Epilogue no Jutsu!

"…And they all lived happily ever after," finished Sakura, closing the enormous black photo album in her lap.

"But what happened next?" demanded the frowning child sitting cross-legged on the brown sofa next to her.

"What happened next?" repeated girl on the other side.

"You know, sweetie," said Sakura, ruffling the first child's black hair. "They went back home and got married. Had a bunch of kids, too. Kids who are up past their bedtime."

"Aww," moaned the boy. "But it's a Friday!"

"You said we could stay up," complained the pouting girl.

"I said you could stay up till Daddy came home. That was twenty minutes ago."

"You let Kaoru stay up later!"

"That's because she's three years older than you two. Come on, up the stairs. And if either of you wake up Mikio, you're both on diaper duty tomorrow."

"Eew!" they both squealed, and clambered up the carpeted stairway to their shared bedroom."

"Was that necessary?" asked a deep voice from behind Sakura. "You know they never disobey you."

"Force of habit, what can I say," answered Sakura, grinning. "Those two need a little excitement or they get hyperactive."

Sasuke, still wearing his ANBU black ops uniform, sat down beside her, picking up the old photo album.

"You know, someday your distant descendants will be looking through this and saying "Look, there's Great-Great Grandma Sakura."

Sakura groaned. "Don't remind me."

"It's hard to believe it's been so long since then," murmured Sasuke, flipping open the album and touching his favorite picture. It showed a happy couple on their wedding day, along with the somewhat drunk best man and his bridesmaid girlfriend.

"You know Hinata's expecting soon," said Sakura, glancing at the photo. "They think it's a boy. Naruto's planning on naming it after you if it is."

Sasuke laughed. "That idiot."

"I think it's cute. Respectful, even."

"He's probably going to change his mind in a few days. Although if it is a boy, you'd feel obligated to do something in return if they named it after you."

"You're probably right. Man, that's confusing."

"Don't worry about it," answered Sasuke, kissing Sakura's forehead.

A preteen girl with a pink braid stuck her head out from behind the wall.

"Junko! Kazuhiro! Mom and Dad are making out!"

Cries of "Ew! Gross!" issued from upstairs.

"Kaoru! Finish your report and get to bed! And put your father's mask back on its shelf when you're finished. Kakashi won't be happy if that paper isn't done by tomorrow."

"Aw, Mom…" Kaoru's head disappeared back behind the wall.

"Kakashi never gave US homework…" mumbled Sasuke.

"Yeah well, it's his problem. Now, where were we?" said Sakura, pulling his head back down to hers.

As they kissed, four children hid behind the white plaster walls and watched. An almost-teenage girl with an elbow-length rosy braid and black eyes held up a toddler with a wisp of pink hair on top of his head. Below her, two raven-haired children with deep green irises pinched one another for a better view.

All four of them wore the Uchiha fan on their backs.

And thus, the establishment of a new generation, and the rebirth of that which was brought to the brink of extinction, had begun.



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