quantity of books, that she didn't realize she wasn't alone anymore until she bumped into a large figure in the dark, who grabbed for the candlestick in her hand.

"Oops sorry I was just..." Belle exclaimed.

"Hello Belle..What are you doing in here?" Prince Adam said while reaching for the candle.

A bit bit of melted wax dripped on his hand, causing him to momentarily wince in pain. Belle grabbed for his hand, lightly rubbed it, and exclaimed,

"Oh see you went and burnt yourself now. Aw well you should have known that I wouldn't have burnt the books."

"It wasn't the books I was worried about when I saw that candle! Again Belle, why are you in here?

Well usually I read a book before I retire to bed every night and since I couldn't find the one I'd been reading,I thought that I would borrow one from here instead."

"Belle you know that you don't have to borrow any of these books because they are all yours. Still though, ahem, why did you come in here dressed like that?" Adam said after noticing the moonlight streaming in revealed a hint of more than a few of Belle's charms in shadow through her gown.

"This? Why this is the gown that you wanted me to wear."

"Well that gown was not intended for trips to the library, or the prying eyes of my erstwhile staff! Oh, ahem, are you a little cold?"

"Actually, yes I am a little cold...How did you know?" she said, then noticing her chest, she added, "Oh hahaha...Well you provided me with the gown!"

"And you decided to go to the library!"

"I'm sorry...I just wanted to find a book to read before bed."

"Well you probably won't be reading much before you go to bed anymore."

"I'm sorry..."

"Oh come on let's go. Let's get you out of here and on to bed. This has been quite the day."

Prince Adam then proceeded to pick Belle up and carry her out of the room. Belle gasped, then threw her arms around his neck, still unaccustomed to being bodily carried out of a room.

When Adam turned toward the West Wing rather than the other hall, Belle questioned,

"Oh why are you going this way? My room's the other way..."

"Tonight we're going to the West Wing and you will be in my bed."

"Oh, oh my!"

Prince Adam carried her to his bedroom and deposited her on the largest four poster bed she'd ever seen. He then proceeded to remove his boots, jacket, cravat, and shirt.

Glancing around the room, Belle commented

"Oh you must have fixed up the place, no more broken furniture or torn paintings! I'm impressed!" Then she noticed he'd removed some of his clothing, so she added "Oh aren't you going somewhere? Like for a ride or something?"

"No, these are my wife hunting clothes!"

"Ha ha ha, Wife hunting clothes?"

"Well yes. When I went into your room and noticed you weren't there, I thought that I had to go out and hunt you down. Remember the time with the wolves?"

"Hunt me down? Like when you were a beast? Ah I see some things never change!"

At that comment Prince Adam just glared at Belle.

"Oh I'm sorry..."

"No need for apologies. I was just concerned for your safety that's all."

Adam then turned from Belle and proceeded to remove his shirt, but when he got to the waistband of his pants, Belle suddenly dove under the covers to hide.

He chuckled then said "Oh Belle surely you've seen..."

"No I have not..." she said, then peeked one eye out for a little look.

"Ah it's fine to be nervous. Here I'll just douse the light." he said as he extinguished the candle and climbed into the bed.

"Oh you're probably cold, here let me keep you warm." he said while he drew her against his body.

"When you admitted you were nervous that is fine. In fact truth be told..."

"You're a little nervous too?" Belle whispered as she leaned against his chest, and listened to his beating heart.

"Hmmp...ymmp" he mumbled into the crown of her hair, while he stroked her hair and shoulder.

"Maybe we can just start with a kiss, like we had on the terrace?

"You want to go out on the terrace?" he asked, his voice husky.

"Oh but you're..."

"Okay then we'll just kiss." he said then drew her mouth to his and proceeded to kiss her as never before.

The kiss that Belle and Prince Adam shared led to so much more. Led to other mutual delights and an understanding of what they both liked or needed.

The next morning though they were awoken by a servant who came in with a note.

"Master I have a letter for you...Oh hello Master, M' Lady. I hope I didn't..."

"Get out! Don't you see we want to be alone?!"

"Sorry sir, but I have a note..."

"Leave it on the stand and then go!" he growled.

The servant laid the letter on the stand and then left with a click of the door.

Belle reached up and stroked the side of her husband's face and said.

"Shh...Calm down, you don't have to be so gruff with your servants...though why was he surprised when he came in the door?"

"He probably forgot that I would not be alone." "Oh I don't want to have to leave this bed, nor you, but duty calls." he growled then rolled out of bed.

Belle laid back with just the sheet covering her, staring at her husband's backside view. Yes he certainly did have a nice body now, but he had an even kinder heart, which was the best.

"So what's the news my love?" Belle questioned, a bit curious about the note.

"Oh's just some political information that's just come about, though it's nothing to worry yourself over just yet. I need to see some of the overseers on some of my property too, so I'm afraid that we'll have to cut our time short today. Ah the duties of a Prince and his principality..."

"Oh then that means that you have to leave today?"

"Yes I'm afraid so, though I'll be thinking of you every moment I am away...Perhaps this will give you the opportunities to learn what it takes to be more than just a guest, but instead the mistress of this house. I'll see you later today then, love." Prince Adam said as he was dressing to go out.

"I'll do that then, although I will miss you." Belle said in a resigned tone.

"Yes and I you, but I must do what I must do." he said as he finished dressing, leaned over and gave her a tender kiss, then left for the day, while Belle pondered about the rest of the day.