"Kyuubi Thought"

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Namikaze Brothers

Twelve years ago Konohagakure was victim of one of the most dangerous creatures of the world, the mighty Kyubi no Kitsune, the beast destroyed everything in his path, dozens of shinobis tried to stop it, but every tactic or strategy was a failure. At the end the Yondaime was the only one with the power to defeat the creature, but kill it was impossible for a human, for that he did the closest thing, he seal it, in a young boy. The problem was that the soulless body of the beast would release all his power in a huge power explosion enough to destroy Konoha, the Yondaime chuckle, one way or another the beast would destroy Konaha unless he sealed the body in other being, but how, doing that mean two jinchuurikis mean that maybe he needed another newborn baby, the time was limited there was the last choice, his only wish is that his village, the one for which he was sacrificing himself see the boys like heroes, his two sons, Namikaze Naruto and Namikaze Rasen. He rushed to the hospital where he found terrible news, the boy where alive but his dear Kushina couldn't do it, it seems that without energy the operation room was useless, now there was his family to boys, to twins, he summoned Gamabunta a left to the battlefield.

Once there he started the sealing which was a success, the soul of the beast went to Naruto and the body to Rasen, both were crying his father dead and the Sandaime as witness of the last will of the blond, heroes, he will regret his decision in hell because the darkness and hate of the villagers show to be more powerful than the respect for their leader.

Originally the seal was develop with the idea of give Naruto and Rasen the top benefits, chakra almost unlimited, healing factor and lots of stamina, the kids were doing well physically at least because for the two boys the hell was their home, the young one, Naruto decided to create a goofy personality his dream being acknowledged by the village as Hokage but Rasen was a prodigy, cold toward the ones that harm him or his brother, he felt anger toward the Sandaime, always talking about protecting them but doing nothing relevant, an apartment what a foolish gift, they need power to protect themselves but he refused every simple request from the boy, at the end he swore to discover the reason of all this, and when that happened if he wasn't happy with the reason, wiped the village, off course he never told his brother, the only good thing in his life, he will protect him and make him stronger.


For six year everything seemed well both kid entered the academy and showed different skills, Naruto a master of pranks and mischief and Rasen a genius at everything the first and Naruto the last or dobe as meny called him, this earning Rasen's anger, if Naruto failed Rasen failed, he didn't want to left his brother something that the teacher seemed not to care, for them they where the demons of Konoha, Rasen heard this and wonder why, why were a law that forbid to talk like that, why they feared and hate them and the continues murders attempt, the geezer knew something, and he will discover it.

That same day he left to the tower, to enter the office was easy, a high level genjutsu left the ANBU out, henge and Kage bunshin let him use it as a bait so no one would doubt of him, off course they will accuse him but there where no proves, now he wasn't a genius for nothing, it took him twenty minutes to enter the office and twenty more to search for anything, and then he found it, a little seal near the picture of the Yondaime, a blood seal, he bitted his thumb and dropping blood over the seal, the picture desapeared leaving a box, he opened it, he discover some scrolls and letters, he read the first, his eyes-widen, he feel anger, betray and hate, he cursed the Yondaime, his name his mare existence, his own father, he took everything and left, like if nothing happened but it was the begging of a legend, two brother, one to protect one to destroy, a horrible destiny for both brothers.


Naruto was awaken by his brother arrival, for him was kind weird to find him getting home, normally was him the one that arrived late and Rasen always punished him for that, he said the his pranks were a waste of time and that he should be training like him, now it was midnight and he recently arrived, Rasen entered the room looking for him…

"Naruto come here we need to talk" said the older brother

"nii-san, five minutes" groaned the sleepy kid... he was awake but he loved pissing his brother, he was always too serious or at least since that incident


Naruto decided to go to the festival, it was his birthday everybody was happy, he thought that the villager would be less aggressive, huge mistake, he pumped to a drunk chuunin, he tried to apologize and the chuunin forgave him, until he recognize him, the riot gain numbers like a disease, suddenly he was running for his life, listening the different names: "DEMON BRAT, BEAST, MONSTER, KILL HIM"… he was too scared to see a few shinobi that stopped him…

"it is your end, tonight I will be a hero" said a chuunin with black hair and kunai at hand, bloodlust in his eyes

"nii-san, gomen" was his thought before the kunai stroke, he waited but it never came… he opened his eyes to watch with horror, his brother in front of him, a kunai trough his stomach looking at Naruto

"baka…cough… how many…cough… times have… I told you not to go out…cough blood…at night" said the blond figure of Rasen before fall to his knees…

"nii-san, nii-san…" screamed the young vessel, with tears in his eyes he attacked the chuunin just to receive a kick in the gut that sent him flying… he saw everything blur and fell unconscious…

The next he found himself in the hospital, the Hokage near him, he cried loud while looking for Rasen, then he saw him in front of his bed as nothing, he healed faster than him, he scowled him for being reckless, Naruto nodded, it was weird, but since then he become obsessive with being strong, he said that is to protect him, but he miss see him smile and laugh…

End Flashback

"what's up, nii-san? Asked the younger brother looking boring

"take this and read it" said giving him the letter, Naruto eye-widen, the letter have to be a lie, he pried for that, tears near rolling his eyes…

Dear Rasen and Naruto

If you read this is because you are chuunin or are fifteen year old, if I am death I want to say that I am sorry, if you know about your burden I hope that my last will for you to be seeing as heroes have been listen, if not I feel sorrow for the curse I put on you, the truth is that I could kill Kyuubi, it was impossible, no human can kill a demon, but we can seal them in humans, off course the human has to be a newborn, that way the chakra of the demon can fuse and not kill the host, unfortunately the Kyuubi was so powerful that even sealing his soul his body was going to destroy the village, for that reason I sealed the body and soul I two boys, Rasen for the body and Naruto the soul, if you hate me I accept it if you can forgive my soul will rest in peace, this box has also all my jutsu, the location of my headquarters and a very special seal, that seal was design to call a few friends, they helped me to develop the seal, I hope they can help you with your burden, they are very like you two, they have a gift from me and your mother, my gift was originally for one because I wasn't expecting twin, but to the winner please protect your brother. I love you two

Namikaze Minato

Yondaime Hokage de Konohagakure no sato

Naruto looked at his brother with questions ready to be shot, Rasen explained everything, since his 'visit' to the office of the Hokage to the next step, for some reason the best was summon the friends of their 'father' and not to tell the Hokage…

"but why, nii-san he care for us" said Naruto looking worry for his brother plan…

"care, he care, he lied to us, all this years, now it our time to hide the true, don't you see, everyone in this village hate us, now I accept Iruka-sensei, and he may not told us but was because of the 'Hokage's law, just you and me" held Rasen

"nii-san, you and me" said a determined Naruto


The next day both brothers left to found a better place to call his father's friends, at one point both where kind of scared, they were calling for unknown people, Rasen took the leadership, he put blood in the seal while made the chant, nothing happened, a few minutes latter, nothing, half-hour nothing, both decided to leave then it happens… both kids felt a hard metal near their necks, both looked at the sources, one with a red trench coat and a broad sword the other using a blue clad and a katana both were twins, blue eyes white hair tall, for some reason Rasen didn't felt fear, he sensed something on them…

"so they manage to call us" said the blue one with impassive voice

"yeah, bro I though that the midgets would take time, they are just two babies, agugu" said the red one laughing loud, both kid's eyes were twitching, why always their height bastard mumbled both blondes…

" leave them Dante, you two, how did you get the seal"… asked the blue one

"Verg, don't be so hard" said Dante putting face of have being insulted…

"my name is Vergil, now answer kids" said Vergil…

Both blondes sigh and related the story of their lives in Konoha, at the beginning they didn't care, but with every memory both brothers seemed a bit mad at the village, the thought that when Dante started screaming killing every single bastard in the council, Dante was knocked out by Vergil…

"I see, well, for now we can do anything, but take this" said Vergil giving them to necklace, both with a sapphire in the center, one necklace of black metal and the other of gold metal, black for Rasen and golden for Naruto, Naruto asked why, looking the expensive jewelry…

"which is the older?" asked the impassive Vergil

"I am, why?" replied Rasen

"then this is for you" answered giving a copy of his katana to Rasen the difference was the ribbon, Vergil's yellow, and Rasen's purple…

"NANI, WHY HIM?" asked a fuming Naruto

"Minato was explicit, the first take the katana, now when you star your training with Dante you will have one too, now we leave" said taking his brother

"can I ask you something? Naruto can you leave us alone?" said the now equally impassive Rasen…

"yes"… said looking at his eyes

"it about my demon part, well, time ago I, well I died" said a bit afraid Rasen he expected being treated like a child or a crazy, the next surprised him

"so you are already a half-demon, quite interesting, I think that we better begin our training" said Vergil looking at his new pupil…

"seriously, why???" asked a shocked Rasen

"I will tell you this, tomorrow questions, no I part, so leave me… now, tomorrow, here at five o'clock, if you want to train come….

"I will" with that Rasen left to find his brother, he knew that Naruto surely was eating ramen, sometimes the wanted to be only son, well what to do, thought Rasen before left the place…


Two years later –time skip-

A few days for the boys' birthday, these two years have been full of surprises, Rasen and Vergil trained every day while Dante and Naruto trained the academy stuff plus making pranks all around Konoha, the two brothers were totally different, Vergil trained Rasen in the Dark Slayer style, how to use Minato and the different ways of use the power of the fox, to Rasen advantage he have the body for him just raw power with no counter part, in the two years Rasen secretly developed a way to fuse himself with the Kyuubi body turning himself into a half-demon, off course Vergil helped him, he said that if Rasen have the power why not use it.

Naruto and Dante didn't like to train, yeah, Naruto was a good apprentice at the time of prank every single person in Konoha, now Dante like fun and fights, during his stance in Konoha he made a few mistakes, like fight against chuunins and hit on chicks, most of the girls just smiled and keep playing, except for a purple-haired girl, Naruto could say that, that was the first time that he saw a normal human left the half-demon unconscious, he said "brat, I will tell you at thirteen, ok, now let's eat pizza". Oblivious to the pair Vergil finished the ritual on Rasen, the kid left the night before their birthday, the ritual needed him being engulf with half-demon energy, Vergil's energy, it was time and he took Minato and left, telling Naruto that he went to train.


The October 10th, Naruto ended the classes early because of the festival of Kyuubi death, his mistake was accept an invitation of the Nara clan, Shikamaru was one of the few friends out of his brother, he and Rasen played Shogi for hours, now he wanted to leave remembering the attack year ago, but Shikaku, Shikamaru's father asked personally for him and his brother, he accepted a bit scared of the consequences.

The compound was full of his classmates, Chouji and Shikamaru were the only ones talking to him, well and Kiba but it was more a fight for everything, both were like friends/rivals. The night was coming and he left, of course he followed the group, to his fate and pain the kids found themselves in front of a little riot, the group was scared but Naruto swore under his breath, if they found him he was dead, first time that he wished he had listened his brother.

"you brats, out…hip… of the way…hip" said a drunken chuunin

"sorry… w-e we are leaving" said a really scared Sakura

"just leave kids, we aren't going to hurt…" spoke another but he stopped looking at Naruto "YOU DEMON" said drawing his kunai the kids saw how he hit Naruto and sent him to the wall, the blond coughed blood from the impact

"why did you do that you bastard?" said the arrogant Kiba "he is our frien-ack" he couldn't finish the sentence other chuunin hit him calling him demon lover

The mob grew from three chuunin to at least 20 villagers, he lost, Naruto knew, he stood up…

"please let them go, they haven't done anything" asked spilling blood from his mouth oblivious to the gaze of his classmates, he was serious not goofing around…

"Naruto run" screamed Yamanaka Ino, she didn't knew why but she felt their hate and Killer intent, she saw one of them going to kick her but suddenly a yellow blur pushed her out of the way, she raised her head looking Naruto in the floor, clutching his ribs maybe broken by the impact tears in her eyes why did they do that to him…

Naruto saw the kunai, his end was near he knew that but at least he save his friend…

"bye Ino-chan" was his last words or what he thought would be his last words the hit never come, only whispers he opened his gaze to see Rasen, he was furious his hair covering his eyes…

"how many times have I told you Naruto" said Rasen hate in his voice not toward Naruto but he sent a wave of killer intent "leave you scum I won't say it again" said with cold voice

"you piece of shit, two demons …DIE" said the chuunin that kicked Naruto rushing towards Rasen but he stood there he moved a bit to unsheathed Minato then blood all over the street the chuunin's blood and body cut by half

"any other scum" said pointing to the chuunin and the mob "no, well then I will" said rushing to them the villager screamed when the other two chuunin were beheaded, then the villagers one by one, everybody saw the demon brat become a bloodthirsty warrior killing every single one of them, most of the classmates run when Rasen killed the first chuunin at the scene the only there where Ino who was helping Naruto and Rasen…

"nii-nii-san, what have you done" said a frightened Naruto and while Ino was shocked, she knew that Rasen was strong but he never defeated Sasuke even once and now he finished with three chuunin and a mob in a minute without breakin in sweat, who was him…

"I did what we should have done long time ago, why would I have to spare this low life trash" said coldly

"nii-san, why are you talking?" replied Naruto

"no more beats, no more attacks, no more good kid, they hurt and I kill, that's it" suddenly ten ANBU filled the stage

"Uzumaki Rasen did you do this?" asked the dog masked ANBU

"yes I did" asked coldly

"monster, they were villagers, no shinobis" said the fish masked one

"well now they are death, so what" relied Rasen pissed for the monster word

"sorry but you are under arrest, come with us" said the dog masked

"and if I don't want" asked the older brother

"we will have to force you to come" answered the dog masked

"no, you will try" with this five ANBU rush to him, none could imagined the speed he used to unsheathed his sword and teleport him self five feet closer to the dog masked ANBU, Rasen sheathed his katana with a quick move and move his hair upwards (Vergil Style) after that the five ANBU explode in a blood pool

"that was all" said Rasen with impassive voice the rest of the ANBU attacked while the dog one tried to stop them, everyone shared the same destiny the last one was the dog masked one

"what are you?" asked the dog masked one "are you a demon after all?"

"I am what this village want, they want a demon I will gave them a demon, they want death I will give them death" said unsheathing his katana "the question is what you want?" asked the now self proclaimed demon

"nii-san stop, what are you doing?" asked Naruto walking between the two warriors

"Naruto, stop, they will never accept us, why we have to protect them" said Rasen moving toward the last ANBU which have finished hand seals creating something like a lighting in his right hand both rush each other in a flash movement both were back to back the ANBU fell at his knees his mask cut in half loosing blood from his shoulders

"pathetic, to be Hatake Kakashi apprentice of my father, the mighty Yondaime you are pathetic" said impassive voice while Kakashi was shocked…

"what did you said?" asked the copy cat looking at Naruto and then Rasen

Ino was shocked son of who their father was, but then why everybody hated them that have no sense, for Kakashi was a heavy punch, being defeated by one of his sensei's son, the one that he almost killed, he knew the life of the boys, but he had to do it… then a voice awoke them from the shock, they turn toward the owner, the Hokage himself…

"Rasen, stop there what are you thinking killing those persons?" asked the mighty Hokage

"you should now, aren't we the demons of Konoha, hated and mistreated by your people, I am passing check" said with hate to the old man

"what do you know" asked the old man

"everything, our father will and curse, the hate and our destiny and off course your lies, I don't want to protect people than don't deserve it, I prefer to be free" said once agin impassive

"Rasen you don't understand, I" tried to spoke to be cut by Rasen

"no more lies geezer, my brother and I will leave now, out of my way or I will kill you" said putting his hand in the sword

"stop nii-san, the ojiji care for us, I won't let you do it" say running toward him but was stopped, the Hokage gaped leaving his pipe fell to the ground tears in his eyes, in front of him were Rasen and Naruto brothers and heroes of Konoha, the first with his katana stabbing his brother


"shut up you scum, he 'is' my brother, now, you better take care of him, he chose a path and I chose another, this is my farewell gift" said taking Minato out of him, Naruto fell in the floor chakra surrounded him, a with light covering him

"now he is like me, give him this scroll" said Rasen throwing a scroll to the Hokage

"he is the only one that can open it, now give thanks to him that I spare you, next time you dare to fight me I will kill you without hesitate" said before disappear leaving a yellow and purple flash

"Hiraishin" said Kakashi now more shocked, he walked to the Hokage looking at Naruto and them to Ino she was awake and scared, he sighed this was going to be hell of a night… to made things worse Naruto stood up looking the place in which was his brother, with a hit a wall no more force than slap enough to turn it to rubbles then he passed out…


The Hokage office was silenced, there were four persons there, the Hokage, Kakashi, Ino and Naruto, the last one was asleep, he had passed for many things, a mob almost killed him and his classmates, then his brother go all crazy and turn a mob, three chuunin and nine ANBU into pieces and finally stabbed Naruto in the gut, not quite a night, the worst is that Yamanaka Ino was witness…

"umm, my head, what… RASEN" said the now awake blonde causing everyone to flinch

"Naruto, calm down he left, we couldn't stopped him" said the old man

"so now I am alone" said with tears in his eyes causing Ino to hug him at what he saw her wide eyed

"don't worry everything will be ok, right" said the young girl looking at the Hokage

"Naruto, since when did you two knew about your 'condition' and your heritage?" asked the now serious kage

"well it is time for the truth, two years ago Rasen 'invade' the Hokage tower, there he found the letters and scrolls with all the true about us, the Kyuubi and our famous 'father', not that I care anymore, for me he is not my father" said like nothing but the last statement cause Kakashi to go mad

"HOW CAN YOU INSULT HIM LIKE THAT, HE WAS A GREAT SHINOBI AND A GREAT PERSON" said a fuming Kakashi causing the Hokage to scowl

"so what, you aren't the one with a demon sealed in you and a village asking for your blood" answered young blond looking at Ino… "Look Ino, I am a jinchuuriki, human sacrifice, destined to be hated" said coldly causing a reaction never expected a kiss, a soft kiss, he opened his eyes… Ino was kissing him in the lips…

"I am sorry, if I knew, I sorry, but you, the smile" said the girl near tears while hug him

The Hokage chuckle, maybe there was hope in Naruto, but the letter… "Naruto, Rasen left this for you, he said that this explain his gift" said giving the scroll to Naruto who recognized the blood seal, biting his thumb he put blood in the seal and reading the content loud…


If you read this you chose Konoha over me, I can't say that I am not mad, but I will try to let it go, I will be clear, the stab over your seal was a ritual, a converting ritual, soon you will be a half-demon, with all the power that it means, now I talked with Dante, in the letter are the location and seals to found him, he will train you, you may hate for this but you can't use chakra anymore, you need to be trained as a demon slayer, now I will go to train with Vergil-sensei, we will meet again, for now goodbye my brother.

Namikaze Uzumaki Rasen

The room was silent until Naruto broke it…

"NANIIIIIIIIIII?" yelled the new half-demon "what about being a shinobi, and my life, now the villagers will really kill me" shouted with anime tears

"BAKA, SHUT UP, REMEMBER THE GUY DANTE, NOW RESPECT HERE THE HOKAGE" yelled an equal loud Ino causing all the present to sweatdrop

"now, relax Naruto-kun, tomorrow you will go with Dante in a training trip, you will return in four years for the gennin exams, you pass them and continue" said the calmed and partially deaf old man

After the reunion both kids where sent home, Ino had tears now that her new boyfriend was going to leave for years, but she calmed once Naruto promised to come back, as a life promise, cool for a moment before he joked about she cheating on him with Uchiha teme, at this she hit him telling him that was to help Sakura with his self-steam… both laugh after this and kiss each other, then he left with the ANBU… at home he remember his brother, he was going to grow strong and bring him back that was his dream, after that he would become Hokage and Rasen the head of the new Namikaze clan…


A week after the incident Naruto arrived to the location, who would believed that a ruins could be a portal, he was traveling with Kakashi, it was a hard week, listening the pervert giggles, so creepy to asked, finally Dante arrived in a weird and loud thing and two circles things…

"hi dude, where is the midget?, ah there, hi kid ready to go?" asked the white-haired dude

"you know, for some reason I will regret this, but let's go" reply the blond…

"yeah, yeah now let's go I have a date tonight and you kid will taste the glory of all glory the food of the gods" said Dante drooling

"RAMEN???" said you know who

"no, pizza, believe me you will love it, so jump on and go" cried Dante

"a question, what is that thing?" asked Naruto quite curious

"this is a motorcycle, you gonna love it now go"… with that Dante and Naruto start their way to a door, with the special seals the door opened showing a red glow…

"kiddo, this is the beginning of your new life, so come on" said accelerating at max speed towards the red glow, the last thing that Kakashi heard was a help scream, at this he laugh...

"see you in four years kid"